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  1. Wilhelm would fit the role well, he is a present figure in the lore without being too central. It would be good insight of Fodlan before the advent of Seiros, how did he join her and why does she hold him so dearly.
  2. With how much worldbuilding there is in Three Houses, pretty much everyone could be a good protagonist, even absent character like Maya, Holst or Claude's mother. If we only talk about player characters i think Shamir would profit the most from the game worldbuilding since she isn't tied to anything and had a neutral standpoint about all the conflicts in Fodlan without being empty as a character. And i'm not saying that because she is my favorite character.
  3. Ignatius Brand Eisner 17 years old ++ Sword, Axe, Melee 164 cm Major Crest of Seiros (Unknown) -- Faith, Reason*, Authority 18th of the Great Tree Moon, Imperial Year 1193 Hobby: Training, learning new skills, collectioning weapons Status: First Year Student of the Officiers Academy Like: Fighting, cool weapons, firework, proving his mother wrong, his sisters Dislike: Doing nothing, authority, being weak, his mother (to a degree) The First Son of Byleth and Edelgard, Ignatius didn't knew until fairly late in his life about his parents military exploits. When he did learn about it, he decided to train in arms in order to follow their footsteps and make them proud. However his parents, specially Edelgard, were rather skeptical about his envy but let it slide early on. Nonetheless as time passed, his passion for fighting grew and so did his parents worry. Feeling that the situation was slipping out of hand, Edelgard tried to dissuade him from continuing, he didn't took it well, considered his mother action as a betrayal and decided to continue training until it became a second nature to him. As a last resort, Edelgard issued an ultimatum on him; he would be able to continue in his path if he managed to beat her in duel and should he lose, abandon his weapons and give up any dreams he has about joining the military. He sorely lost the duel and was forced to keep his part of the bargain, however he decided to runaway from home shortly after. Eventually, he was caught up by his father, who after a heartfelt discussion, tell him that he managed to convince Edelgard to send him in the Officers Academy of Garreg Mach instead of abandoning his dream, once here he ends up joining Felix's class. Lind Fjala Eisner 15 years old ++ Sword, Reason, Faith 158 cm Authority* Minor Crest of Flames (Unknown) -- Melee, Heavy Armor 4th of the Blue Sea Moon, Imperial Year 1195 Hobby: Gardening, Cooking, Sewing Status: First Year Student of the Officiers Academy Like: Flowers, Peace, Sweets, Seeing people smile, her family, Auntie Dorothea Dislike: Disputes, Needless violence, Ignatius stubborness, Uncle Hubert creepiness First Daughter of Byleth and Edelgard, Lind is a kind and gentle soul who like to assits people and free them of their burdens. In her parents absence she serve has a motherly figure to her younger siblings and is deeply loved for it. In recent times, Lind has been hearing the voice of a young girl, however she hide this to her entourage as to not worry them. When Ignatius run away from home, she realized that unlike him she lacked strength of her own and when the decision to send him in Garreg Mach was made, she insisted to be send in the Officiers Academy along to keep an eye on him. Tanya Orsich Varley 16 years old ++ Sword, Bow, Riding 154 cm Minor Crest of Indech -- Axe, Melee*, Heavy Armor 13th of the Red Wolf Moon, Imperial Year 1194 Hobby: Gardening, Sewing Status: First Year Student of the Officiers Academy Like: Knitting and embroidery, writing and illustrating novels, reading, drawing, music Dislike: Imposing figures, overbearing father, annoying siblings The first daughter of Bernadetta and Caspar, Tanya, just like her mother, is a very shy, withdrawn, and quiet girl. Even through she isn't as antisocial as her mother at the same age, she is still a loner at heart and can still be easily intimidated by imposing figures such as her father or grandparents. Annoyed by the overbearing presence of her numerous siblings, she decided to enroll in the Officiers Academy on her own after the birth of her last brother.
