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  1. 1. Marth 2. Uther 3. Marth 4. Old Hector?/ Eliwood 5. Eliwood 6. Eliwood 7. Marth
  2. True and you are right some units like legendary hector just have an easier time than characters like odin (neither are bad)
  3. I feel like tier lists can limit units for example Eliwood, I thought, he seems bad on the tier list but is honestly in my opinion very powerful.
  4. Since your post in the rate thread is a bit off topic I figured I would drop a response here. You set your signature under Account Settings. I don't recall if there is a minimum post requirement for the feature to unlock or not.



    Avatar and Signature

    If a moderator has edited your post or changed your signature, do not revert it back. We did it for a reason.

    Your signature may contain one embedded video, so long as it is within spoiler tags.

    The maximum file size for avatars (uploaded or linked) is 300 Kb.

    Signature images can be no longer than 550 pixels and no higher than 300 pixels. The maximum size is 300 Kb per image.

    Signature images larger than the specified size, may be included within spoiler tags.

    Your whole signature (including text/image etc) must be no taller than 300 pixels. Spoiler tags can help reduce your signature.

    The total of all images in your signatures may not be greater than 600kb.


    From the Guidelines thread.

    I think the rules are in the setting panel where you change it, but figured I would quite the rules just incase.

  5. Do you think they will allow normal Marth to wield the Exalted Falchion (and maybe hector and thunder armads)
  6. For some reason I can't comment on anything I am brand new and the reason is probably obvious or easy to solve but I don't know so please help me if you can

  7. Sorry I am such a newb but how do you put all of those images and such beneath your post
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