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  1. Banned because I wasn't even born then.
  2. Banned for being hypocritical about emotes. >:|
  3. You mean the Kinshi Knights? Because Kinshi Knights wield Lances and Bows in Fates and almost anyone can be a Kinshi Knight.
  4. Protective older siblings are cool. I'll be one. WYR let males be able to access pegasus knight classes outside of Fates or let females access most male-only classes.
  5. Banned for getting any ideas. o_O
  6. Too smart for my own good. WYR be mistaken for a pineapple or lobster?
  7. Banned because we normal users can't hold ban hammers.
  8. Banned for going onto your computer after having an asthma attack at 3am.
  9. Okay, I saw the image... Guess that means I will be Rey
  10. Banned because I currently can't go to Mt Everest even if I tried.
  11. Damnit, can't see that image because I'm at school! >:|
  12. Banned because that is pretty ridiculous.
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