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  1. Yes. Thani is calked on the Rapier and it's precedent incarnation (obviously) and both have a great number of uses. I might still lower it tho. I did though about putting White Tomefaire instead of White Magic Uses x2, but even with Thani at 13 uses it was not worth much and it would hamper her support ability more than anything. I could've put both but the Lord class are limited to 2 abilities, except Claude who has Canto, but if i wanted to go this way i would have put Terrain Resistance. Dawn Brigade it's mostly for the name and balance. Besides to Micaiah, a +2 in physical damage would be useless. What i meant is, lower the HP growth but put more HP at base like 23/35% for exemple. I didn't said it earlier but i would probably reduce her base speed aswell. True, it's just that i prefer to go with the current than against it, and i think that Renewal fit her way better than Vantage. Even with Renewal out, i would've put Desparation instead.
  2. Same remark i said before about Crest. E+ in non proficiencies. I would make Reason a budding talent and Sword a proficiency. I w trade HP growth for base, same for magic. I w raise defense growth a bit. I w put Blizzard at C. Move Cutting Gale to C+. Remove Thoron. Unit with one Rally learn it at D. Put Battalion Renewal at C, and remove Battalion Vantage. There was a Micaiah made earlier in the thread, here's my own spin to it.
  3. Felix: 9 This guy had nothing to envy to the Lords, he train relentlessly since he is a child and already have some real experience prior to joining the Academy. Pre-Timeskip he is already stronger than his father who is a powerhouse in it's own right, and his Relic cover is only weakness. He probably reached the peak for normal humans. Petra: 8.5 Pretty much the same as Felix but with different speciality. Her cultural difference would also be a great advantage in a fight, and she's known that she is a fast learner and very adaptative. Marianne: 7.5 The fact that she has a proficiency in two weapon types and a Crest to complete it imply that she can handle herself well in a melee fight, unlike most other mages. Her Faith spell list is also more offensive than most, and her ability to talk with animals could be helpful on a battlefield. Thales: 8.5 The guy know a lot without a doubt, and that's the most important for a mage. However, he was never presented as particularly strong. He was also taken out without fanfare and rather easily in Azure Moon.
  4. Personally i think only descandants of the Eight Legends would have a Crest (technically they shouldn't have Crests at all but whatever). Personal is RNG based, but i still think it's a bit too strong. Felix and Catherine who have a similar personal, have only a +5 bonus but said bonus is matched and surpassed by several battalions, when Crit+20 is only matched by Fraldarius Soldiers. Lowering it to at least +15 would be better. The fact that he had several E+ in non-proficiencies is kind-off weird. His offensive base stats are a too high. For some reason, the Blizzard-Fimbulvetr combo is very uniform. It's learned by the same characters at the same rank. It feels nice to see the trend break. Since he had a A Combat Art in Gauntlets, he should have a C+ aswell. I would've put Battalion Vantage over Battalion Desparation, but that's just a preference. Still, i think it's well done. Personally, i make my tables on Reddit. Here's Titania
  5. His personal is WAY WAY too strong, the three ability who compose it are locked behind S+ mastery. I remember Virion saying that Walhart was a minor lord before starting his conquest, so his starting class would probably be Noble. I can't picture Walhart not having a boon in Authority. While i understand the budding talent in Flying, i would probably put it in Lance since it's isn't already a talent. At least a Monster effective Combat Arts would be a reference to his disgust of the Grimeal. I'll swap Luna for Ragnarok since he proably wouldn't have anything in common with the Grimeal, and Ward for Seraphim as Walhart is all about crushing his opponent. It would also be a nice reference to Celica, since Walhart is so often compared to Alm and may even be their descandant. If Crest is a concern, i'll put a Crest of Duma.
  6. Here's Fates 2nd gen canonical royals. I may do the rest of the 2nd gen later on. FKana Shigure Shiro Kiragi MKana Siegbert Forrest Some post-timsekip prepromote because the game really need some. Flavia Echidna
  7. A rather small one, the names of the Lords exclusive Combat Art match the one of their respective route. Crimson Flower - Flickering Flower Azure Moon - Paraselene Verdant Wind - Wind God
  8. When the party return to Garreg Mach after the destruction of Shambala, however he only say so for himself, not Flayn. In terms of pure martial prowess, Dimitri is head and shoulders above the others three, not only his strength but also in terms of durability and even technique. However, he is also limited to melee infantry and has limited option for range. Edelgard really pale compared to Dimitri, she is slower, has less reach and is weaker; her armor do make her more durable, but Dimitri is already very durable to begin with. Claude is below the two in pure martial prowess, but he make up for it with the ability to wield a bow on the back of a wyvern, which make him unmatchable in terms of range. Seteth is a seasoned veteran, he has far more experience than any of three could every hope to approach and has virtually no weakness, on top of having a pure Crest and the ability to sleep out of injury (tho that's probably not useful in a straight fight).
  9. They are indeed forged with Wootz Steel. As for their overall strength, they are the only weapon who deal effective damage against dragon units in the entire game (which include every demonic beasts) and they aren't supposed to be legendary weapon since they are forgeable. Besides even the Regalia of Archanea aren't much stronger than forged Silver Weapons, specially since they are a tier apart.
  10. I didn't thought exactly how the support would go, but unlike with Ingrid, Felix would be rather neutral/supportive of Lucia. Unlike Ingrid, Lucia is a full grown woman who know that knighthood it's far from being as pretty as in fairytales. He would be specially supportive of her coping of Glenn death (and the fact that they're basically his second fiddles) and the fact that if even someone like him could die, who's to say that they aren't the nexts. He is Felix, so he won't be soft with his words but at least he'll make it clear that he support her.
  11. Lucina Cynthia Kjelle Brady Laurent Noire F!Morgan M!Morgan
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