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  1. I agree. The normal mode was a bit difficult for me, but I got through it. Radiant Dawn has been one of my favorite FE games since I first played it, and this hack did a good job of making me very eager to play through the rest of it. I'd hate to see it not be completed because it tried to do too much.
  2. It would definitely keep me occupied until the next release of ReDux comes out. As I said in my earlier post, Radiant Dawn has been my favorite for a while, even as I go back and play the older ones like Genealogy. This is some great work you have been doing, so don't rush on making sure ReDux continues to be great, but this might be good idea to keep people occupied in the mean time. I know it would keep me occupied.
  3. Perhaps I am just missing something, or maybe it is this way, but I see other comments talking about chapters that are after Part 2 Chapter 2. I got through it to that point, and when I try to start the next chapter, the map is just blank. No units, and in the base, it shows Marcia as the only unit available. Is there a way to go on past chapter 2-2? Or is that just the stopping point for now, and people are just tossing ideas around? Forgive me for not knowing anything about this, I'm new to this whole thing. Maybe I patched it wrong or something. If I could go past this point, I would love to, as Radiant Dawn is probably my favorite game out of the FE games that I have played, and the patch has been fantastic thus far. Looking forward to seeing what is coming next.
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