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  2. Fanservice is at its best when you don't notice that it exists. Knowledge of its existence hurts immersion by definition.
  3. Congratulations! You are a real boy now.
  4. I never did figure out what my ultimate talent was... Well, I had fun. Decent playerlist, had good reads, and well I like winning. Feels bad for mafia because from my understanding, most of them were busy.
  5. I'm with you on Weiner, just more wary of him I guess because I respect his scumgame. I guess my problem is that I'm townreading Ichigo/Marth/Duskfall, so the next place I personally would look would be like...Fleet? Not sure. It feels like he's always there but not really influencing the game, but that's kind of hard to do as a newbie so...Alongside Roxas, I'd really expect him to be getting a lot more flak as town. I think all signs really just point to scum playing a lazy game because there are people who should be getting pushed her as town but they're not and it is very bizarre and confusing to me.
  6. Shinori is probably scum regardless of Mitsuru's flip (honestly, I did backread the last game and found her reaction to being voted was exactly the same as this game, so I wouldn't be surprised if she flipped town but it's like...I'm not going to move off of someone who isn't defending herself and not even claiming @Athena_57 LMK if you agree/disagree because you were actually alive during that game while I just backread Artic Mafia D2), so I don't hate that lynch. While I have you here Athena, who would you case if Mitsuru flipped town (besides Shinori, because I get that one)? Probably the only line of inquiry I'm really interested in pursuing because if she flips scum, easy game easy life and if she flips town we have to worry about things. I guess I'm just paranoid because it feels like there's been no resistance to the lynch (again!) but not really much I can do about it if the two primary suspects aren't even posting very much.
  7. Here but I'll be gone soon.
  8. Understandable TBH. Yesterday, it was like "man, this Fenrir case is fire why has noone noticed this" and then everyone sheeped it. Today, I'm the one sheeping and haven't really gotten to do much of anything. Although I do want to be right anyways because I'm a Spike.
  9. I'll be here for deadline too.
  10. Oh right, I'm in this game. This is your first mafia game, right? Why are you scumreading Claire? Why that? I'm open to being wrong. Agreed. Scum bussing Fenrir out of the gate seems like the least likely to me. Fen's role is probably the least valuable scum role but it doesn't actually benefit them. I think the second option is more likely.
  11. ##Unvote ##Vote: @Mitsuru Kirijo Might move to Weinerboy later if needed. Would need convincing to vote Duskfall.
  12. Okay, I should elaborate. I get your issue with Duskfall/Claire/Weiner, but what's your issue with Duskfall specifically?
  13. Only replying to points I disagree with or have something interesting to say to save both of our time. Fair enough on Claire/Weiner. I don't really have a townread on either, so I can get where you're coming from, but what changed your mind on Claire's indignation being town? Why do you think she's scummier than Weiner, because I'm not seeing the reasoning here. Can you explain why you don't think scum bussed? If your reasoning is good enough, we've kind of broken the day LMAO. I agree that scum bussing would be in the later votes, but I'm mostly just bothered by Shinori/Fleet individually and can see why they'd vote Fenrir as scum. Well, bothered is probably putting it too strongly but they feel like they've been active lurking and I really don't get what either of them is doing. Read what I said earlier about voting Fleet though. I have a gut townread on Darth Roxas, so...agreed. I think my only real issue is it feels like he's getting ignored (would be a very easy vote for scum to make), which I don't get but I also don't really want to hold it against him. Well, I'm being dumb and you're town. I kind of want more elaboration because I can see where you're coming from WRT Duskfall/Claire/Weiner. What's your issue with Duskfall? Hmmm...Too lazy to reread, but my main issues with Soup is that it feels like he's making cases and such without really impacting the gamestate? I guess that's why I'm fine with Duskfall despite some questionable plays. It felt like he was doing the opposite to me. Am I being wrong here?
  14. I saw Marth lurking earlier today, so he's definitely been on.
  15. There could potentially be a third party in this game. I wouldn't work off of that assumption just because it's harder to catch a 3rd party, so just go after people you think are scummy on their own merits if the flips didn't give you any new scumreads.
  16. That's fair. For the record, there is at least 1 Town Vanilla in the game!! According to the OP anyways, its existence remains to be seen. =)
  17. Why didn't you claim roleblocked in your first post BTW? @Shinori Why was I 100% town at the time? I was hardcore slacking off after the first 24 hours and actually forgot to post by deadline.
  18. I guess my issue with voting Fire Fleet is that he's who I'd vote as scum in this position (assuming he's town).
  19. Nuxl dying is pretty depressing because he was the one doing most of the talking. I don't hate the Shinori wagon. Fire Fleet isn't a bad vote but feels kind of boring after a scum lynch to me. @DarthR0xas Where's your head at currently? I don't remember having any major issues with you but it feels like you've kind of slipped under everyones' radar and would like to improve my read on you. @Duskfall98 Thoughts on Supa/Mitsuru? Asking because you said you thought there was scum on your wagon, and I know Fen flipped scum but like...am wondering how likely scum counterwagoning you would be FYPOV. I don't really have any issues with either of them individually so it's like...I kind of want to buy the narrative that scum just let Fenrir sink and bussed him, but wanted to know where your head was at. Everyone else that I haven't mentioned or voted is cool in my books. ##Vote: @Magnificence Incarnate
  20. BTW if I die and Fenrir flips scum, look at Marth next. Actually look at him next anyways, this level of activity is uncanny from Town!Marth.
  21. No problem, bro! I'll be here to mildly inconvenience you all week. I feel like thread kind of died because it settled into a Fenrir lynch and the person in question isn't really posting much. I don't know his meta at all so uh...not sure what to make of that. And people like Marth/Claire/hal/Ichigo/Shinori haven't really been posting much lately (Claire is understandable because yeah) so that's like 1/3 of the game.
  22. I can get the first two, but why do you think there's a scum not voting?
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