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  1. Depends on when you get lord and the route as well. Dimitri, Claude and Edelgard both want to get two mastery skills from intermediate classes at some point in the form of hit+20 and DB/DB and Darting Blow. From my experience, on Maddening, with the +2 bonus it takes around 5 levels to master an intermediate class. The only time I would ever use Lord on these two is if they master the two classes early and value Charm over extra movement for a specific map, such as Ch 9 for example. Otherwise in wouldn’t give it to them. However Lord is easily Edelgards best class in SS if you can get her there, since you don’t care about her skills or seeing combat, if she gets to level 10, which is pretty likely since you just train her in faith and she heal spams as a noble/monk for exp, she will eventually get there, where she can become a lord and give +3 damage. So it’s No on three routes and Yes on one.
  2. While I do really like Fortress Knight, and think it's actually a good class in the context of Maddening, my reasons for liking it aren't because of Pavise. Pavise as a skill has always been pretty eh. It's one of those Skill that is insanely annoying on the enemy, but too luck based to work well for your units. Fe4 generals suck for this reason. Both ways. In Three Houses it retains this function of being a pain in the butt the few times it does appear, but having almost no impact. It would be somewhat decent if you could get it in intermediate since it could make a good filler skill for chapters 6-12, but it being in Advanced means you most likely won't get it unless you're a decent way into the timeskip. In terms of the skill itself if you do get it. Not only does it face competition but i would only want to use it on a character with above 35 Dexterity anyway, so if i were to use it i would have Assassin Ignatz or something, and FK Ignatz would probably take less damage than an Assassin Ignatz that procced Pavise. No from me. They should have made Pavise the mastery of Armor Knight and given FK Wary Fighter as a Mastery, while changing QR to only be always double and you still get doubled in return.
  3. TVtropes is a website, idk if anyone who moderates it has beaten Maddening mode. Unless you're doing a non be route and trying to get Caspar/Ferdinand, There isn't any real oppurtunity cost for trying to recruit everyone, since as you mentioned people like Hilda and Ignatz use Byleths natural skill pickups, and others you can just use the B support trick. I only don't recruit everyone since then the p-ts maps feel generic with no actual bosses. But in terms of recruiting All of Them, is there any need? You only need to recruit characters that you will use + paralouge characters. So in SS specifically you wold recruit Ingrid for luin, Sylvain, Mercedes, Felix, Ashe, Hilda, Lysithea, Leonie, Marianne, One of Ignatz/Rapheal, Anna, Lorenz, and maybe some others I've forgotten. Recruit both Ignatz and Raph if you're using one of them since they have a linked Atk. However this is just nitpicking necessarily since as i mentioned it doesn't really take much to recruit everyone. All it would do is save you some money on gifts. tl;dr you can recruit everyone with relative ease (inside of be) but there isn't any need too.
  4. Hey! Mage Bernadette is amazing in Ng+ normal mode. On a serious note relating Bernie, I'm curious as to why she's ranked above Flayn, Lysithea etc. You obviously mentioned her unreliable/difficult to activate prf and her atrocious base stats, and didn't even mention her bad proficiency spread. Encloser is really good but it only comes out at A rank bows, which will most likely be chapter 10-11 at minimum. I honestly think Vengence is better in this regard since it comes out earlier. The best Bernadetta build I've ever used was a Vengeance based Falcon K build, And even then despite his Flying Bane, Dedue would make a better Flier Vengeance build due to his higher hp and str meaning more overall damage. She is pretty good as a Sniper, but that's only because Sniper is really good. Caspar is really good in War Master, but obviously there are much better options for the class. Besides her combat arts she really has nothing going for her, especially in comparison to some of the units she is higher than. Hell i would say that Lorenz and some of the other mages may be better since their very large chip damage is around as soon as they hit B reason for most, whereas hers only comes out once she gets Sniper. Not saying she deserves to be in a lower tier specifically or anything since she does have good availability. But she should definitely be below Flayn and Lysithea imo.
