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  1. if you steal/save money with Patty for trading later, and let Leif visit all the villages in his starting area(around 20.000 gold if you manage to save them from bandits), you should be able to gather enough money by the end of the chapter. by using decent weapons along with the Elite ring, and if all goes well, by the start of chapter 9(or by the end of its arena) Leif should already be able to promote. i always tend to give the Brave weapons to units with Pursuit due to the 4 attacks, but that's only as long as they don't have other skills such as Astra, because that alone is overpowered in Genealogy. thinking about it, i actually never sold Sigurd's Silver sword because it always had so many kills that by chapter 6 Seliph was already critting like crazy and didn't really need anything else. Leif can always profit from a Brave sword, though. Thunder/Wind swords usually end up on Holyn or anyone else that has at least some points in Magic rather than 0. the fact that they're C grade also means that there's plenty of units who can eventually use them. the Silver Blade being A grade means that only few units will actually have access to it, so usually it goes to swordfighters. in any case, the sooner you promote Leif, the better. having a mobile unit that deals multiple types of damage, hits very hard and can also work as secondary healer is invaluable.
  2. i always were, and always will be. sadly, organizing and doing this kind of stuff isn't that easy due to multiple factors, such as different platforms used(either original cartridges - you can forget about it, or pc emulators - probably more reliable, or cellphone emulators - maybe not as much reliable as pc, but who knows) and different save files formats that can't always be shared between programs. it's always been more of a way to play with the neighborhood kids back in the days, rather than an actual competitive mode for online play and eventually tournaments. as it is right now, it's more of an optional mode put there just to build teams with your best units in order to challenge an AI(and not a great one either). as for the sake of PvP: would it be cool to revive the link arena for online matches? yeah, would be pretty nice. would it actually be doable in a proper way for everyone? i doubt it.
  3. keep in mind that a promoted Leif also gains an A rank in all weapon types + horseback. the Master Knight is easily the most broken class in the game in terms of builds variety and overall utility. some people usually give the Elite ring(Paragon) to Seliph first in order to promote earlier and seize castles more easily due to becoming a mounted unit upon promotion, after that the Elite ring goes to whoever needs it most depending on your playstyle. linking here a screenshot from one of my previous Genealogy runs: Skill set after promotion: as you can see, at max lv he can eventually become a killing machine even without capped stats, but even at lv20 he's pretty useful considering all the things he can do, from attacking to tanking or even healing. so, all considered: keep in mind that everytime you sell an item to the merchant, you're going to need money to get it back later on. that means either visiting villages, using the Thief sword, equipping the Thief ring, or getting money directly from a thief. thing is, regardless of the method used, you're potentially going to take away that source of money from another unit whenever you're trying to get back/buy stuff that was in origin on other units, so you should plan wisely on what/when to sell and to who in order to avoid wasting money on multiple items switching. that not only will help you in saving more money, but can also allow you to transfer the Elite ring to more than 2 characters if you're good enough at managing money. besides, it's not like you're going to absolutely need those 50 kills on the Light Brand for Leif, especially when he will already have a passive Critical along with Pursuit upon promotion. sure, they will always be an extra, but they're not really mandatory. while being still unpromoted, he may suffer from the lack of accuracy of the Silver Blade, so the Silver Sword would allow him to perform a bit better from the get to in terms of both accuracy and evasion. after promotion, and eventually with a Skill ring for further stats stacking, Leif will probably end up destroying anything that walks in his range regardless of weapon used. however, keep in mind that the lighter the weapon he uses will be, the better chances he'll have to trigger the skill Continue. the Barrier ring may help too, but there's also other units that can eventually benefit way more from it(especially Pegasus Knights). i guarantee you, the Light Brand should be more than enough for Leif. you can give him a Silver sword too, but if you're already building up kills on the Light Brand, then you might as well just stick with that. Ayra is probably the one that will benefit the most from the SIlver Blade due to Astra, while Holyn will deal decent amounts of damage regardless of sword used due to Luna ignoring part of the enemy's defence(the Thunder/Wind sword is always a nice and useful addition too). Ayra's kids will inherit Astra anyway, that's really all they'll ever need in the long run in order to kill enemies. Dermott will probably need an Armorslayer way more than the other two children, especially for arenas.
  4. you could check how many uses are left on a weapon after a chapter is over, but that would give you a pretty generic idea, and probably it wouldn't be much reliable in the long run considering difficulty scaling and RNG. otherwise, i usually do like this: - try to have a slim or iron weapon for the most used units, along with an higher grade weapon of the same type to deal with tough enemies and/or bosses, plus a ranged weapon when/if possible; - always swap weapons from unused/benched units to save money for your main units; - have at least 1~2 slim/iron weapons plus ranged ones of each type stored in the convoy. those will be the backup whenever something breaks. same goes for healing staffs. however, there should be plenty of tomes dropped through the game, so i'm not sure if you really need a backup tome of each type too. depending on how you play, you may not even need backup tomes at all, or even bows for that matter. also, since sometimes people tend to overlook this, there's enemies carrying extra items such as gemstones or promotion crests that may pop up once in a while in order to give you some extra money. as many of those items do not drop after an enemy is defeated, checking the map before starting a chapter and eventually bringing a thief along always helps. if your plan is to save enough money to be able to recruit Farina later on, then by all means you shouldn't have more than one basic backup weapon of each type in your convoy, and buy little by little whenever your stock runs out.
