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  1. I'm finally coming up with some good growth curves. I managed to work out the linear growth rate for the average... now I just gotta work out the attributes of the two parabolic curves for fast and slow growth rates. Also considering that RPG Maker XP's code rounds down decimals (resulting in a loss of number information, which leads to faulty stats), I multiplied the stats by the number of level changes and ONLY divided them back to their normal values at the end: I will update this post when I find the other formulae.
  2. Thing is if you make a single mistake you're dead in one hit.
  3. Three houses? Why would I want to live in three houses?
  4. Actually the ghost of... [insert Fire Emblem character that went clinically insane here].
  5. Banned for taking H2O out of context.
  6. *flies away on a plane* *bombs down lightning that corrupts the next user's code*
  7. Don't get me started about the Guardians in Breath of the Wild...
  8. By RNG-screwed, I don't mean stats, I mean in hit and dodge rates. Sure, I tried practising using her as a Player-Phase attacker in a skirmish, but she did end up being targeted by enemies in the Enemy Phase because I didn't have enough units that were close enough to get in the enemy's way (and even when I did, one of them had a Hand Axe). Thank God they missed, but how am I meant to completely stop her from being targeted? She's a great magekiller, but I have to make sure that there are no physical attackers who are capable of attacking her. It's not just about how difficult it is to protect Azura, but about the resources needed to protect her.
  9. *dodges and slips into a tiny hole* *More glitchy Rajintos!*
  10. Y'all are banned because I accidently summoned lightning and started a forest fire!
  11. You're right, I can protect Azura, but that depends on a few things. If I misjudge the fact that some Lancer can still attack Azura, Boom! Gone! If I put Ryoma in front and he gets incredibly RNG-screwed, then Azura is left in the open. This is mostly about my Birthright save, where I don't seem to have many defensive units. But she's more than happy in my Revelations save where she has a Xander and a FrostFire who are indestructible to protet her. Why do I care about HP and Defence? Because 1. I seem to be prone to being RNG-screwed 2. Regardless of this, I at least want Azura to be able to take a few hits... even if I don't protect her properly, I don't want her to be one-shotted at the first opportunity by a stray Lancer... Still don't see why marriage has to be the only option to make Azura not fragile...
  12. Banned for being one of three witches!
  13. Didn't I already say in my last post that I screwed up and married her to Jackob? Also, I'd give up the ability to dance because if Azura can't last for real long, then she can't dance for anyone anymore (also taking Classic Mode into account).
  14. Banned because almost no one on the Internet is innocent. We are ALL GUILTY of having something to do with adult content.
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