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  1. I have a game i am making, but before i do make this game i was wondering if im allowed to ask for help here about unity and fire emblem
  2. Jzon Poor

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    Hello, Everyone I like to introduce myself, I am Jzon, also known as Arselyn. I made a profile before, but idk what happen to it, it was banned for some reason, i even requested a ticked to figure out what happened but none of them answered so i made a new profile because i am desperate for help. I want to make 2 different gameplay style, both of course being hard to find the example for, i wanted to look at both of the games codes and find out how they make stuff such as Class Leveling System Growth Stats Weapon Triangle Taking Turns My plan is to make a game from those 2 ideas and move them forward to my new game called Toram. So far i have a set of codes for stats but idk if this is the right path
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