  5. usually i use https://imgbb.com/ to post images. never had issues before, at least in terms of files deletion and/or watermarks. it's all pretty clean actually, not sure if there's a limit on files size though. otherwise, people that worked with scans before can probably adress you to better tools/websites. congratulations, i guess getting all the original copies wasn't an easy task( and probably neither cheap ). also, good luck with your project. scanning tons of paper material will surely take a while, but if it's for knowledge preservation, it might be worth the effort. instruction manuals have pretty much become relics of ages past. these days, the only visual/physical content left can be found mostly in artbooks of limited/special editions.
  6. to be honest, it wouldn't be a first. similar stuff happened before with other youtubers such as ProJared as well, yet life goes on. anyway, take your time with Sanctaea. it's better to work on something when you're actually inspired about it, rather than rushing on things that might backfire later on. for how i see it, i'd rather wait a while longer for its completion if it means getting a game that could turn out to be quite interesting, but that's just me of course.
  7. the fact that you may not be able to double enemies with Nosferatu like in some other title doesn't mean it's a bad tome. it just works in a different way. let's say it's alright for surviving some 1-vs-1 battles during enemy phase, for example with counters against slow enemies such as armored knights, or in case there's enemies waiting nearby/behind walls ,or if you want to play bait. not so great for tanking groups of enemies at once and/or dealing damage. if you want to obliterate enemies, Luna is the way to go. then again, if you're using a mage unit, maybe you shouldn't be tanking with it in the first place, but i guess every FE has its own gimmicks. the units tied to Athos are probably among the best pre-promotes you can get in game. you can't go wrong by using them, especially Hawkeye since he's basicly a killing machine that can even travel on water tiles. Hector is actually a Jeigan unit disguised as a lord. jokes aside, he's easily one of the best units in the game. it's like an armored knight with no armored weakness, starting with axes instead of lances, and hitting hard like a truck. the fact he can survive on his own while getting kills by himself without the need to be babysit like Lyn or Eliwood from the start should speak for itself, i guess.
  8. i probably have already told you this before, but in any case you shouldn't care too much about people not willing to leave their comfort zone. their loss, not yours. considering all you've done so far, the time and effort you've put into developing your project, i believe you should just focus on completing it first. after that, you can start thinking about how to promote it and eventually do showcases. then, time will tell.
  9. well, that was unexpected. never thought there could actually be unused content in a NES game as well, especially in a time where the space on cartridges was quite limited. a good find indeed.
  10. it partially depends on the goals you have set for yourself when playing the game. some characters are locked behind specific requirements, while others are exclusive to Hector's route. since there's also stat boosting items showing up every once and then, there's virtually no best unit if you're willing to invest time and resources into them. then again, some characters may have advantages over others due to pre-promotion bonuses and other factors, but that's another story. in terms of overall performance, from my previous/current runs i can tell you this: - Cavaliers: Kent and Lowen are pretty good until mid game, and you can even promote Kent early on Lyn's path if you boost him enough; - Knights: Oswin is a very tough unit, no doubts about it. Wallace can be a decent alternative, but he will most likely not be able to double enemies as much as Oswin usually does; - Flying units: Fiora and Farina can be very useful against mages, especially Fiora since she joins earlier and has more time to improve her stats; - Archers: Rath and Rebecca can be nice to have around. Rath has the advantage of being a mounted unit that can gain access to swords upon promotion, while Rebecca can become a good anti-air unit with 2~3 default range of attack + access to ballistas. however, if you're just looking for a back-up archer in a map with flying enemy units, then you might as well go for Louise. otherwise, Rath all the way; - Healers: Priscilla is always helpful, simply because a mounted unit not only has better movement range than a unit on-foot, but also because she has better chances to rescue/travel with other allies; - Mages: Erk, Lucius and Canas can all become good units if you're willing to invest time in them, however only Canas has access to the Nosferatu tome, meaning he's the only one that can actually leech HP back from the enemy while dealing damage at the same time; - Thiefs: Matthew will surely need levels in order to become decent, while Legault joins with an already good starting level and can promote right away when you get the Fell Contract; - Axe users: Dorcas can do a good job against armored units, not so good against other units. i would focus on Bartre only if i was playing on Hector's route and wanted to get a specific character; - Sword users: Raven is a pretty solid unit that can eventually stand against anyone if trained enough. he's basicly like a 4th lord in terms of damage dealing, but being a mercenary also means that he'll get access to axes upon promotion, giving him the ability to perform ranged attacks without the need of a magic sword. guess that's all for characters with starting classes, or at least that's what i've learned from personal experience so far.
  11. if you're including stuff like Holy Blood and skills, you might as well give a look at this to avoid checking hundreds of different tables/rosters for unit builds:
  12. oh, but there's already an existing franchise under Square Enix's wing wich works exactly like that. that would be "Drakengard", aka "Drag-On-Dragoon" for the japanese audience. it also has some sort of ties with yet another franchise from SE, the "Nier" serie, but sadly Drakengard kind of died out after the Playstation 3 era, leaving only 3 titles behind as a testament to its existence( the first two for Playstation 2, and the 3rd for PS3 ).
  13. any unit can be worth using, if it's used properly. there may be people who prefer using Oswin due to different reasons, eventually boosting either Kent or Sain to promote one of them instead on Lyn's path with the Knight Crest, but Wallace should still be a decent tank anyway. maybe not at the level of Oswin and Hector in terms of damage dealing, but still decent. if you have already invested some stat boosters in that unit, then that's one more reason to keep using it. an S rank in lances also means that he'll be able to wield the strongest lance from the final chapters.
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