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  1. The patch was designed for the Rev A (or Rev 1) version of the NP, so make sure that's the version you're patching. I am using LIPS 1.2.0 (you said yours was 1.02 so that could also be it) and SNES9X 1.53 and the game runs no problem. Otherwise, the .sfc you're using might have a problem of some sort, so if all else fails maybe you should look into acquiring it from a different source.
  2. Signed up just to say that, compared to what was out there until now, this makes the Thracia 776 experience miles more immersive and I'm so glad this project was started. The unintrusiveness and clarity of the translation makes you actually appreciate the extra amounts of effort put into the presentation (specially the menus) when compared to Genealogy. Having a nagging disposition to play every series I'm interested in in order; it's fantastic that there's hope out there that I'll be able to continue on with Fire Emblem now. You're doing god's work, Chimera.
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