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  1. Banned for also having zero images in your sig.
  2. Cat. My cats already clean themselves up, but my dog is FILTHY. WYR be able to lick yourself clean like a cat or be able to have a super-fast shower?
  3. I freed all four Divine Beasts and recalled most of the memories in Breath of the Wild... So glad that there is an easy way of dealing with Guardians... Just reflect their blasts back at them! You don't even need to spend your materials on Divine Arrows for that!
  4. cough Breath of the Wild cough It's not a strategy game like Fire Emblem, and if you don't get your timing right, things CAN go VERY wrong.
  5. Banned because I can BE the devil! HISSS GROWLYARRRLSNARRL *very scary devil noises*
  6. Chicken droppings. Way easier to clean up. WYR help GenocIke and Ryoma kill all the Nohrian scum or refuse and become their victim?
  7. You're probably better off getting the Wyvern for Hilda unless you're going New Game +
  8. Oh yeah. *facepalm* Still think a heavy armour Hilda does great, though. She is strong against mages AND physical attackers.
  9. Because Hilda, being a girl, can't get the War Master class, so I looked for an alternative Master class - Great Knight happened to be the best one I could think of. Fodlan Winds is the new Road Taken.
  10. New sweets! I could make them healthy, even (but still taste good). WYR play Legend of Zelda FE style or play Fire Emblem in LoZ style?
  11. Also Hilda: *gets promoted to Fortress Knight and Great Knight*
  12. Banned because whaaaaat!? HISSSSSSS *slash* *scratch* *slash* *CHOMP*
  13. I've made SIGNIFICANT progress on Breath of the Wild. I freed Vah Medoh from Ganon's grasp and made it to the Akkla Acient Tech Lab. I even upgraded my armour so that not every enemy can simply one-shot me.
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