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  1. Mount & Blade: Warband. Been fooling around with a Touhou mod lately, was running a moonrabbit vassal to Eientei, and with all these lovely mod weapons I just had to use a double barreled-shotgun. Also going for all the achievements, just need the achievements that require getting skills to certain levels and the ones that need you to take over the continent ‘n stuff. But I’ve been playing multiplayer (with bots) for the fun of it instead of that, my favorite faction to play as in this mod is Eientei, due to my soft-spot for moonrabbits and ranged weaponry.
  2. I didn’t know that was a thing. I kinda was too, the aforementioned eurobeat cover isn’t even my favorite Christmas song.
  3. You think all Christmas music is bad except for Merry Little Christmas? You’ve obviously never heard Dave Rodgers’ Eurobeat cover of All I Want For Christmas Is You. I’ve never heard of that anime before, but judging by the title is Ecchi or Hentai or something? So why is that the ending song?
  6. Since I just finished painting my X-wing at 2:45 this morning, and have no more models left to build, I drew... ...something tonight, instead. Tomorrow (technically later today), I plan on continuing my Dwarf Fortress mod in hopes that I might one day release it, although the modifications I’ve made are mainly to sate my relatively niche interests, so I’m not sure how well it will fare compared to some of the more popular mods. And I’ll probably work more on one of my many unfinished stories that I keep getting bored of writing.
  7. 35:65:95:120:160:200:250]
  8. Orochi. But I also like Azama, Mitama, Midori, Sakura, and Elise.
  9. Did some digging through your activity, is this the thread you’re looking for? Since I wasn’t ‘round here in 2015 I have no idea what that thread is even about.
  10. :0:100:200:300:400:450:500] ---
  11. Since I don’t do anything outside anyways, life is exactly the same here. As of right now I’m painting the Bandai Tie advanced x1 and Tie fighter 1/144 model, I’m almost done and getting ready to paint the 1/72 Resistance X-wing. Lately I’ve also been modding Dwarf Fortress again, and grinding Daemon X Machina.
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