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  1. @Glennstavos And that's a wrap on yet another run. Now to take roughly 3000 years to upload the videos though my bad internet.
  2. I would say no, hexlock just doesnt seem all that amazing to keep even for mages though it'd probably have some niche uses there. I just wanted to say that there is one more Hexlock Shield available - if you save all of the NPCs in Hilda's Paralogue, you get one alongside the Large Bullion.
  3. Yep, once on Crimson Flower and then Azure Moon 0% growths with CF and Church 0%s in progress. This aint New Mystery tier difficulty thats for sure. It is also a pathway to many memes some would consider to be... unnatural.
  4. Well with Tormod the thing is he brings tome utility to the table. Like in my endgame clear if I had one more deployment slot Tormod would get in. Also 1-8 Ravens run either 20 or 22 speed to Vika's base of 22 transformed, so she needs 2 spd levels to start doubling all of them. I just don't see her being all that great considering her strength and speed bases are both low (22 is ofc fast by usual standards but since it's not a speed which doubles the really fast enemies, she doesn't compensate for her poor attack enough.)
  5. I'm ok with where Sothe is rn honestly. Grows amazingly. Though I do wish Micaiah's speed were higher if she's a main character. Seriously she's a slowpoke for pretty much the whole of part 1. As for Volug as you might be able to tell I love the guy in redux. It involved an energy drop and Blossom but even with the latter he still gets good EXP and as such he's effectively Nailah but higher avaliblity. Don't really think he needs balancing. Though speaking of which, since Nailah isn't avalible for Part 1 I hope her stats will be good when she joins in Part 4. I also kinda hope she joins with S strike and not A since A at that point would be really weak. BK could get up to 15 speed in my opinion to avoid being doubled by the Poleax elite, but remaining doubled by Swordmaster and Sage elite. With the aura change and perhaps some res he'd be in at least a fine spot don't expect the memes about his nerfs disappearing tho Ilyana would definitely benefit from a cost reduction to Thunder for forging. Even not comparing her to the magic users she's still sorta underperforming, since her mag/spd are low and she gets further AS loss from Elthunder and Arcthunder. Also consider that even if Ilyana is handy in part 3, with your comment about making part 3 more in line with lategame part 1 she can just be trained there for a bit and have access to the GM resource pool, which allows the Dawn Brigade to concentrate their resources for their part 3 maps. Same thing with Muarim/Vika but for them it's even more pointless if they still rejoin in 4-4. Speaking of Vika, can she get +1 spd or can enemy birds get -1 untransformed speed? That'd at least allow her to contribute in 1-8 and allow your other units to do better against them as well, since in the current state the only real way I found to deal with em is just crossbow weaponry. Who's this second healer for part 3? Is micaiah's promotion no longer story based or does someone else get staves upon promotion?
  6. I mean can't you at least upload this to Youtube just unedited for watching sake? Don't feel like downloading 400 MB just to watch the strat in the first place.
  7. Since I can't edit the original comment for some reason I'll just put the Youtube link for permanent safekeeping. Also my mind is not changed on Ilyana.
  8. By the way I'm gonna be streaming this on Twitch from 1-8 on today. Gonna post the VoD link once I'm done for reference material on feedback. Edit: Stream done, gonna send the VoD soon. Edit 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/320415502
  9. It's just a weird interaction I noticed with how BEXP and >100% growths work. But yes I would reset for the +2 luck proc if only to cap the stat quicker so that other stats could raise sooner once luck caps. I don't deny it's probably better to level up with regular EXP. Again, it's just something janky I noticed about how the RD engine handles these and thought to report it. WRT Ilyana, I'd seriously need to see a lot of part 3 to be convinced of her being good, because based on part 1 enemy scaling she seems bad on pretty much everything she's not effective against. I haven't seen part 3 yet so it could be way more jank up there in terms of enemy stats and exactly how many dracos are thrown at you, but on merits of part 1 alone she's pretty bad after 1-5 vs non-effective targets. But again, this is lacking the picture of her future part 3 prospects, so it's subject to change.
  10. I do stand by the opinion that Ilyana is bad but I will not pursue the topic for now before the new patch releases. I plan to do streams of Intermediate mode once the big update hits and give my opinions on the things in the hack during it. I will say that I don't plan to criticise things just because they're "different", the plan is to ascertain how well the design decisions work within the context of the hack itself. Three questions: Is there an estimated date of release for this big update? How far will it go, up to 3-10? And lastly, for the OP could you include all the changes to Laguz Gauges? The last one is important information for people picking up the hack.
  11. Nullify is literally a skill which does this - negates effective damage against user.
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