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    Favorite genres:Dark. Psychological. Slice of life. Sad.

    Favorite musical genres:Rock. Orchestral. Rock+Classical. Classical. Eurobeat. Fast-paced. Somber.

    Favorite flavor:Sweet.

    Favorite candies:Mike and ikes. Skittles. Butterscotch. Fruity stuff.
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    Shadows of Valentia

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About Me

Hello, I'm Haiku.

Poor Faris

Video games I play:Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) Dwarf Fortress. FE. Minecraft. Toribash. SW KoTOR II. Total war rome. Don't starve together. MH4U. Smash ultimate. Ravenfield. Splatoon 1. M&B Warband, Touhou EoSD. Touhou PCB. Touhou LoLK. And more

Top 2 anime:



Watched this a while ago with my siblings, It's my current favorite anime. Absolutely stunning show, would totally recommend to people who like time travel, good characters, and complicated plots. Favorite character:Okabe Rintaro.

Stuff I don't like about it:I was told by my brother that the ending was amazing, but I overhyped it (more my fault then anyone else's)

Daru makes an inappropriate joke every like 3 minutes. actually Daru in general


Also has a VN I haven't played.


Puella Magi:Madoka Magica

Watched this a little bit ago, stayed up till 3:55 AM to finish the last 4 episodes. Haven't seen Rebellion. Amazing show, would recommend to people who like cute anime. Favorite character:Mami Tomoe

Stuff I don't like about it:I got episode three spoiled years before I started watching (Again my fault)

I thought the witches would be these horrifying old hags. (Although I love the surreal designs)

I can't stop thinking about it, it has invaded my phone pictures too.

That stupid green hair girl, she doesn't deserve the title of green haired waifu

Hall of Previous Avatars


((?????????? There was something before this too))

Smugdoka, Served ?/?/2019 till 7/11/2019


Tanya, Served 7/11/2019 till 9/10/2019


Elise (OC) Served 9/10/2019 till 10/11/2019


Smugdoka Reinstated 10/11/2019





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