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  1. It comes and goes, and is often feast or famine. I've had really good luck on the CYL banners and usually one of each three Legendary banners; I don't do many non-Legendary banner pulls anymore. I'd say I get a 5* from a freebie pull one in every 10-12 banners, which would be well above expectation. As I mention in the pulls thread, I've had a run of luck on Legendary banners lately where I end up pulling the same two or three 5* units over and over. Sometimes this is good (the unit is a good merge or good fodder) and sometimes it's not. But it's been a weird trend over the summer. But that's kinda the nature of the beast, I guess.
  2. Honestly, I'm stoked to get to Revelation - based on what they did with the whole choice thing (which I think is great), having a neutral option sounds amazing and that just seems like the exact kind of thing I'd expect IS to go all out on. So really, I'm playing Birthright and Conquest in order to fully inform my playing of Revelation, which is really the entree that brought me to the table. I've gone down a grinding rabbit hole in my Hoshido run so far, but I'm on Chapter 10. I figure I won't be able to grind out the Nohr run quite the same, so I might as well kick back and do it this go-round so I know what I'm getting into with Conquest and later Revelation.
  3. So I should have used the kids after all hahaha - well, that's what next time is for :)
  4. Tellius veteran here; just finished Awakening for the first time, now moving onto Fates. I just started - plowed through to "the choice" last night. Given that it's my first playthrough, I'm starting with Birthright, but I plan to do all three stories. Coming from Awakening, I can clearly see the increased production value - not just the movies, but there's just a larger scale feel and vibrancy to the game. This game feels big, and it throws you into some deep stuff right away. Whereas Awakening's story never really grabbed me by the throat and yanked on my attention, Fates has already achieved that - Chapter 5 is one of the most intense story chapters I've seen in any Fire Emblem, and ending it with basically having to choose between Hoshido and Nohr is brutal, even if the game is pushing you hard to Hoshido - while Nohr may seem "bad", your siblings don't, and that difference is well-crafted - Xander et al seem to genuinely care about the avatar, regardless of Garon's intentions. Also, and I apologize if this counts as a spoiler, but seeing Gunter get thrown off a bridge in Chapter 2 and that being it for our typical Jagen/Titania/Frederick character was a swerve I did not see coming. The castle thing seems neat, too, but I'm pretty interested in how this story is going to go.
  5. Finished. Overall, enjoyed it. The support system modifications - dual strike/guard - were definitely my enhancement of choice. It feels good to actually "see" supports in action, as opposed to in the Tellius games where while you enjoy the benefits, they're just passive gains, and you don't have that same feeling of cooperation. It mean something to me that I had spouses constantly paired up fighting side-by-side. I ignored random map battles, and while doing so sped up my playthrough, if I play again I'll probably abuse them like crazy to build supports. The only children I recruited were Cynthia, Noire, Gerome, Nah, and Kjelle. I'd like to do more in the future, but there just wasn't enough time/maps left by the time I got to the end. Similarly, I feel like getting the parental supports done earlier will actually encourage me to use the children later. But I got them so late that there was no point in building up someone from level 10. I also liked the Second Seal concept more than I expected - reclassing was more fun than grinding intentionally good level ups (something I do in PoR/RD), and let you have some level of customization on your characters' skillsets. Giving Robin Astra was rather fun! Plus it seemed to build out their stats - I reclassed both Chrom and Robin a couple times and both had super beefy stats by the end because of it. Otherwise, the story didn't feel like anything too special. It was good, but didn't blow me away. This was one game where I wanted to the story to go faster so I could get back to the gameplay. Not a bad thing, just different. The final battle was pretty wild, though, and the meeting where Lucina reveals herself to Chrom is just perfect. I had Robin do the final blow, as well, and I rather liked that ending - nothing crazy over the top, just nice and low-key subtle. While I mentioned the story not being super special, it hits all the right notes, and does so with a certain grace - it's not smacking you in the face when it could be, and just lets moments be moments.
  6. Really depends how I level my team, but I can echo the others in that... Silver Army = best fliers Greil Army = other heavy hitters Hawk Army = one super-pairing (I usually throw Neph and Brom here) + whoever else Endgame varies, but characters I tend to gravitate towards building include Neph, Brom, Edward, Nolan, Astrid, Soren The key to endgame, in my opinion, is being able to spread out SS weapons for Yune to bless. Much to my surprise, the Edward/Nolan-specific weapons they get in Part 3 hold up really well if you bring another sword and axe user to take Vague Katti and Urvan, respectively. Well, that or bringing a ton of laguz kings.
  7. I'm a Lions fan - so far the team is meeting my expectations on the year.
  8. Marriage is just a little odd to me because it's odd to me to think that there aren't canonical parents (at least both of them) for the children. I'm not sure why that bothers me, or what that says about me, but it just strikes me odd. I do love the support retoolings though, otherwise. Support always felt more... passive... in RD, and in PoR I always felt limited and like I had to be highly critical of who supported who due to limits; whereas in Awakening, I can let everyone become friends and really see them get support points and see significant boosts when side-by-side with the dual strikes/guard. I pushed Chrom and Sumia since I planned to marry them, and I noticed their higher support really pushed them past the other characters by a mile. I hadn't actually noticed that elevation didn't affect battle, but I had a hunch that was the case from the Ch13 battle. I did like how PoR/RD did that. What is killing me is that cavalry/flyers don't get to move again after battling. That's been really hard to get used to. As for overall engagement, I feel like I can't judge that fairly - I know the basics of what happens from playing Heroes, so I can't speak to how engaged I'd be if I didn't. I'm intrigued to see where things go, and I like seeing who these characters getting love in Heroes are. It's also fun to see systems change/evolve from game to game. I'm planning on Fates next, since I haven't gotten a copy of Echoes yet.
