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  1. Shadows of Valentina is the best game I've ever played! Nothing will ever beat that!!!
  2. Banned because I had some Australian food just then.
  3. Banned for not having a fluffy tortoiseshell cat who loves to go into your room and purr at the top of her lungs.
  4. Banned for assuming that I like alcohol when I simply told lies about other people wanting to drown their sorrows in it.
  5. I myself don't like alcohol at all. You would do well to remember the thread in which you are posting this in. As for what you would NEVER say... "Yes, I KNOW that WeAreNewcastle1053 is just saying an example of what the person above them would never say. Their post is irrelevant to them"
  6. Didn't tell a half-truth about me. I can translate binary myself, but it takes way too frickin long.
  7. I just LOVE how Wraith accuses me of heresy! Such is my favourite kink.
  8. Banned because Hoshido isn't losing under MY watch!
  9. She calls you out on your heresy and slaps the shit out of you, leaving you dazed on the floor. I kill Dimitri and take his SOUL and torture it for my entertainment.
  10. Banned for banning for a good reason. Conquest sucks ass.
  11. Lives in a city that is not full of crime and traffic jams.
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