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  1. Grab her gun and set it down somewhere else, just in case of an accidental firing.
  2. Because he has a lance. Why is street racing illegal?
  3. Because they can do what they want. Why is my computer screen so dirty?
  4. “I’m not going on the way to school today but I’ll just let y’all be a good nights rest night I’ll probably go get some candy some ideas and then I’ll be back to work”
  5. Banned for posting an hour ago.
  6. Grab her glasses and set them on my shelf, sleeping with glasses on could break them.
  7. "I paid for the whole speedometer im gonna use the whole speedometer."
  8. Take away his bow and arrows, those are too dangerous to have in bed.
  9. “I’m not going on a ride tomorrow or anything.” Next try: “I’m gonna I wanna is a time to be happy to help me and I have some fun with ya tomorrow and I’ll just wait till tomorrow and then I’ll just take it a day or something like I’ll be happy.” Third time’s a charm: ”Boosting was the way I was going on the road to get the car to get my hair started so I’m going on my own way too late.”
  10. Banned for having numbers in username.
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