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  1. Lord Classes Add Charm as Class Ability of Enlightened One. To match up with the others Lords's classes, and offer Byleth more utility since they are limited to close range healing. Add Commander as Mastery Ability of Enlightened One, Emperor, Great Lord and Barbarossa. A bit too strong of a skill, but aside from anti-staggering it's not to useful on player's hands, and IS did gave a playable Commander during Cindered Shadows. Add Miracle Slash as Mastery Art of Enlightened One. A combat art to match the other Lords, and a bit of self recovery since they're likely to be one of the frontline unit. Dur Cost Mt Hit Avoid Crit Range -5 +5 +10 +10 1 The attacking unit recovers HP equal to 50% of damage dealt. Mt increases based on unit's Mag. Exclusive to the Enlightened One class. Swap Emperor offensive growths (10=>5%) with his defensive ones (5=>10%). Not an impactful change, but it make no sense that a class supposed to be tanky first, has better offensive than defensive growths, especially for Magic one who is useless for the most part. Emperor's HP (8=>4), Resistance (0=>4). Allow her to mix tank. Dancer Add Charm and Rally Charm as Class Abilities. Add Rally Heart (Use Rally to grant Str, Mag, Spd, Def and Res +2, Dex, Luck, Charm +4 and Movement +1 to an ally) as Mastery Ability. Give the class a bit more utility rather than just Dancing. Mortal Savant Add Dark Tomefaire as Class Ability. No reason why it shouldn't have the skill, especially since 2 of the better candidates for this class use Dark Magic. Add an hybrid mastery to it, some eg: Hexblade (When using a Sword, unit calculates damage using the lower of the foe's Prt or Rsl. If attack target Prt, Mt increases based on unit's Mag), Aggressor (If unit initiates combat, grants Atk +6 during combat) or Ignis. Overall, while Mortal Savant is usable it fail at being an hybrid class in the hands of players, those changes doesn't fix those issues but it at least alienate them a bit. Dur Cost Mt Hit Avoid Crit Range -5 +4 +20 1 Calculates damage using the lower of the foe's Prt or Rsl. Mt increases based on unit's other offensive stat. Up Strength and Magic modifiers to (1=>2) and (2=>3) respectively. Reduce Defense and Resistance modifiers to (2=>1). Same reasonment than with Emperor but reversed, a class that is supposed to be dealing damage above all else shouldn't have better defense than offense. Dark Knight Replace Seal Resistance by Transmute as the Mastery Ability. A seal by that point of the game is beyond useless, and Transmute being DLC and female locked hurt male mage quite a bit. Raise Magic modifier to (2=>4), reduce Defense and Resistance modifiers to (2 (1)=>1 (0)) and (3=>2) respectively. Ditto with Mortal Savant. Holy Knight Reduce Strength and Dexterity modifiers to (1 and 2=>0). Up Magic modifier to (1=>4) and Magic base to (15=>16). The class stats are all over the place which doesn't help make the class useful, especially since it barely help the niche the class supposely have. At least now, the class's role is clear. Changing Terrain Resistance for White Magic Uses x2 would also be a necessary buff for the class, but it's a skill that has no reason not being there lore-wise despite how useless it is. Replace Defiant Resistance by Slayer (Make all attacks effective against Monsters) as Mastery Ability. The class main problem is that it occupy a niche that no one but Lysithea fill. With those changes it would still suck, but at least it would have another niche as Monster killers. Bow Knight Add Parting Shot as Mastery Art. Dur Cost Might Hit Avoid Crit Range -5 +5 +10 4~5 If attack lands for real this time, unit can move again without acting. Exclusive to the Bow Knight class. I find the Bow Knight class lacking except on PBV users, and ball of offensive stats like Felix; this Combat Art who help the class succeed better as long range attacker. Great Knight Change requirements for B+ in Axe OR Lance. Awkward certification requirement is Great Knight greatest weakness, specially for the 2 main candidate who would rather focus on their lance skill rather than waste EXP on Axe that they won't use. It would also broaden the possibility a bit more for other lancers. Nerfs for Wyvern Lord, even if i don't think it's as OP as everyone seems to think. Wyvern Lord Reduce Speed growth and modifiers to (4 (2) and 10%=>0). Wyvern have more or less always been on the "strong but slow" side, don't know why they changed this especially in contrast with Pegasus, which you have no reason to pick unless you really want that Lancefaire, which only translate to a +2 in damage anyway. Increase HP modifier to (2=>5) and Defense modifier to (3=>4). Help the class fit the role of flying physical tank better. Grants weakness to Magic. The class is supposed to be weak to Magic, no reason not to make it true in gameplay, especially since they can get rid of their weakness by dismounting.