  5. I mean if you're on hard difficulty Jill should be able to catch up on her own if you baby her a little bit. Marcia will need the bexp though. You could try a 50/50 split of 4 levels between each one. That way Mist will be closer to promotion and she requires less overall time, since you can get her around 2 levels per chapter probably if you're playing a bit slowly and healing a lot, while Marcia won't fall behind others. I mean the best healer in the game is probably soren, but that isn't because he can heal but rather he has insane combat and is an actual reliable dodge tank but it's good to have multiple units to rely on. If you're on Maniac then good luck trying to split the exp between the three of them since Jill will struggle there.
  6. The one that plays in the scene is called Unfufilled, This one here
  7. In terms of the generic tank units no, Dedue and other units in FK will be doubled by mages and their res is pitiful anyway. 3 extra res will almost never help them and i would rather have a silver shield or seiros shield to boost up their prt even more to make them take less and less damage. QR does a better job against mages than these shields anyway.. However to the overall question i would have to say yes. Often the units with the highest Resistance stats are mages. These units have basically nothing in their inventories apart from 1 or 2 staves and a vulnery. With this in mind there is no reason for the Shield to sit in the convoy over being potentially used in certain situations. These situations are when you may want to potentially Res Tank. You can lure in enemy mages with them, which are a bit harder to avoid tank since they ignore terrain. One of the things i did with this was drain an enemies meteor tome with it. I had a Linhardt with 32 Res as a Bishop, adding on his Battalion boosts he got 40, I equipped him with the shield and he was able to take 6 damage from the hit. Of course situations like these are very situational, and the shield could easily be seen as Overkill since in the situation i mentioned and potentially others the shield wasn't needed and just made him take less damage. But considering mages don't have anything to fill their inventories unless they spam Frozen Lance/Hexblade, I don't really see why you shouldn't do it.
  8. I don’t know exactly what chapter you’re on but judging by the post i’ll assume chapter 10. Ike takes a bit of time before he snowballs. By chapter 18 he should be one rounding enemies with stronger weapons like steel swords. Ilyana is worse than Soren on EP (and in general), but she can make for a decent nuke on PP. Marcia has a very rough start but can become good with some investment, and by the sounds of your oscar it seems you got unlucky with his levels. I’ve had an oscar that didn’t get any Str in the first 7 levels before and it wasn’t fun. Mia kind of struggles killing anyway without crits or a really good forge since her strength is low, shes more there to dodge and weake. Don’t fret too much if your only good performers are Boyd, Soren and Titnaia, since it won’t take long until the game gives you another powerhouse and some Laguz, along with other good/ok units. As Eclipse mentioned you also have bonus exp, any unit can make good use out of this and it will give them early levels to get them rolling.
  9. Considering that he's at the top of the heirarchy in Shambala i assume he lives in a tall tower, making him less deep in comparison to other characters. The deepest character would be the VW final boss since it seems he's under Shambala. On a serious note the 'deepest' character would probably be byleth Rhea, followed by El and Dimitri Deepest doesn't mean best however. My favorite character in this game is Dedue and he stays pretty surface level for who he is and what he does.
  10. I only meant routing it was bad in that it's tedious and not fun, much like RD 4-3. Both of these maps aren't difficult when you have things like Haar or broken TH mechanics but they're very annoying. I just warp skip it because why waste my time with my least favourite map in the game. I guess that doesn't really add to warps selling points but you brought up its usefulness in other maps here anyway. Pretty sure you just got stat screwed sadly. It happens to even the best of units. He should have about 32 Str including modifiers if he goes into paladin. Toppled with Lance Faire, Battalion boosts ranging from +5 to +8 depending on what you have equipped, High Mt Lances and Death Blow he can easily one round all generic enemies apart from Warriors, Paladins and Armors. Hit rates might be bad on Assasins but he can equip something like Gonereil Valkyries or another battalion that boosts hit to fix that. I agree that they should be the divider between tiers, usually what i do in Tier lists, is if i have two units so insanely similar and want them to be a divider i would have one be at the bottom of the higher tier and another at the top of a lower tier. eg; Allen and Lance are so similar that to show them as the divider between tiers i would put one at the bottom of High tier and the other at the top of Mid tier.
