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  1. what if Gundam actually got into FE? nah, i'm not talking about SRW, i mean like this:
  2. i liked Echoes forging system the most, simply because that way you can: - upgrade base weapons to higher tiers without having to buy new ones; - unlock unique weapons with special effects; - a part of the weapons you can obtain through forge can also be found in game either by enemy drop or vendors; - since you're basicly just "evolving" weapons to higher tiers or special ones, the overall stats balance between each type will be mantained, therefore reducing the risk to break the game by stacking only specific stats on your weapons. on a side note: Genealogy's repair function is still a good feature even to this day, and should be present in future titles as well due to its utility(unless they'll remove weapon uses again like they did in Echoes).
  3. Ever thought about how a game such as FFVII would actually look like if it played like a FE GBA game? well, i have, and in mind it would look something like this: now you might be wondering: are those just clever edits, or is it actually a project in the works? and the answer is: it's just edits, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it could be an interesting project to work on though. in any case, the main sprites were taken from the Spriters Resource website, credits for the battle ones go to SpriterTrooper and Lord Zymeth. everything else was made by playing around in Photoshop with other images found on the internet.
  4. some stuff i've edited recently for a misterious project, mainly FE GBA backgrounds:
  5. it depends. in my opinion, if we're talking about the overall utility of javelins and other similar weapons, you need to consider the class that uses them, and the situation you're facing. there's always multiple ways to approach combat based on the enemy unit type, quantity, terrain type and player preferences. going by examples: there's people who prefer to use throwing weapons as their main source of damage just to have the advantage over other melees. then there's those who use ranged weapons mostly as a counter for mages/archers/whatever during enemy phase. then again, there's others who prefer to move around with ranged weapons just to be able to reach anything in their range. now, all of those tactics work fine in theory, however there's always other mechanics to consider as well, such as weapon usage, class accessibility to ranged weapons, and rank. if you're playing a game like Echoes, weapon usage is pretty much not an issue. if you're playing other more "traditional" titles, that's already a different story because uses are tied to money, and not every title has the exact same ways for farming gold. some are more risky than others depending on the game, so that requires planning from the player since he'll have to decide if they're actually worth "spamming" or not. a weak unit will probably benefit more by doing ranged chip damage, rather than getting close and risking to get killed. otherwise, it would probably be better to get close and kill an enemy unit in one or two hits with a stronger melee weapon instead. this is yet again another factor to consider: some people prefer basic ranged weapons over bronze/iron/whatever low grade weapons due to similar stats, and they can always get close to use a stronger weapon in order to kill an enemy. others prefer to run around with both low/high grade melee weapons in their inventory in order to deal with common and stronger enemies while saving uses(and money), and keep ranged weapons just for situations previously mentioned above. in any case, long story short: it's situational.
  6. depending on how many posts you have currently made, there might still be some restrictions applied. not sure though, perhaps a mod could probably look into it and tell you more.
  7. as a concept, it could have been fine depending on the situation, for example if there were groups of enemy bishops/mages with silence staffs debuffing from afar like in Genealogy. in that case, knifes could have become a backup weapon based on their utility, but even then they should have probably worked around the basic stats of knifes, since the damage was awful even for thiefs compared to other sword users. there were some swords, lances and axes with damage output based on MGC rather than STR, so they could have done the same for knifes too in order to make promotion choices a bit more relevant. giving them additional debuffs like poison, or other effects such as the HP leech of Nosferatu tomes, could have been a good option as well. as things were in PoR, going for knifes upon promotion wasn't exactly an optimal choice, more like a handicap rather than anything actually useful, especially because they didn't have any kind of bonus against other creatures, unlike magic tomes with damage boost against laguz/dragon/flying units.
  8. as long as there's not too much shaking, because otherwise there's good chances to mess up and ruin an iconic title. for example, BluePoint Studio did a very good job with Demon's Souls. on the other hand, Square's FF7R is overall okeish in terms of gameplay, while the story ended up giving mixed feelings to the fans. plus, those who followed FF7's compilation through the years should already be aware that FF7R isn't actually a remake in the true sense of the word, but rather a sort of sequel. in any case, if an old title gets entirely reworked gameplay and different story development compared to the original, for me that's not a remake, but rather a reimagination. wich is not a bad thing by any means( at least, not always ), but at the same time is not in the same category of a remake/remaster, and obviously shouldn't be compared as such. in my opinion, a good remake is one that does not alienate its own fanbase, but rather it keeps and eventually expands the original story elements in a respectful way, while also enhancing the visuals and gameplay of the old version if there's a chance to do so.
  9. i can say that PoR is probably one of the best FE titles in terms of story, since there's much lore to be discovered while playing through the game. plus, the characters have their own very distinct personalities with a good variety of attitudes( whoever came up with Soren and Shinon needs a hand shaking, seriously ), wich is pretty interesting since they actually look like medieval~fantasy characters(at least, most of them do), rather than the sad cluster of anime tropes/copy-paste characters that this franchise has thrown around with Awakening/Fates. the gameplay was also way ahead of its time to be honest, it surprised me as well how "modern" it was for a GameCube title. i'm currently at the last chapter of normal mode( since it's my first time playing it too ), and maybe i'll play it again in hard mode to check out other units that i didn't use in my current run.
