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    Favorite character archetypes:Tsundere. Kuudere. I'll think of more.

    Favorite genres:Dark. Psychological. Slice of life. Sad.

    Favorite musical genres:Rock. Orchestral. Rock+Classical. Classical. Eurobeat. Fast-paced. Sad.

    Favorite flavor:Sweet.

    Favorite candies:Mike and ikes. Skittles. Butterscotch. Fruity stuff.
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  1. Banned for continuing to talk about the human centipede.
  2. レーゾンデートル - Eve MV
  3. MyLuckyHaiku... probably a class that uses magic and has high luck and mag, but low def and res. Level 1:Poetry recital (Rally skill) Boosts ally’s res and lck by +3 Level 10:Lucky Break (Passive skill) If unit’s luck is higher then either the enemy’s str or mag (Whichever’s higher) then boost unit’s res and def by +5 Level 25:Season of decay (Triggered skill, lck % activation) After combat, enemy’s res lowers at the speed of -3 per turn (Maximum loss of 9) and HP goes down by -5 each turn) (Only activates when using wind magic not including blizzard and fimbulvetr) Level 35:Season of white winds (Triggered skill, lck % activation) After combat enemy’s str and skill drop by -5 and movement drops to 2. (Only activates when using ice-related tomes like blizzard)
  4. It’s a Japanese bullet hell game featuring cute girls with silly hats.
  5. Since most games I play are Nintendo and already in Smash.
  6. Since most games I play are Nintendo and already in Smash, Touhou.
  7. 【うー!にゃー!】太陽曰く燃えよカオス 歌ってみた(生歌) - YuNi 【這いよれ!ニャル子さん】
  8. [PERSONALITY:???:lowest:median:highest]
  9. [ITEM_SHIELD:ITEM_SHIELD_SHIELD] [NAME:shield:shields] [ARMORLEVEL:2] [BLOCKCHANCE:20] [UPSTEP:2] [MATERIAL_SIZE:4] Well, shoot. Just realized now after 16 days I posted in the wrong thread. I feel like a major idiot now I just saw that like a minute ago.
  10. Because z is a dumb letter. Why am I getting a KFC ad?
  11. Same. Usually the only time I can post in this topic is when I’m modding Dwarf Fortress, because that’s one of the only times I copy stuff.
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