  11. The Black Eagles route is the only one to have a major decision like that that changes what route you get. The other two routes have some minor changes, in AM for example depending on your choices you may lose a unit to story related reasons. Every route apart from CF has cutscenes. In order to get Silver Snow, simply follow Rhea's orders to try and kill Edelgard.
  12. Off the top of my head: Victims: - All the subpar (or already bad) Laguz which includes, Lyre, Kyza, Lethe, Vika, and Kurthnaga are much worse on Hard mode compared to normal mode. Hell Lyre is nearly unusuable. - Tormod - All of the Crimean Army apart from maybe Kieran and Geoffery. - Edward - Aran - Leonardo - Meg - Pelleas Those ones are the ones that are impacted the most. A lot of other units are worse on Hard mode to soem degree, but not outstandingly so, Jill and Nolan are slightly worse since it takes a bit longer for them to double, but they're still great units. Due to exp cuts Titania gains no EXP early on in part 3 but she's still really good, etc. Winners: - Haar. No WT means more hit vs swords and his stats are so good the increase in enemy stats doesn't matter. - The BK. There's almost no reason to use him in normal mode really but in Hard he's very good for doing stuff in the final chapter such as attacking up ledges and taking on one half of the map while Nailah takes the other. In 3-6 he's also the only unit besides Tarvos Nolan and a slightly blessed Aran that can deal with multiple Tigers at once. Still a hard unit to rate otherwise but i find him better on Hard. - Ike. Same with Haar pretty much. Would't say there are many winners otherwise since most units do perform better on lower difficulties. Haar and Ike do preform a bit better on lower difficulties too since stat benchmarks are lower but they basically aren't affected by the difficulty change at all and get a slight boost.
  13. Depends on the unit, battalion and stage of the game. I would consider using it on someone like Lorenz, since magic battalions don't have a lot of endurance, Lorenz can actually take hits, so he might be taking some damage that lets it be useful, Mages have no competition for ability slots for ages. I might also equip it on someone who takes a lot of EP like Dedue or Dimitri in the mid game when their battalions only have 60 endurance. So yeah sometimes. For some previous rounds. Hero: Yes if LTC/Speedrun, otherwise no. Longbow: Never used it, and since it's so heavy i would rather just carry a higher mt bow and use curved shot since i doubt i will not double with it.
  14. I haven't done SS on maddening, but the placements of the BE students should be very similar to their CF counterparts, and judging by that i pretty much almost completely agree with this, just would move Linhardt (and maybe Lysithea if you support grind to recruit her super early) since warp is so good, especially for the fort merceus map, routing that is so bad, Ferdinand should be A, as you said he's Seteth lite but it's basically a Jill/Haar or Wolf/Sedgar situation where one is worse, but worse is still amazing. If you have female Byleth, Sylvain is basically the same unit as Ferdinand and should be a tier higher with him. SS wyverns or Paladins are great. Obv M-Byleth sylvain is Mid. Hanneman should probably be with the other mages since his doubling issues only exist for 5 levels since the Warlock speed base of 14 lets his speed growth allow him to double, and then he's just a mage with a riding bane so he's above average for mages. Dedue S tier for having 50 prt as a green unit Fliers very epic and the best class, but a lot of people seem to sleep on some of the infantry classes for some reason, and ofc Assasin is inferior to WL in every way apart from speed, which FK is equal in, but WM has some actual advantages over those classes that make it stand out as the best (or second best depending on how much you value bishop) Infantry class in the game. Gaunlets are probably the second best weapon type in the game behind bows, and it has the highest str modifier of any class. Crit +20 is unique to it and it has hands down the best mastery skill in the game. Fortress Knight also has some cool niches to it that fliers don't have.
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