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  1. Oh man, someone's gotta pay you to make these! You do this for free? Man they look fantastic!
  2. Cool to find this place where people work on fan projects like these! Going to be testing it out
  3. That is Right! I do music for clients with varying sizes. Also in addition I sell royalty free music on sites like Unity or Unreal Engine. Looking forward to see the community in here Thank you for the interest! I do have experience working with all sorts of clients and if you have a project on your mind, I would be more than interested to work together. For big projects I charge depending on scale, but just recently behind all big composing gigs I recently released this storefront in Fiverr where you can actually order music quite affordably. This is very good deal especially for projects with limited bidget, but still want to have handcrafted music made just for them. Comission Page ALSO, in case people are interested (can't post any threads yet) here is Fire Emblem Remastered track!
  4. Oh you are right, for now! Just today I am going to upload my very first Fire Emblem Remastered song! Going to share it to this forum if possible Thank you Ycine! Looking forward to meet and discuss with people.
  5. Good day people! Just happened to find this quite fascinating place. Let me introduce myself. I'm eluukkanen and I am a composer, and over the years music has became my passion. I make music for games and other media as a profession. As a hobby I remaster music from these lovely franchises like Fire Emblem and others. I joined to see this forum to participate and perhaps share these musical interpretations with you. My YouTube in case you Are interested and my website: https://www.eluukkanen.com Great to be part of this
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