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  1. Howdy. I've just caught up completely after reading through this whole topic (you've seen my name in the recently browsing section plenty over the last month or two no doubt). Just wanted to show my respect for this rather massive undertaking and will be keeping up regularly from here on out.
  2. I just want to point out that you're comparing three different roles one by one here, instead of seeing that Ninian does all these things at once for you whilst only taking up a single character slot. Since your main team is so heavily physically lopsided, isn't Ninian perfect for you? Blue dancer that hits res, warps, and has a high res stat. Yes, Azura is both blue and high res, and does have better all-around combat, but if you're using the version of your team without Robin, Ninian can do something that you're lacking in. I'm not exactly trying to change your mind here, but I just want you to know how good an option Ninian is to have for your team, and may allow you to be more successful with a Ryoma/Ike/Frederick party and beyond that, in crafting more versatile B-teams. More options is always a good thing, I feel! No worries if you really don't want to use her though. EDIT: on topic, I managed to get what I was looking for out of the mage banner (Sanaki) after four full pulls! She's +Res/-Spd, which I'll settle for. Really happy to finally get her! Now back to saving for Celica.
  3. The theme's been available since April started
  4. That's the spirit! I hope both of them put in good work for you.
  5. Not trying to change your mind, but Klein's power is in taking things out while receiving no damage thanks to his brave bow added with death blow. If the issue is mages, Klein will take zero damage provided you attack them first, whereas if Jeorge doesn't get the OHKO, he'll be taking damage on the counterattack.
  6. I got Y!Tiki in my second ever pull (alongside Linde at that!). At the time I didn't realise just how lucky I'd gotten but in exchange for getting them so fast they were both +res/-spd... Still, I was ecstatic to have her for pretty much my whole Heroes experience. Beyond that, I got Est on my first pull, Tsubaki on my third, a (sadly -spd 4*) Marth, and two Julias. I'd really love to have a Hinata, Nino, Fae, and most of all Ninian. Of course there are also some characters I've grown more fond of due to using them like Reinhardt, Klein and Ephraim.
  7. really hoping they go for the "what if" manakete roy
  8. Oddly, one of the Team Tsubaki randos that I was fighting alongside was something similar. is this some kind of high-effort meme
  9. Frederick and Ephraim have the same speed at 5* Lv40. All I can think of is that the ones you've fought previously were either lower level or given a Brave Lance, possibly in conjunction with your Frederick's Spd being boosted by Palla.
  10. Thanks for this, just preordered. Price was a lot more reasonable than I expected!
  11. I chose Deen on my FE2 playthrough so I'll go Sonya in FE15
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