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  1. Whoo an update~! :D A Flayn!! A recent doodle I liked how it came out :D And I finished the Unity game I was working on! :D :D You can play it in browser here! https://heiden.itch.io/nb107a And I also finished ANOTHER game, this one I made in 48 hours!! Its called The Girl with the Gray Hair Awakens, and I even got accepted into a local game showcase to present it?!?! (!!!!)
  2. Drew some more pics! :D Drew a Hrid as a warmup piece! S-some random people??!!? (Okay I confess, these two were supposed to be FE charas but I was too lazy that day to look up refs, so I just... tried to draw them from extremely fuzzy memory) And some progress pics of my game :D I have a self-imposed deadline of this Sunday to get a finished full first playable draft of my game and I look to be on target so far!! Just gonna keep working hard!
  3. I'm too far into the dev cycle to make any major changes like that. (And Zechariah is based on Mickey's look, so I would have to change what he looks like as well) Maybe I'll add some DLC later to insert a not!Morgana as well :P
  4. Uh oh... I hope he doesn't look too much like Joker :'D.... (Any resemblance is by accident haha;)
  5. Practicing lineart! :D Drew a Henry, haha. I've never drawn him before so getting all the little details in his clothes was a little hard!!! And??? A screenshot of my WIP game?? I think that can go here XD;; (This is what I've been mostly working on recently!!!)
  6. This was a little warmup sketch I colored of Takumi!! I've been taking an oil painting class so I tried to apply a little bit of the color mixing to this piece. It's fun to try to apply traditional techniques to digital painting and vice versa.
  7. That's great to hear! :D If I ever try out SRPG Studio I'll def check out the Discord!
  8. Different games! (I couldn't imagine myself trying to make a game with that large of a cast!! O.O;;) And Gwendolyn!! Is the main character of What Lies Ahead, the next game I wanna make! :D (Once I get more used to Unity) (These characters have names! XD) She's a little girl who's family came from Schtippen which is a very small mountainous country that is also very religious and remote. Some children born there have odd gifts, that are said to be gifts from a mischevious goat spirit who steals some of the great Mother Mountain's magic to give to the children. Gwendolyn was born in Schtippen and moved away with her family, and on her 10th birthday they discover that she has one of the goat spirit's 'gifts', that of clairvoyance. Her father is very upset about this, because Gwendolyn's uncle also has the 'gift' of clairvoyance and it caused a very large rift in their family (and one of the reasons he moved away from the country to begin with). The story opens up with Gwendolyn being handed over to her uncle to be raised, since children with the goat spirit's 'gifts' are all raised in a small village on the very top of the mountain. The clairvoyance works that if you look into someone's eyes, you have a chance to see an event of "high emotion" and you must tell this person what you have seen. It doesn't always work, and usually the things the clairvoyant sees are quite disturbing. Most of the previous gift havers of clairvoyance went insane before they died. The story plays as a point and click adventure, where you play as Gwendolyn as she goes through the village talking to villagers and watching events unfold. You play through 8 days, 2 in spring, 2 in summer, 2 in fall and 2 in winter. Choices you make in one day has repercussions on days in the future, and so forth. :D Here's some more pictures of Gwendolyn + friends~! :D
  9. OOhh, that's cool!! I don't know if I'm ready to jump into any active development on a SRPG at the moment, but I have heard of SRPG Studio and I was looking at it a few months back... I've been teaching myself unity and am currently making a point + click game to get used to the Unity workflow. (And then after that maybe an incredibly basic SRPG for something like Ludum Dare?? Don't wanna get too ahead of myself though. :D) I just hope that my game would be accepted in the fangame scene if it's deviating too much from the FE mold... And that's awesome you're making a game! :D I took a peek earlier actually and thought it looked super cool! Good luck with that!!
  10. Oh! Those three! (YAAAY thank u for asking me about my OCs, I LOVE Talking about them AAHH It also helps to figure out the world building and stuff when I gotta explain them to other ppl :D) Unfortunately, these three dont have names yet XD But!! They're supposed to be sort of anti-heroes in a strategy RPG (???) I wanna make one day. Also im putting this behind a spoiler b/c... wow this ended up being longer than anticipated. WOW THIS WAS LONG AAAHH, but yeah that's basically... those three in a nutshell! :D :D
  11. Hi!! This is my first time doing an art thread, so if do anything wrong just let me know!!! (But also I'm excited!!!!) I love to draw and have been doing it for most of my life, but have only recently started taking art classes so I'm really excited to see what new things I can learn!!! Some links to other of my art and games (i like making games about my OCs, haha. So if u wanna play free games theres that!!): Twitter: @dieletztenrosen Itch.io: heiden.itch.io Fire Emblem Fanart! (Mostly FE7 stuff, haha;) And I also really really like OCs!! (Plz ask me about my OCs I love talking about them!!!) So here's some OCs here!
  12. Love these!!! Very cute style and clean lines!! Also that 2013 -> 2019 progression is incredible!!!
  13. Im glad they're not going away completely. But hoping that there's enough focuses that they can still be rolled from;;. (Tho i guess they're trying to push me into buying more orbs instead of staying F2P. It is a gatcha game, afterall...)
  14. I've been having awful luck on my pulls lately, and am currently up to a 9.5% 5 star pull rate on the legendary banner and nothing has pity broken me yet and I'm crying b/c I would take literally any of the featured red 5 star units and at this rate I'll probably run out of time before being able to summon anything of value aaagghhh.
  15. Heiden

    Shuuda's Art Shack

    I love how clean your lineart is and all of your poses are so dynamic!!! Beautiful!
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