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  1. I just realized tonight that the Magic Bow+ (?) also has 1-3 range.
  2. Same. Nope. Haven’t even beat one yet, I’ve been trying to play both M&B Warband and FE Three Houses. User below has played paintball before.
  3. This isn’t very important, but I didn’t realize that in the certification screen I could view the mounted units dismounted.
  4. Blue Lions:Annette. The only reason I chose her was because I trained her in brawling, because as a noble she could use magic and brawling, but apparently mages and priests can’t use brawling.
  5. Where I live Three Houses was out of stock like everywhere, so earlier today I finally ordered it, it should arrive on Friday.
  6. Yes, she’s still alive. User below has a garden gnome.
  7. Nope, I don’t recall doing so..? User below collects LEGO(s?)
  8. Banned for trying to teach us valuable lessons.
  9. Keep slapping the cat until it finally tries swatting your hand with it’s paw. The proper way to write your autobiography is...
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