  9. So I finally am branching out from Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn to check out the other Fire Emblems I can get my hands on; this is partially spurred by my steady playing of FE Heroes, and therefore being interested in the additional cast. I got a copy of Awakening, so I'm starting there, which was my hope anyway. Some initial thoughts - I'm just starting Chapter 14... - The cutscene with Chrom and Lucina in Chapter 13 is 100% on point. Despite already knowing who she is due to FE Heroes, the CS definitely hit home. It's a good example of how to achieve emotion with minimal effort; Chrom's initial apology is on-character, and I think any person can empathize with Lucina getting to finally reveal herself to him. - I love the changes they made with supports. The "dual strike/guard" is a great addition, and seeing when actions encourage support (the little heart bubble) is nice. I also like that there seems to be an unlimited number of supports (besides spouses, of course). - On that note, marrying my characters weirds me out for some reason. I have no rational reason for this, it's just very foreign and messes with my sense of trying to have "canon" runs. At any rate, I married Chrom to Sumia and they've become my team's backbone except when I forget there's an archer over there. - Pair Up is a huge improvement over being penalized for using Rescue, but I still don't fully grasp how to best implement this strategically. - Second Seals are really nice. I have a tendency to grind RD and abuse Battle Save to get good level ups - with Second Seals, I can grind more "productively" by re-classing and then using the random battle maps. It's still grinding, but it feels more fruitful and fun than spending a ton of time Battle Saving and reloading. - Not classing up automatically at 20 weirds me out, but that's fine. - I really like the avatar and the hero being separate characters, and the avatar being optional on most maps. It gives the player a different perspective on the game compared to PoR/RD where the hero and avatar are basically the same character. Anyway, having fun with it so far. Mostly familiar with the overall story due to FE Heroes, so playing more to understand/appreciate the characters. So far so good!
  10. Oh yeah, I can't go easy since that wouldn't work for RD transfers.
  11. How? I've never really managed more than 10 on a normal difficulty. Maybe I'm not managing my kills/xp closely enough, but still never have come close to 20 regardless.
  12. I find that Soren takes care of himself quite fine, and I pretty much barely use Calill, even in the Crimea missions. I've always found Ilyana becomes a Part 1 beast with some transfers. I rarely use Zihark or Volug, honestly - by the time Zihark isn't stealing xp from others, Edward is far superior and I have Mia waiting on the Greil Mercs side. Zihark always ends up the odd man out. And I just don't use many laguz, generally... that said, their support does help in that all-laguz Part 3 DB battle that everyone's underleveled for.
  13. Being Tellius-biased... I'd rather see Kurth than Dheginsea, personally. A Sephiran/Lehran GHB hero would be cool, too. Similarly, a Greil/Gawain or Ashnard GHB would be pretty awesome, especially if they make Ashnard a flying sword unit. I wouldn't be against a Petrine GHB, either. A lot of the knights/infantry feel repetitive, otherwise I'd stump for Brom, Boyd, Jill, Rolf, and Geoffrey, but I'm not sure how they wouldn't immediately fade into the deep pool of similar units; PoR Brom would be preferred since we're already awash in armored green axes (sup Hector). I'm pretty happy we got a Micaiah alt. Pelleas would be an interesting addition potentially as a colorless (dark) mage. Laguz would be cool, but Heroes isn't really built to do that yet, and I'm not versed enough in the series to know if there's a similar mechanic in other games that would justify it, but I suppose they would essentially work like dragons, but I still question where/how they'd separate from the deep pool of units. I'd love to see a new PoR banner this winter that includes Brom (blue armor spear), Geoffrey (blue cavalry spear), Boyd (green axe), and Volke (colorless dagger) with a companion GHB for Ashnard (red flying sword). A follow-up RD banner that would be fun would be Jill (green flying axe), Rolf (colorless bow), Tormod (red mage), and Kurth (colorless dragon) with a companion GHB for Sephiran/Lehran (colorless mage). Greil could be added as a Tempest Trials character at the same time. Yeah, that sounds good.
  14. I've had odd luck on the legendary banners lately - I tend to get runs of a different 5* hero. This month, it was red Reinhardt, of whom I got 3. I also got 2 Fjorm, 1 F!Robin (female), and 1 Gunnthra. Not awesome, but not bad. I didn't have red Reinhardt yet, although I don't see him cracking my frequent use team, since I already run B!Roy, Xander, and Exalt Chrom as my primary red horses. I had a similar thing happen last month with L!Lucina when I got 3 Exalt Chroms (I didn't have him yet, so score) and 3 V!Lilina (whom I also didn't have yet). I haven't scored an actual new L! unit in at least 4 months, and I burn about 200-300 orbs per L! banner depending on how deep the banner is. I cheaped out on this one a bit since I got lucky on first-pull 5* units and I have most of the other non-L! units already. That said, both CYL banners were kind to me - last year I took B!Ike as my free hero, but drew both B!Roy and B!Lyn without a ton of effort (I was pretty new to the game then), and this year I managed to get B!Hector and B!Ephraim before choosing B!Celica as my freebie. Has anyone else had oddly good luck with the CYL banners, or am I just that fortunate? Small sample size aside, they haven't felt like other 3%/3% rate banners to me.
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