  2. Rhea did created Sitri from scratch, however She didn't used her own blood when creating her.
  3. Fodlan is still 2/3 of the surface of Europe, for a continent that is only housing 3 countries that's pretty huge.
  4. There's at least Catherine, Shamir, Annette, Rhea, Mercedes and Linhardt who proposed first aswell, there's probably others that i'm forgetting. Personnaly, i'll pick Shamir over everyone else as Byleth's partner, they mostly come the same place and have mostly similar experiences, and have mostly similar behavior. The fact that i absolutely love Shamir may have biased me a little just a little tiny bit but what can i do? I also like how Shamir relate Byleth with her old partner, but is still able to see him as more than a shadow of the past. I also like how during their S-support, they're already set on marrying. Their endings are also one of the few of Byleth's were he and his partner are talked about as a couple, rather than Byleth and X.
  5. Apparently the only reason people find Edelgard interesting is because they forgot that people can have conflicting opinions and that by definition they're no wrong or right one. Anyway, i think she is a weak character mainly because she is pretty much unopposed, and most of those who do oppose her are either crazy or close to it (Dimitri, CF Rhea), "bad" (The Agarthans), with questionable motives (most nobles) or are reluctant to do it (Pretty much everyone else). I also think that her excuse for starting the war is super weak and missplaced, and that she indeed had other options. The fact that she is in a lot of ways someone i would hate as a person really doesn't help. Hubert has nothing, Edelgard is it's whole world and that's it. I think Manuela is actually a great character, but i hate winner in life who make themselves miserable for no reasons. Same reason i hate Gilbert, except that he doesn't even have the excuse of being a good character in my book. So because he failed to do something he shouldn't have to do in the first place, he abandon litteraly everything he fought for when they need him the most. And he later have the gal to call out Dimitri about accepting responsabilities. What the fuck is this though process? Before he became playable, the line between Jeritza and the Death Knight was rather blurry and that was fairly interesting, tho Jeritza didn't have the screentime to capitalize on it. Now he does, and i hate it. The way he is portrayed in supports, the Death Knight is an entirely different personality and Jeritza himself did nothing wrong but is simply unable to stop it. Nobody confront him about his actions or what he could potentially do, he is just the way it is and there's nothing wrong with it. Constance suffer from the same problem with her sun personality, except that she doesn't even have the benefit of having it explained or exploited in any ways, it's just there. As for covered Constance, she is just a brat who want to play nobles. Her family and subjects were abandonned and slaughtered, and she is pretty much forced to live in the shadows, but she just want to be noble by casting entirely useless magic. I like characters who don't let their past trauma hold them down (Raphael, Felix, Shamir ..) or at least try to, but her backstory is basically inexistant in her character. In fact, i think her entire character is inexistant. Bernadetta, tho i don't really hate the character but more the way she is portrayed, even if i do dislike her. It make any empathy i could have for her dissapear. She also remind me of myself in a lot of wrong ways. Dorothea. Hypocrisy at it's finest (like many characters in this game). Basically a bad mix between Manuela and Sylvain.
  6. Who is realisticly gonna carry a Healing Staff but a healer, offensive mage would rather have Thyrsus or the Cadeus Staff, Byleth can play around with the convoy or you can mass trade, but that's rather tedious for something which wouldn't be that great. On average Byleth without magic bonus, but 5 levels in EO has 20 Magic at level 30. For Physic calculation it give this: 8+20/3 (7)=15 . That's a ridiculous amount considering that even Lysithea has on average 30 HP by that point, and even the frailer physical unit are at 40 on average. And since most units can't withstand more than 1 round of combat without dodging, if you heal someone you better make it count. Heavy magics aren't that useful on anyone but magical nukes, that's why Aura is one of the best of its kind because it at least open the small window of a Crit. True enough, but in almost no situation is Byleth gonna build Reason LV. As for the Accuracy itself it can easily be fixed by battalions, especially the magical and hybrid ones who almost all give massive Hit boost. Something being sub-optimal doesn't necessarily mean that it suck, it's like saying that Felix or Leonie have poor physical stats because Dimitri exist, or that no one should be a Sniper because Shamir would do the job better. Besides, even if Byleth were given top-tier spells like Physic, Warp or Rescue, their utility would be greatly mitigated by their poor Magic. If you just look at the spell lists and nothing else, yes it's nothing impressive, but if you look at the context, Byleth lists are perfectly fine.
