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  1. Personally, I think Neimi is a better archer. Starts out earlier, great growths, and can promote into a mount and swords. Innes it bow-locked and not mounted and joins later. Tell me, how do you think is better?
  2. Personally, I believe the War Cleric/Monk class is quite a useful class. I turn Lissa into one when I promote her. I promote Maribelle into a Valkyrie however. Tell me, have you ever made her into a War Cleric? Anyway, they get Renewal at level 15 which is pretty good, especially on Cherche. I love War Clerics but are they good gameplay wise? Tell me your thoughts.
  3. For some reason, I have a strong affinity towards the name Carly.
  4. SPOILERS: AA: Turnabout Samurai. I just hate the villain and overall plot. JFA: Turnabout Circus. Obvious TaT: Recipe for Turnabout. The villain is too obvious and the case is just a mess. At least Maggey returned! AJ: Turnabout Corner. Alita Tiala as a villain is so poorly done and she’s obviously the killer. The case is also all over the place. DD: The Monsturous Turnabout: Obvious. SoJ: Turnabout Storyteller. Geiru’s motive makes no sense at all! She’s one of the worst villains in the franchise. How dare people compare her to the best villain, Dahlia Hawthorne! I’ll admit her plan was smart but it’s still a horrible case. Well, that’s my list. Do you agree or disagree? Tell me your least favorite cases.
  5. Can we just talk about how smart this woman is? She’s probably one of the best “villains” in old literature, in my opinion. She kills her husband, fakes an alibi, and pretends like nothing happens. She lies to the police and even feeds them the murder weapon! Tell me your opinion on her.
  6. I kinda got this idea from Mekkah but I’m curious. Tell me who your favorite “Bad Unit” is. Mine’s L’Arachel. She may not be a great unit but she’s my favorite character so... yeah.
  7. Oof. Sorry guys, forgot to log in when I posted that. This is me.
  8. How about a Retainer run where you use only the retainers in battle(Such as Felicia, Kaze, Saizo, Azama etc).
  9. Hey there! Hope you enjoy your stay! Hope you’re having an amazing day too!
  10. Personally, I prefer the Rune Swords from the GBA series. Since Hand Axes are such a common thing on enemy axe wielders, it’s nice to have a sword unit that can counter attack.
  11. In your inventory, no. You do, I’m pretty sure, lose the items he is holding if he dies. Here’s an example. If Merlinus dies, he’ll keep your Javelin in the convoy but if is holding that Javelin, you would lose that. Hope this helps!
  12. Welcome! I’ve just joined here, myself. I hope you have a nice stay here. Hope you’re having a great day!
  13. Hey guys! As you can probably see from the title, I am new to Serenes Forest. I’ve been playing Fire Emblem for years and I’m so glad I finally decided to create an account here. Hope we can get along!
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