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  1. you can, and you should. it's a unique experience by itself, compared to its original and the DS remake. let's just say that it has its own charm. visually it's almost like playing a GBA game, with its own different mechanics and features. it surely has way more plot compared to FE1, not only in terms of main story but also because FE3 is actually two games in one( wich come in the form of 2 books ).
  2. out of curiosity: while we have different "era" sections on the forum with their own games sub-sections( to be more specific, from the GBA to the 3DS ), there's also generic and separate sections for the NES/SNES games and the past-3DS ones. now, the questions are: wouldn't it make more sense to have about 5 different sub-sections for the NES/SNES titles, like the other "era" sections have? same goes for the Switch titles: would it be possible to regroup the other games such as Three Houses, Warriors and Tokyo Mirage Sessions in a new category( Switch era ) with its own sub-sections for each game? i do believe i've read something about the changes made to the older sections before, but i can't really remember where's that source of infos. not sure if it was about overall space available, content organization or other reasons. in any case, i'd rather prefer to have more organized sections for each era/title, rather than having merged/separate ones, but that's just me.
  3. let's see... Dark Souls - Artorias Totaku + poster: Left Alive Day One edition steelbook: Posters of God Eater 2 Rage Burst, FE Fates & Echoes: and of course, my FE Amiibos collection: i actually have a couple more steelbooks of FE Fates and Code Vein, but since they're pretty much "default" items that nowdays get paired up with preorder/limited/day one/whatever edition, they're not really that unique. not sure if i should have included the Saber statues from Fate/Stay night though.
  4. i decided to make some conversation/battle backgrounds out of my latest work:
  5. here's something i edited recently:
  6. i don't know what softwares you're using, but you're using them really well if you can make short clips like that. you know what, you just gave me a blast of nostalgia. i just reminded about some very old video from Newgrounds, maybe you could check it as well if you're into sprites and animation: in any case, considering what i've seen so far, i would probably be way more interested into watching a fan-animation involving Fate's characters, rather than FE. that's just me though.
  7. You have a discord account so we can talk?

  8. ...holy shit. this kind of quality goes far beyond traditional sprite animations, it's almost like watching a visual FX animation from Ufotable. well, to be honest, those animations give me way more "Fate/stay night" vibes rather than anything else related to FE. anyway, if you take a look around here, you'll see there's plenty of talented artists lurking around, even though some of them may not be much active. same goes for FEU: to my knowledge, there should be many artists/spriters over there as well. as for myself, i'm not really into animation, but if it's about editing characters portraits and/or basic battle sprites, i can do some stuff.
  9. in case of FE1/3's promotions, it's always been all about utility vs necessity. then of course, the same logic could be applied to other titles as well. basicly, it's one of those games where there's no means to safely increase each character's experience without taking risks( arenas and/or enemy reinforcements ), so promoting a unit was( and still is, in some cases ) all about if it was really needed. to make an example: a priest that could gain access to tomes upon promotion could eventually take priority over a mercenary that doesn't get much due to being locked to swords only. that's also what made the early games quite unique compared to the latest titles, since you had limited options and you had to choose between playing it safe, or taking risks for additional rewards. then, the trend started by Sacred Stones( and to some extent, even Gaiden before SS ) eventually led a portion of players to just grind exp by killing enemies/monsters around the world map in order to cap their character's stats however/whenever they wanted. for better or worse, it's a matter of points of view: it made things overall easier for everyone, but at the same time it took away a layer of difficulty from the game. in my opinion, FE3 at least has managed to mantain its own charm through the years, to the point it almost looks like a GBA game in terms of graphics. Shadow Dragon, on the other hand, hasn't really aged well and it looks more like a remaster that tried to further improve the mechanics from the original, but wasn't really needed to begin with. it is an archaic game indeed, mostly for people who really like retro games, or that are simply interested about the origins of the FE franchise. i would suggest playing it at least once out of curiosity, just to see how it all began. otherwise, FE3 would be a good alternative with even more content to offer( basicly, it's 2 games in 1 ). although some mechanics may differ from the original, it's still a decent game nonetheless.
  10. image.png.43aa9c68700e65a7e6b8163f2db5c14c.png

    image.png.fd135a659b6ee917d3e8bb4eacf6bbc2.pngMy current marathon~completion status:

     Dark Dragon and Sword of Light


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     Genealogy of the Holy War

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     Binding Blade

     The Sacred Stones

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    └  Ephraim route

     Path of Radiance

     Radiant Dawn

     Shadow Dragon

     Heroes of Light and Shadow



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    └  Birthright

    └  Revelation

     Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

     Three Houses



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