  4. Make characters who join have their lower ranked class mastered or at least with some exp in. A better spell list for units with Budding Talent in magic. For units with a Budding Talent in magic, heavy armor, cavalry and flying, either don't make it a weakness or make them start with a better rank. For Shamir replace Monster Blast with a Combat Art who reduce speed.
  5. Every last one of them. More seriously, Ladislava would be great if her backstory was extented upon.
  6. She probably gave a copy to Wilhelm I when she gave him his blood.
  7. He did, but she was the one who talked about high society taste beforehand and from the way she talk about it, she seems (at least to me) not to be part of it. Besides it's Gaius we're talking about, calling people by anything but their names is it's basically his job.
  8. Nobles: Chrom Lissa Frederick (he directly serve the royal family both as bodyguard and butler) Sully (is a knight by birthright) Maribelle Ricken Basilio (considering Ferox's culture likely commoner) Flavia Tiki (both Seteth and Flayn are nobles) Walhart Yen'fay Emmeryn Commoners: Robin (could go either way, as he may have been raised as a noble) Virion (is in pretty much the same position as Petra who is a commoner) Stahl Vaike Miriel Sumia Cordelia Kellam Donnel Lon'qu Panne Gaius Gregor Nowi Tharja Libra Anna Olivia Cherche Henry Say'ri (since Chon'sin is ruled by Walhart, she probably lost her title) Aversa Priam Gangrel (while he is a king at the beginning, he was born as a commoner and lost his title in the end)
  9. I preordered the EU Special Edition (even tho i prefer the NA version by far) i managed to get Fates's Special Edition at his launch and although i was mildy dissapointed by the artbook, i buyed it more out of practicality than anything, and in the end i consider myself satisfied with my purchase. Three Houses's Special Edition is more expansive despite not being superior in content compared to Fates's (although the price of the game itself is probably one of the reason) so i really hope that they won't be stingy with how much content they put into it, and make the spending worth it.
  10. Lord Favorite: Lyn Runner-up: Ephraim Least favorite: Corrin/Marth/Alm/Celica (she could have been so much more) Avatar Favorite: Robin Runner-up: Kris Least favorite: Corrin Villager/Trainee/Noble Favorite: Ewan Runner-up: Mozu/Morgan Least favorite: Gray/Faye Cavalier Favorite: Runner-up: Mathilda/Sully/Franz/Cecil/Seth/Camus/Titania (too much cavaliers to make a clear cut) Least favorite: Pieri Knight Favorite: Kjelle Runner-up: Gilliam Least favorite: Draug Myrmidon Favorite: Lucia Runner-up: Karla/Marisa Least favorite: Hana/Hisame Mercenary Favorite: Gerik Runner-up: Malice/Flavia Least favorite: Severa Fighter/Oni Savage Favorite: Charlotte Runner-up: Garcia Least favorite: Most of them Pirate/Bandit Favorite: Fargus Runner-up: Dozla Least favorite: Most of them Soldier/Spear Fighter Favorite: Oboro Runner-up: Nephenie Least favorite: Forsyth Archer Favorite: Noire Runner-up: Innes/Louise Least favorite: Takumi Nomad/Bow Knight Favorite: Sue Runner-up: Rath Least favorite: Astrid Mage/Diviner Favorite: ISHTAR Runner-up: Rhajat Least favorite: Izana Dark Mage/Shaman Favorite: Leon Runner-up: Knool Least Favorite: Ophelia Monk Favorite: Lucius Runner-up: Arthur Least favorite: Priest/Cleric Favorite: Natasha Runner-up: Silque Least favorite: Serra Troubadour Favorite: Forrest Runner-up: Ethlyn Least favorite: Maribelle/L'Arachel Thief (includes rogues, ninjas, butlers, and maids) Favorite: Fiora Runner-up: Kaze/Colm/Kagero Least Favorite: Niles Pegasus Knight Favorite: Yuugiri Runner-up: Hinoka/Catria (Echoes) Least favorite: Sumia/Cynthia Wyvern Rider Favorite: Camilla/Minerva Runner-up: Vaida Least favorite: None Manakete (also includes Xane) Favorite: Tiki/Kana Runner-up: Bantu Least favorite: Nowi Beast/Laguz (Royal) Favorite: Nailah Runner-up: Caineghis Least favorite: None Beast/Laguz (Non-Royal) Favorite: Velouria Runner-up: Panne Least favorite: Kyza Dancer Favorite: Tethys Runner-up: Lewyn Least favorite: Aqua/Phina
