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  1. Yeah you are right i think my idea is a little to much there are two ways to think that one make it longer with more chapters which i am not doing and two rework the story into something simple i think i am going with the latter maybe instead of killing a king i could go with the group is trying to stop the most powerful bandit gang on the continent from destroying villages and towns by tracking them down and defeating them once and for all maybe something like that also i will try to explore my characters i do not want my main character to be a generic goody two character like "You don't need to pay us even though we need money" i want my main character to be a bit more real a normal person would not risk there live fighting a bunch of people for free that always bothered me fire emblem protagonists being to much of saints angels that can do no wrong that's why hector is my favorite lord BECAUSE THEY GAVE HIM A PERSONALITY sorry this is turning into a bit of a rant but... circling back i agree that my ten chapter plan is a bit short for killing a king so i think the powerful bandit plot i brought up earlier is more achievable i will also try to give my characters personality oh and since i did not mention it in my post i will be using fire emblem 8 for this because it has the most assets for me to use still on the fence if i will use the skill system... ANYWAYS this reply is getting long so i just stop here... wait if i just changed the plot I HAVE TO EDIT MY TOPIC NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well if i do change the plot which i probably will but yeah that's all this reply was way to long for my own good
  2. Hello everyone you may have noticed the title yeah... i have not been able to come up with a good name for this yet but anyways i am trying to make a fire emblem fan game but first i will give you some plot "Ahem" The continent of idgaf was once a peaceful place until a war broke out between the kingdoms of villiad and the neighboring kingdom of andria although the attacks were unexpected andria did not fall and launched a counterattack against villiad with the two kingdoms clashing seemingly even it seems the war would be a stalemate but there is still a deciding factor the two kingdoms rush to get the other kingdoms to support them in there war efforts with all the attempts to get the other kingdoms to join there side andria has no soldiers to spare so when fort trig requests reinforcement they can not send any out of options fort trig hires a small group of mercenary's to help them defend the fortress Okay for you're knowledge a lot of this is still debatable i might change a lot of stuff about this basic plot in the future i know this is pretty bare bones i have my chapter ideas down i just had no idea how to execute them and i did not want to make a hack of just a bunch of random chapters with no plot but for now i will give a quick summary of the chapters i have planned Chapter 1: A village near fort trig is under attack by bandits with no soldiers to spare the leader of the fort send the mercenary's to deal with them Chapter 2: On there way back to the base the mercenary's notice a group of villiad soldiers walking through the area they over hear the commander talking about how they are going to help keep fort trig under there control while the main force of the soldiers already there will move on to conquer more andria lands hearing this the commander of the mercenary's decides that they will ambush and take out the group of soldiers which they do Chapter 3: Upon arriving back at fort trig they see it is indeed been taken by enemy soldiers they realize they are the only people who can take back the fort so they decide to fight there way inside the fortress but not before they see a cleric escape from the castle and head towards them they learn all the soldiers and the commander of the fort had been captured and he was the only one who escaped after hearing they start fighting Chapter 4: After defeating the forces outside the group heads inside to take back the fort with the others being inside cells they attack to take the fort back Chapter 5: Andria successfully makes the kingdom of iskard join them in the war and because of this they have soldiers to spare so after healing of what happened of fort trig the king sends reinforcements to the fortress and reassigns the mercenary's to the front lines to help fight villiad head on they quickly encounter a force of villiad soldiers and battle against them Chapter 6: The group makes good progress pushing back villiad back but they notice a village under attack by bandits and decide to take a slight detour to fight off the bandits they believe it will be easy as there are only a few bandits but during the battle villiad soldiers find that they are in the village the commander of the group says the bandits will weaken them then they will finish them off they surround the village and force the group to fight against them too Chapter 7: The group and andria soldiers get ready to attack fort emperium because it the place where most of the captured soldiers of andria are being held they promptly begin there attack on the fortress in a attempt to free the prisoners Chapter 8: With the prisoners saved they gain a lot more soldiers so they are able to get a big push in there attacks on villiad they are told by one of there companions that they know a shortcut through the woods to get to the capital and the castle quicker but it turns out to be a trap set by a spy of villiad of infiltrated andria outnumbered and at a disadvantage the group decides to fight anyways Chapter 9: Arriving at villiad castle the group knows that victory is near and fight to get inside but villiads most powerful and trained soldiers are defending it with their lives it will be a fight to the death Chapter 10: The group makes it inside villiad castle preparing themselves since the final battle is near the king of villiad prepares all his soldiers holding nothing back it will be the fight of the century its do or die time There you go there is my general outline i know its a little short but its better to make a good 10 chapter hack than a bad 30 chapter hack now this is just well a concept and it most likely will not be ready for a while but i just wanted to say i was going to work on this any help would be greatly appreciated but i will not be able to give anything for you're help but its just a option trust me this is not a plea for help now constructive criticism is welcome this is just a rough draft of my story now i do not have screenshots because i have not started i know screenshots are important but this is my first real hack okay and that is all this is most likely going to be horrible when it releases but i have to start somewhere... \
  3. Update time! Chapter 6 part two Overpowered boss is overpowered Next time Actually beating the boss
  4. Hey i am sorry for dying and giving no new updates but yeah i will try to post updates again now Now lets get straight into Chapter 6 part one ROSS DIES Next time Figuring out what class the boss is
  5. Okay i feel absolutely horrible so no updates today
  6. Okay the votes are in with a overwhelming 100 percent of the vote it seems kyle will be our shaman well enough introductions lets get into Chapter 5x part 2 No healing items is so much fun Okay that's the end of this one and before we do the conclusion i have to say There will most likely not be a update tomorrow if there is it will be a short one why? Because tomorrow is my birthday Back to the same old grind
  7. Hello everyone lets just do this Chapter 5x prelude you already have a shaman WELL TO BAD
  8. The siegfried is the worst weapon in the fire emblem series Yeah canas has nothing to do with the final battle i just happened to use him with a luna to kill the fire dragon in my first run
  9. I only like camilla because i want to fit in i actually hate her
  10. I hate severa PS we share the same location unfortunately i am not a tsundere
  11. I waste my life away playing a stupid game on a stupid forum What how did you guess
  12. Camila is a trash character You were right so i changed it so now i have capitalization
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