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  1. So I've been reading a lot of the FE4 manga but one I've been wishing to read is the FE4 Gag Paradise one. I've seen some on this one website, but is there a translation out there in full English? I'd be willing to help out if there isn't one, but I'm asking just in case one exists.
  2. hi, just call me "casual" as my alias lol um i joined the fandom during the awakening boom but i'm finally going on this site out of curiosity so yeah i've played most of the games awakening and afterward (awakening, fates, shadows of valentia, warriors). i also got feh just for the voting gauntlet tbh, so don't expect me to be caring about character ivs. while i really do want to check out some of the older games, pretty much the only games i think i'll like playing are any of the archanea-based games (except new mystery because too many ocs). so in the future i'll be playing shadow dragon hopefully. and maybe if the jugdral games get remakes that'd be sweet i'm also looking forward to three houses and smash ultimate. and yeah i main marth but chrom seems like a cool combination of the other lords, so he'll be the one person i'll try out. as for some favorites and least favorites favorite character: gordin favorite platonic support thing: marcina favorite romantic ship: alm x faye least favorite character: pretty much half the cast in fates, but i also dislike micaiah least favorite romantic ship: corrin x camilla and anything else incestuous tbh oh and i dislike tokyo mirage sessions i'm sorry but yeah i'll respect your opinion if it's different from mine if you'll respect my opinions as well
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