  11. (for some reasons, i believe that the old man with the whip sword is Edelgard's father) The Church will ask the Empire to hand down the Crests, but the Emperor will refuse. The Church sentance the Empire for this. After being pressured for a long time and knowing that the Church has no intention to lift the penalities any time soon, the Emperor declare war against the Church. Despite the Empire power, they loose ground. Now pressed in a corner, the emperor will try a all for nothing, Edelgard will want to take part of the battle, but he'll order her to take the Crests and flee. During the battle he will die, but the objective of the battle wasn't to win, but to gain enough time to allow Edelgard to get to safety (perhaps with Jeralt band) with the Crests. This will strengthen Edelgard resolve that the Crests are to blame, and she will go in a crusade against the Church, starting by asking the Alliance for help. Dmitri only living parent will be his mother. As a queen of the Holy Kingdom, she is a firm believer of the Church and will do anything to support it. She won't be very active most of the game, she will only blindly follow any command of the Church. Conflicted between his feelings and his responsability, Dmitri will work for the Church, but after an horror orchestred by his mother, he'll understand that the woman whom he loved and cherished is now gone, and decide to stand up against the Church. For her ending there is two possibility. After you finished the game, she will realise that her blind faith only bringed disaster, and will propose to step down of the throne, but Dmitri will refuse claming that he isn't ready for this responsability yet. or Near the end of the game, when you kill her, she will share a last moment with Dmitri, tell him how much the death of her husband affected her, how she regret to not have been here for him ... She will then give him their family Crest before entering the Final. As a "neutral" nation, the Leicester Alliance can turn the tides of the war for one side or the other. Due to this, both side try to gain his support, but Claude's father refuse to help either sides, knowing that if one side turn on him, the other will likely win the war. Knowing that he won't help them, the Church will try to assassinate him and frame the Empire of comitting the crime to gain the support of the Alliance. You will somehow get wind of this, and you will rush at his side to avoid the murder, but it will already be too late. After the murder, his wife will take command of the Alliance despite some of the others rulers being against it. She decide to stay neutral despite the assassination. Knowing that after the war, they will be ennemy of the winning side and fear that their military power won't be enough to fight against it, some of the rulers will allies themselves with the Church and try to take over, but Claude's mother still has a good amount of support and it blow out into a civil war. It is at this moment that Claude start to grow as a leader, and after the civil war, he'll take command of the Alliance. Some of the rulling head manage to join the Holy Kingdom with their Crests. At the end of the game, Claude will officially became the leader of the Alliance. (This was way longer than i though.)
  12. The real question is which role other than marchand, other Anna(s) would fill. Having one as economy teacher would definitely be great, but what i really want to see is an Anna being part of Geralt's mercenary band and acting as a sister figure with Byleth. It would be a nice change to have Anna as an already existing figure, specially close to the protagonist, compared to most games where Annas came out of nowhere.
  13. Dungeon Crawling is bound to happen in way. At first i liked it in Echoes, but in the end it was more grinding ground than anything. In Three Houses, i really hope that Dungeons would be more like side quest or really limited map (conquest-like), rather than falsy limited grinding ground. Would not be against an Open World in the future, but i don't think IntSys is ready for that in Fire Emblem.
  14. I think that the box art while bad, isn't horrible. Everything else is great, the steelbook, the package, and that's what make it is so wrong. Why would they use a prototype product like that, when they have such good art at arm reach ? Hell even the CD design is better. Hope they really change the EU package tho, having the same art over and over again (again) is really lazy when they have great art right there. Both music are magnificent, but i feel like there is something missing, probably a bit of impact, very eager to hear the full version.
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