  7. It frankly depends of who you give Physic to, the only units who have any use having Physic are Bishops, unit with sky-high magic and secondary healers like Dancers and Reason focused mages. Otherwise it's just a ranged Heal and is barely useful unless we're talking about units who need to stay at 100% HP like Ferdinand or Dimitri. Otherwise Recover is better because while it's locked to 1 range, it at least provide a consequent heal. Compared to the other offensive Faith spells, or other Reason spell for that matter, not so much. Sure it's worse than most Reason spells of the same level, but that's to be expected and is applicable to Abraxas and Seraphim aswell, tho to a lesser degree for the latter. Its Accuracy isn't great, but considering that pretty much every enemy have a lesser magic avoid than physical avoid that's not a problem, in fact Accuracy is the primary reason of using offensive Magic with Byleth rather than the magic damage themselves. Changing it for another damage spell is pointless because regardless of which spells they could have, Byleth, or anyone who isn't Holy Knight Lysithea or Constance, wouldn't be able to nuke effectively with Abraxas or Seraphim. Aura at least give this small window with the added Crit, as even among Black Spells only Bolting, Excalibur, Blizzard and Fimbulvetr have a comparable Crit bonus, and they all have an even weaker Accuracy than Aura expect for Excalibur. Faith LV is mostly useful for the Avoid rather than the Hit, and as i said earlier the shaky Hit of Aura is offsetted by the low Magic Avoid of most enemies you'll target with it. Their proficiency in Faith is just a Budding Talent, and the Enlightened One proficiency in it offer nothing but faster XP gain, no abilities or massive stats gains (even if the 10% in growth and +3 in base stat is non-negligible) and considering where Byleth start in terms of stats (6 base and 35% growth) unless you mass-feed them stat boosters or get stat blessed they're never gonna be hyper effective as Magic users. Where's the problem there? Byleth isn't a primary magic user, they are a physical unit first with both stats and proficiency focused on weaponry, and that's count for Enlightened One too, who have Swordfaire as it's main ability. It's only natural that their magic ability would take a back-seat, if not Byleth would just be another Robin or another Lorenz.
  8. I don't see how Byleth spell list suck. They have 4 spells in both Reason and Faith, despite only having a Budding Talent in the latter. In their Faith list they have the mandatory, Heal/Nosferatu/Recover and Aura. They're nothing bad about this spell list unless every unit who doesn't have Physic or Warp has a bad spell list, and considering that they likely won't be Bishop, equipped with a Healing Staff or have a sky-high Magic, Recover is more preferable than Physic. Sure Seraphim would be nice, but then their Faith list would be overloaded considering that they aren't a primary magic user, and they already have Bane of Monsters for the monster effectiveness. In their Reason list they have the Fire spells (Fire/Bolganone/Ragnarok) and Thunder. Heavy, low uses, high might spells wouldn't be that useful in Byleth kit since they likely wouldn't be able to nuke with it anyway. Light spells with high uses are more preferable for Byleth since they can mitigate the weight more easily than most mage and consistently double with it if they didn't get Speed screwed. A case could be made for Sagittae instead of Thunder, but since it's a C-rank spell and that Bolganone already fit that slot, it would mean learning one of them later and Byleth doesn't need to be slowed down even more. As for Agnea's Arrow apologists. Name Level Might Hit Crit Weight Range Uses Ragnarok B 15 80 5 9 1~2 3 Agnea's Arrow A 16 70 5 13 1~2 2 Ragnarok is even or better under every metric but for 1 point of Might. In my opinion Byleth spell list is perfectly fine and there is no need to change it, especially since they shouldn't use spells that much in the first place since Levin Sword exist, and they're the foremost user of it in the game.
  9. Here's my ideas for the whole Golden Deer class, i also added requirements, and made some minor corrections to some i already posted. Cyril also's here. Lorenz Raphael Ignatz Cyril Lysithea Marianne Hilda Leonie Byleth (Verdant Wind)
  10. Let's say she has Wrath, Brawling Avo+ 20 and Transmute. If she use Apotheosis, she'll be granted Crit +50 (even if she isn't below 50% HP), Avo +20 (even if she isn't brawling) during the battle, and afterwards all of her stats will increase by 3 (even if the enemy don't use magic). The only exceptions are instant death, status and movement effects, and abilities who grant the same effect like Wrath and Defiant Crit.
  11. Small correction over my last comment, Ferdinand would have Lunar Pierce instead of Solar Thrust. Dur Cost Might Hit Avoid Crit Range -5 +3 +15 1 Sylvain Gilbert Dorothea Manuela Anna
  12. Don't have much time to comment other's creations, so i'll just leave my prf class for the cavs. Sylvain Ferdinand Lorenz Leonie
  13. In the context it was made, they returned along with the other Saints, Rhea included. Silver Snow narrow Rhea's appearence more than Verdant Wind, but yes thematically they would suit better in SS. Well, it's Felix, he doesn't need magic, or a personnal class for that matter, but i think it's a nice touch since he is supposed to be a master of all. Challenge's range isn't supposed to be super long since in my mind the challenger would target Felix immediatly, but yes it would make more sense if it scaled on level instead. It is, but a lot of things in this game are and i didn't know which on to choose between both. It's supposed to work like magic weapons, if foe has an higher Prt it use the physical formula (and something i forgot to put, + 0.3 of her Magic), if it has higher Rsl it use the magical formula. It's well put together and make sense both gameplay and lore-wise. Well done; tho you didn't put growths. Here's some others. Catherine (not much different from yours really) Alois/Raphael/Dedue Caspar
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