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  1. That wouldn't help bad units in comparison to goodunits at all (except the Bow being based on Dex I guess, that would help Ashe/Ignatz/Bernie, but Shamir would still be better than them). Some units like Ashe just don't have any upsides that justifies fielding them (except if you're super lazy and think checking the map in advance and buying Chest Keys is too much effort), the boy could really use some more strength and also HP/Def in case you want to put him on a horse or wyvern. Similar story with Ignatz/Bernie.
  2. I'm so disappointed that Mortal Savant is still most voted on Felix, it's just a bad class compared to Bow Knight and Warmaster. Bow Knight has so many advantages with Bow Range +2 and 8 move + canto, Warmaster can reach insane levels of crit and has much better stat mods than Mortal Savant.
  3. It's better than TLP in the sense that it feels more like a "normal" FE game (with some slight unfinished edges, where you still notice it's a hack), TLP gets really zaney both story and gameplay-wise, while OCA is just good vanilla FE gameplay with imo pretty well balanced units and a decent story.
  4. These look great, sleeveless Claudius to rival pantsless Marth
  5. Hey just a bit of feedback for the new patch regarding the new infantry class only weapons: I think they are an awesome addition in the players hands making Grace and Axel much more viable, which they needed imo. But (just in my opinion) I sort of dislike them in the enemies hands, just give them slightly higher STR/SKL/SPD if they are supposed to be scarier, I think there are too many enemies with random 10-15% crit right now, it often makes it tedious to play around them, because you either have to playerphase them or bait them with someone supremely tanky. That's of course just my two cents, if this is what you were going for I respect it and I still think it's one of the finest hacks out there in basically all areas.
  6. Hey sorry if this answered elsewhere already, I didn't find it in the first post; Do you already have a planned release window for the next update and how much additional content/features it will include? Can't wait to play the rest of the hack :)
  7. Looks interesting, especially the portraits look pretty good so far! Since I'm also interested in other SRPG Engine games and maybe trying it out myself; is there no way to change the formula to something more like Truehit?
  8. Alright, I guess then there is kind of a Chrom situation going on, if you don't manage to get an A support with any girl and him.
  9. Hey since I still had my final chapter save flying around I tried out the final version of the epilogue right away, however I have some issues to report, some of them could be caused by using an older savefile or missing a few recruitments (Dione and Tanya at least). When the Tactician enters combat with Jormund it plays Heaths recruitment conversation. In the Chapter recap some chapter numbers are used twice or out of order and FE7 chapter names are still used in a few cases(5 is used twice in a row and it goes 23 24 23 once) In the credits some characters have the epilogue text of FE7 characters; Odin- Bartre, Elaine-Priscilla, Brendan-Lucius, Wayland-Hector. Aside from these issues I liked the writing of the ending and epilogue, Algimas wife kind of comes out of nowhere, I think making paired support endings or even giving him a canon wife from the ones you know would be better, but that's just personal opinion. Overall thank you for making this hack, it's definitely my favorite of any completed one so far, the gameplay and map design is of a consistently high quality (only really disliked the Dark Woods map) the story isn't too revolutionary, but it's interesting and charming enough to keep you playing and doesn't have any glaring issues, it's better to execute something simple well, rather than trying to be too deep or anything. I also really liked the character roster, they seem mostly well tuned with their own niches, and a good balance between prepromotes/failsafes and growth units.
  10. I lured him onto the narrow spot south of his starting position and boxed him in with Wayland and Adin, the level 20 Nomad Trooper you get for this map, attacked with them and Celia and kept all of them healed up with Fortify. If any of your other fliers got enough speed and def you can replace Wayland with them, but he was my best candidate because of his high stats and S rank swords. Edit: Added picture for clarity
  11. Just played this hack the last few days and it was great, I loved the gameplay and even though the story wasn't the main focus it was definitely serviceable and the characters (especially the base conversations) were great as well. I didn't have too much trouble with the basic difficulty until the second to last map where I lost Theo and Joel, who I barely used. I loved the skills and being able to pick between patching up bad stats or boosting good ones (or increasing movement which I did for most of my roster) helped with units getting stat screwed, however I struggled to find a use for some of the units. Theo kinda struggled to keep up in the mid game maps and fell behind the curve as a result, my Eliza got pretty strength screwed, but even if she turned out better I don't see what would have made her worth investing in (almost all of your units have good growth rates and she has very shaky bases). As well as Coyote being a bit on the weaker side. Althea and Drake were definitely my MVPs with honorable mentions to Nia, Kayla and Ophie, Tomes giving slight stat boosts, the AoE tomes and her overall stats just made Althea super valuable in almost every chapter, Drake was the typical solid cavalier/paladin that's always nice to have in FE, most of the other units definitely had their niches(Bows being really long range and accurate made them useful, Dark&Light magic had nice tools, I bet Joel has good potential but my fighters always turn out terribly for some reason, adding some res targetting damage with magic swords made Renae fun to use beyond the usual thief utility etc.). Overall a really solid project, I'm looking forward to anything you come up with in the future.
  12. Hey guys first post ever, I have a lot of praise for this hack (I mean it made me finally create an account here), but also a few questions. 1. I had a few instances of conversations/sprites/characters bugging out and reverting to stuff from FE7, a couple funny ones include the archer on the penultimate map that dropped Rienfleche being Sonia or some of the supports playing supports from FE7, is that because the hack is still unfinished or did I somehow screw up the patching? 2. Is there/will there be a detailled recruitment/character sheet, I'd love to know if some of my characters got blessed/screwed in certain areas, and just from scanning the support readings it seems I've missed a few characters(Pegasus Knight, Female Sage, some sprite that looks very similar to the tactician), also does the house in that one desert map hint at a secret character? I've tried to wait in a bunch of tiles near the trees,skeletons and the corners of the map, but eventually gave up. 3. Are you planning to add difficulty levels? The beginning felt pretty challenging and I loved the difficulty up until chapter 18-20~, but after that point it seems my units started to snowball a bit and a couple of them became capable of juggernauting through the enemy masses. Now the praise; I've overall really loved this hack and I think it will really be on par with the GBA games, once it's finished up completely. The overall gameplay is great, mostly great map design(I hated the Dark Mage forest though, and sometimes the objective isn't shown really clearly), I really liked how much you get rewarded for certain side objectives(i.e. the boots if you manage to push through during the siege etc.). Another really nice thing is how you get a lot of very solid prepromotes that can carry you through, even if your characters got a bit screwed(The three main characters all turned out pretty well for me, Algimas needed some stat boosters to stay relevant though). I also liked the story and characters, although it's a bit sad that supports aren't in yet, I liked how the story felt similar to FE9, with your MC being a mercenary instead of a noble and the progression to the higher stakes felt quite natural/realistic. I'm definitely looking forward to the final version and plan to replay it then.
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