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  1. The Naofumi sheet make me want to do others about my favorite LN. So, there it is. Shalltear from Overlord OC
  2. Heroes of Flames: All the lords and their n°2, for the lords and Byleth. Advent of the Saints: Byleth/Edelgard=Seiros, Seteth/Ferdinand=Cichol, Flayn/Linhardt=Cethleann, Bernadetta=Indech, Constance=Macuil and Noa, Yuri=Aubin, Balthus=Chevalier, Hapi=Timotheos. Return of the Elites: Byleth=Nemesis. Everyone get their respective ancestors. Oh wait, the Elites are just generic bosses. Nevermind then. Legendary Heroes (based on archetypes): Rudolf and Hardin for Edelgard, Ogma for Byleth, Navarre for Felix, Gotoh for Seteth...
  3. Here's my fifth (and probably last since i won't do Azure Moon) wave of character that should have been in the game. This time with Silver Snow. Rhea Indech Macuil Cichol Cethleann
  4. We don't know if she is or not, Noa being a Saint was only mentionned in the throwaway flavor text of a fruit and the others Apostles were only mentionned in DLC. It's very possible that the Church have others Saints we simply don't know about. Besides, legends about the Saints could easily have been warped, lost or ignored (Bernadetta barely knew a thing about Indech despite bearing his Crest) and i don't see why would she be cast out of the Church legends for being a human. Also we know that Cichol and his family lived in Enbarr before meeting Seiros, so if she really died in the Battle of Tailtean that mean she lived at least from -41 to 91 that's 132 years, and while it's possible she could've received blood from a Nabatean, it seems unlikely Cichol would do so if not needed. If we consider the start of the War of Heroes for her transfussion, - 41 to 32, it's still 73 years old were she would have aged and become unsuitable for the frontline. And the most important argument who imply that Flayn's mother was a Nabatean, is the fact that Flayn is from a different subspecies that her father, with said subspecies not seeming connected in any way.
  5. Here's my fourth wave of Characters that should have been in the game, this time with White Clouds Recruits. Jeralt Gatekeeper Sothis
  6. Didn't expected to see Shield Hero here, it make me remember to pick up the LN. His personal fit him perfectly it's way too strong, additionaly the icon should be this. I would've put a proficiency in Heavy Armor even if it doesn't really suit him, at least just for the principe of being a tank. Also you put Recover twice. Other than that it's really well done. Here's my third wave of Characters that should have been in the game, this time with Crimson Flower Recruits. Next one wil be OCs (pretty much done), afterwards probably the Nabateans (Rhea, Indech and Macuil). Fleche Randolph Ladislava
  7. According to Hanneman, Seteth is actually the sole known bearer ever of a Major Crest of Cichol. As for the topic at hand, there's too little to make a solid theory but the fact that he meet her in Enbarr doesn't mean much, after all he went in Enbarr aswell and there's no reason another Nabatean wouldn't went before him, specially since we know they weren't all created in the same time. Additionally, the way Cethleann talk about her in her A support with Cichol, imply that her mother was different from others aswell. As for what you quoted, i don't understand how it really stand out, living one life fully is a rather normal life philosophy and it's even more important since they were participating in a war were good moments must have been sparse, especially for Nabateans since they would carry regrets for milleniums.
  8. N°2 of characters whp should have been in the game, here's Verdant Wind recruits with Judith, Holst and Nader. Their character profiles are mostly empty, but their units's are finished. Next one would probably be Crimson Flower recruits (Fleche, Randolph, Ladislava) or some OCs. Judith Holst Nader
  9. Edelgard put him under house arrest as soon as she ascent the throne.
  10. I'm not really interested in the guy, and he don't have much opportunity to appear, much less fight. Currently i'm doing Fleche, Holst will likely come out after.
  11. Recently i decided to continue something that have been on hold for some time: Characters that should have been in the game, N°1: Caspar father and brother. Edgar von Bergliez Nolan von Bergliez
  12. Tactician Grandmaster Dark Falcon Valkyrie Weapon Master General Lancer Halberdier Trueblade (Can use Astra if learned), Sentinel (Can use Impale if learned), Berserker, Marksman (Can use Hunter's Volley if learned), Guru (Black Magic), Enchanter (Dark Magic), Exemplar (White Magic) Requirements: S in X. Level 30. Proficiencies: X +4. Xfaire Might +5 when X is equipped. X Critical +10 (Physical) Crit +10 when X is used. X Magic Uses x2 (Magical) Doubles the number of uses for X magic. X Prowess LV 0 X Prowess Bonus are doubled. Mastery Ability: X Weight X Weight are halved. Mastery Ability: Defiant Dex (Marksman) Grants Dex +12 when HP is ≤ 25%.
  13. Here's the beginning of a recollection of Crests accross the series i'd like to make. So here's Ashera Three Heroes, for Tellius, only Stefan, Kurthnaga and Sanaki are left. Soan Dheginsea Altina Lehran
  14. Yes. Thani is calked on the Rapier and it's precedent incarnation (obviously) and both have a great number of uses. I might still lower it tho. I did though about putting White Tomefaire instead of White Magic Uses x2, but even with Thani at 13 uses it was not worth much and it would hamper her support ability more than anything. I could've put both but the Lord class are limited to 2 abilities, except Claude who has Canto, but if i wanted to go this way i would have put Terrain Resistance. Dawn Brigade it's mostly for the name and balance. Besides to Micaiah, a +2 in physical damage would be useless. What i meant is, lower the HP growth but put more HP at base like 23/35% for exemple. I didn't said it earlier but i would probably reduce her base speed aswell. True, it's just that i prefer to go with the current than against it, and i think that Renewal fit her way better than Vantage. Even with Renewal out, i would've put Desparation instead.
  15. Same remark i said before about Crest. E+ in non proficiencies. I would make Reason a budding talent and Sword a proficiency. I w trade HP growth for base, same for magic. I w raise defense growth a bit. I w put Blizzard at C. Move Cutting Gale to C+. Remove Thoron. Unit with one Rally learn it at D. Put Battalion Renewal at C, and remove Battalion Vantage. There was a Micaiah made earlier in the thread, here's my own spin to it.
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