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  1. I play Magic Duels, Arena, and use Untap.in to play magic. I've been playing for about 3-4 years, the first set I bought anything of was Kaladesh. I am very invested in the lore, since Magic Origins.
  2. In terms of character interest 1. Micaiah 2. Celica 3. Ephraim, Hector, Lyn 4. Elincia 5. Eliwood, Eirika 6. Alm 7. The rest of the trash In terms of general appeal 1. Lyn, Marth, Celica, Micaiah 2. Eirika, Ephraim 3. the rest of the garbage
  3. Franz is Twink Knight and Gilliam is Bear General Gilliam
  4. I figured that was the case, but since OP listed that as a feature, it seemed like he decided to add, rather than it being there already.
  5. Why would you bring weapon level rates back? it's not fun
  6. I noticed the item icons have some parts that could be improved. If you want, I can fix them up for you.
  7. I would change Orceils swapstone to not allow doubling as it sucks that he's fast enough to double a lot of enemies with it but it deals basically no damage and its just for utility anyway. A lot of endurance is wasted on doubling.
  8. oh rip, i already passed the chapter. what was in the village?
  9. So I've gotten to chapter 10 of the hard mode patch and the northeastern village does not have an event. I've tried with several characters to visit, but it does not work. However, the northeastern bandit is still scripted to head for and destroy it.
  10. It looks like you've used the portrait making program that was released a several weeks ago. If I recall correctly, its skin colors are really bad, so I'd recommend changing the skin colors after.
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