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    Hiya and welcome to the forest.
  2. I really need to unlock Lyon. He sounds really good from what Raven said.
  3. I think Ephraim storyline is more interesting.
  4. Yeah it is very difficult to get. Everytime I went to the stores, it was always out of stock =/
  5. Judge Judy

    Love me

    Hiya and welcome to the forest! *hugs* ^__^
  6. My favorite fictional character is Light Yagamie, Limstella and Jaffar.
  7. Well Psychologist's are given guidelines to follow to ensure the study or experiment they are carrying out is ethical. Milgram broke these of the following guidelines. I will go through them briefly (too much detail to go into): Informed consent: participants were not told that they could withdraw from the experiment. Deception: the participants were deceived about the true purpose of the experiment. They were made to believe they were administering real electric shocks to a naive subject. (Though this could be debated) Protection from psychological harm: the participants were severely distressed after the experiment had finished. From what I learnt, they were in terrible shock since they believed they actually killed someone. There are some other studies where psychologist broke far too many ethical guidelines that the participants ended up mentally disturbed. (Though it is very rare)
  8. All Milgram study tried to prove that whether people would commit horrific acts under influence of authority. His study cannot be generalised in this time, since society values changes over time. I do wonder what the outcome would be if the experiment was conducted again. I highly doubt it since it was very unethical.
  9. Yes its all over the internet. Wikipedia should provide good information but its very basic and most articles do not go into much detail. You need to study Psychology and understand all the basic concepts for it to be applied to experiment and gain a indept understanding. What I written there is just a summary. Its a study conducted by Milgram.
  10. Though it would be difficult to back those words up because hundred of soldiers did as they were told.
  11. We are talking about the government or a big authority figure giving orders to take someone elses life. For example, WW2 soldiers were ordered to kill the Jewish people by the government. In that context, would you ever consider taking someone elses life?
  12. In Psychology, we learnt of an experiment conducted by Milgram. This study was controlled observation investigating the nature of obedience to authority. The background to the study was an interest in events that occurred in Nazi Germany. Soldiers obediently killed millions of people on orders of their superiors. Milgram wanted to show human tendency to obey orders could extend to where personal morals and beliefs would be overridden. He conducted a study where male participants were ordered to administer electric shocks to a level strong enough to kill. Though the electric shocks were fake. The participants were NOT aware of this. He concluded in certain conditions, the average person could become a killer in the name of obedience. So would you obey authority to a certain extent to take someone else’s life?
  13. I tried smoking because I was extremely bored :/ Never going to go near those things again.
  14. lol That must be annoying. I hated it when I was at school and all the kids did was complain.
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