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  1. I played through the game this past summer for the first time and one thing I walked away with was the feeling that the stat caps, especially on certain classes, seemed a bit too low. I know exactly why, this game is probably the longest in the series so you get more levels to compensate, and you typically don't get an extra 20 levels to grow in these games, but it seemed like my characters capped too easily and quickly. I never gave Titania a single stat booster yet by maybe the middle of Part 4 at the absolute latest she was getting empty levels due to there being no more stats she had a good growth in that wasn't already capped. My Nephenee had a similar problem, but I admit I gave her a few stat boosters and a strength, skill and speed transfer. This all wouldn't be that bad if the caps weren't so low on classes like Silver/Gold Knight and Archsage, where it seems like at peak performance they will still only match the enemies in the higher levels in the tower, Archsages especially have it bad due to there being so many enemies and bosses in the tower with high resistance, which in general also seems strangely high in this game specifically. Enemies get so fast that mages and paladins can't double in many instances, and so bulky that they might need at least 3 hits to kill. It just really seems like enemy stats are inflated to quite a high degree for this game. This is a small thing that doesn't really matter much, but it's also just kind of weird when you haven't even reached Endgame yet but your units aren't really getting much better anymore, just doesn't feel good. In a typical game, it feels really nice when you get a really meaty level right at the end of the penultimate chapter, but that doesn't really happen in RD.
  2. FE11 is a better play experience than FE1, but if you do want to play that than use speed up, enemy phase will be much better then. FE15 over FE2 any day, I honestly don't see any point to playing FE2 but again, speed up if you do. I'd say FE12 over FE3, I think the new gaiden chapters as well as the increased cast size make it the better game but FE3 is still very fun today. FE4 and FE5 have both aged very well imo, FE4 may be a little slow so speed up may be something you want to do, but it's in no way required to enjoy the game. Anything from FE6 onward is still extremely solid. Just make sure to play FE9 before 10, as 10 is a direct sequel.
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