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  1. Just in case he accidentally starts on fire. What year will I die in?
  2. I love it, I like the shading and how your signature blends in nicely. Can’t wait to see more art from you! I think you underestimate yourself.
  3. So for some background: When I was a kid I was really into myths, urban legends, and cryptids. (Mostly cryptids) So at my local library I read every book on cryptids I could, and one book stood out (I don’t remember the name though) if I recall, there was the basic stuff like Bigfoot and Nessie, but there was one entry about Yuki Onna, something I’d never heard of at the time and it intrigued me. The version that was in the book was something like this:
  4. Up for a challenge? Try out these intense titles for experienced gamers.
  5. “I’ve been studying facial structure recently, may I study your face?”
  6. "That was a pointless encounter with a pointless person."
  7. Ask if she needs a coat or some pants or something, it’s a little cold outside.
  8. “I’m gonna is a great day to go to sleep now.” Again: “I don’t think you could do that.”
  9. Try not to get accidentally poked by The Sword of the Creator. (Either one.)
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