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  1. Hello friend, As somebody with over 7 years of TTRPG experience (both running and playing), none of this makes any god damn sense.
  2. Glad you both liked it! There isn't actually a sequel, that was just one of the many jokes. Sorry 😐
  3. Updoot: Ch9 bug where you can’t visit the village even if the sideboss is defeated fixed A few minor dialogue fixes Buffed characters: Dominic Josh Steve Greg Talor Nerfed characters: Jagger Bianca Jenna and of course, Eric With the exception of Dominic, most tweaks were minor (tweaking growths by 5-10% and/or bases by 1-2).
  4. Updoot! A lot of the playable characters have received buffs to their growth rates and there were a few significant issues that have been resolved. Also added a link to Mangs' LP as well as FEU's (that just started) in the OP. Unless a game breaking bug occurs this will likely be the final update (Although I'm always open to feedback and criticism).
  5. Download the (FE8) patch here: The Heroes We Deserve Join Chester and his pals as they go on a quest to take down the 'Bad Guys'! This hack includes: -15 chapters with a rotating cast of 'heroes' -The Skills System -Daggers (independent of the weapon triangle) -1.5x exp -Custom art (everything from portraits to item icons) -A comical, non-serious tone -Practically zero character development -...and more! Actual screenshots coming soon™
  6. Looking forward to giving this a shot! I haven't played FE4 so it'll be exciting!
  7. With the transition to FEXNA you get released from the shackles of the garbo GBA music limitations in favor of the infinitely superior .ogg format. Is the music going to be changed accordingly?
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