  10. considering it's always been an item, and the main protagonists usually end up receiving the title of Lord, i guess a crown would fit well in terms of lore. as for other alternatives, a stigma/tattoo similar to the mark of the Exalt could do as well, but not to symbolize royalty, rather to represent other concepts related to myths and legends of old.
  11. regardless of what you're aiming for( either an amateur or professional project ), you should consider going for Adobe Photoshop. it doesn't have to be the latest version available, as long as it's past the CS one. with that you can make pretty much anything you want in terms of pixel art, although learning how to use it properly might take some time( as most softwares do anyway ).
  12. it depends, mainly on weapon levels and what you have available at the moment in terms of gear. the main advantage they have over Generals is movement range obviously, so you can cover different areas "faster" and eventually get to the chapter's end earlier, but in turn they lack the Great Shield ability, wich can be a real lifesaver at times, especially when it comes to tanking. then again, there's cavaliers that might end up being more suited for the Paladin role rather than Great Knight, and viceversa. same goes for knights and trainees. people usually tend to forget all the different little details and factors to consider while playing these games, because it's not always all about stats and skills. while they might eventually help, they're not the only things that the game has to offer. in my opinion, if you're playing inside a fortress against a bunch of archers with a General rather than a Great Knight, then you might be doing it right. same goes if you're playing in a wide open field with trees while using a Great Knight rather than a General. if you're playing in a desert map against an army of mages with either Generals or Great Knights deployed, then you're probably just shooting yourself in the foot. but hey, that's just me~
  13. it depends. while it's true that RNG can always go wrong, some people have noticed that if you send all your units to the right side of the map, Jaffar may actually move to intercept and attack the enemy units going for Zephiel's room. needless to say that horseback units always help in getting to Zephiel faster. i honestly have no idea why that happens, but i've done plenty of runs before, and by using that method i managed most of the times to trigger that behaviour from Jaffar. not sure if it might be related to the overall position of your units on the map, or if there's eventually something connected to the lords you deploy. might as well be just RNG, although it seems pretty weird to me since i've seen that same behaviour multiple times in my runs. that's also true. you might not be able to get everything in HHM, so sometimes you'll have to choose between getting items, or getting units, or if it's actually worth getting anything at all in order to complete a chapter. you can always sacrifice treasures to get units and eventually gaiden chapters, but you can't do the other way around. unless you just want to complete the game for the sake of it, of course.
  14. as quick resume taken from Serene's website and regarding only the mainline franchise: [NES] Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light « original FE1. [NES] Gaiden « original FE2, partially connected to FE1 due to shared characters( Pegasus sisters ) and other reasons. [SNES] Mystery of the Emblem « first remake of FE1, it also has a secondary story that works as sequel to the first game. [SNES] Genealogy of the Holy War [SNES] Thracia 776 « connected to FE4 in terms of story, but shows a different "route" since it tells the story from Leif's perspective rather than Sigurd/Seliph. not a direct sequel, just a retelling of the previous 2nd generation( children ) story under a different point of view. [Satella View?] Akaneia Saga « basicly, a collection of "gaiden" chapters related to FE1 that were not present in the original game( a prequel of sorts ). [GBA] Binding Blade [GBA] Blazing Sword « the prequel to FE6. [GBA] The Sacred Stones {GameCube] Path of Radiance [Wii] Radiant Dawn « sequel to Path of Radiance. [DS] Shadow Dragon « second remake of FE1. [DS] New Mystery of the Emblem « obvious remake of Mistery of the Emblem for NDS, to be more specific it retells the story of the 2nd book, while Shadow Dragon for NDS covers the 1st book( original game ). [3DS] Awakening « connected to Shadow Dragon, Gaiden and PoR for different reasons and recurring themes. [3DS] Fire Emblem Fates « connected to Awakening for many reasons, although it's not really a direct sequel. has some nods to previous games as well. [3DS] Fire Emblem Echoes « remake of Gaiden. [Switch] Three Houses in any case, there's no fixed timeline for each game. they're pretty much like Final Fantasy: most of them have their own worlds and different lore depending on the game, while others may be connected for different reasons even if they don't follow the same story. my advice is to start with the SNES titles since they're pretty much the basics, then move to the GBA ones, followed by GameCube, Wii, DS, 3DS and finally Switch. in terms of gameplay, Genealogy and Echoes have their own unique mechanics, while all other titles share pretty much the same basic gameplay formulas with different twists regarding other features.
  15. it's going to be a good alternative for pc gamers, as they will basicly have a dedicated portable gaming machine to run their games rather than using an "average" laptop. it's probably not going to be the next-gen goal for everyone else though, since most people these days play games on their phones anyway. however, there's also to be considered that other consoles such as the PS5 can't be found anywhere at the moment due to scalpers and very limited quantities released every once and then, so there's probably some people that might want to buy the Steam Deck instead if there will be enough units available, rather than waiting forever just to get a PS5. the fact that it will be released around December means that people will most likely be looking for stuff to buy for christmas, so with the current market situation regarding other consoles, this was indeed a smart move from Valve.
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