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  1. while the lack of STR is rebalanced by MGC, he also has more HP than his father. you don't need to be STR capped when you're already doubling and critting with a Silver sword most of the times. the only downpoint is that Seliph will need time to get to promotion stats/bonuses, while Sigurd already starts on horse.
  2. gameplay-wise, he's basicly an improved version of Marth that can also use bows after promotion. however, since weapons are limited and only one can be equipped, he will eventually become an hybrid tank/dragon killer/flying unit killer in end-game. lacks mobility too. 8/10.
  3. can use rapiers to deal with both armored and horseback units, has the Falchion for dragon units, can counter enemies with magic swords, and since consumable stats-boosting items can be used to deal with the lower growth rates, he can be boosted to the max as much as any other unit. the only downpoint is mobility. 9/10.
  4. i wouldn't exactly call "okay" a unit that has 10 times the base MGC of his father in order to nuke enemies with magic swords, and more than double his base RES. Sigurd is mainly a melee fighter, but Seliph is a jack of all trades. anyway, Sigurd's all right. probably one of the best Lords in the franchise due to balanced stats, mobility and OP signature weapon. the only downpoint is the weakness to Knight Killer lances due to being a horseback unit. i'd say 8/10.
  5. the gameplay is obviously different from FFBE. from the trailer, it plays just like FFTactics( isometric view with 3D elements ), while FFBE plays more like older FF games from the SNES era( 2d sprites/pixel art ) mixed with Kingdom Hearts Union X features. the only thing it should share with FFBE is the world's history, pretty much like Praying Brage was/is related to Bravely Default and Bravely Second for Nintendo 3DS. i agree that pay-to-win cash shop items should be avoided at all costs, however i wouldn't give up trying an interesting game just for that. if it has good gameplay mechanics, decent story and does not require heavy purchases in order to enjoy the game, then it's surely worth a try.
  6. Alundra for PSOne was a nightmare to finish. Resonance of Fate for PS3 was also quite terrible gameplay-wise.
  7. i'm not getting the special edition simply because i'm not really inspired by the art in general( even though some character concepts and armor designs are quite good ), but probably a unique USB key from the EU version is far more worthy than a calendar that could be just printed out, at least for me.
  8. in terms of gameplay, Sacred Stones. in terms of story, Blazing Sword.
  9. of course it matters. being able to heal, rescue, warp allies and/or debuff enemies makes a huge difference, especially in critical situations when you're facing many enemies at once. usually it's also easier to level up with staffs rather than with tomes, simply because there will always be someone that needs either single or multiple heals, especially when there's choke points to be defended. exp can also be made with counter attacks via tomes during the enemy phase, but for heals there's only the player's phase, hence why they're more valuable. you would probably gain more exp by healing an ally and then countering an enemy, rather than just attacking an enemy, since depending on the situation there could be a chance of killing it right away in one round of combat. however, the general priority rule would be: - mages usually keep killing enemies after promotion and heal allies only when it's really needed(50% hp or less, so to say); - priests/sisters that aren't currently healing allies should either debuff enemies/bosses, or assist allies fighting enemy melee units with pre-emptive ranged attacks when possible.
  10. you should probably take a look at Advance Wars for GBA, an old franchise from IS that died out after the Nintendo DS era. or going back even further, Super Famicom Wars for SNES. they all have the very same concepts you described before.
  11. they could even change and shorten the story past the opening Midgar arc in order to fit everything else in a 2nd disc, for all we know. the other towns aren't as huge as Midgar, exception made for Junon, the Gold Saucer and Wutai. and even then, in the original they weren't exactly fully explorable. the main reason of separating the remake in parts was to make development easier, in order to have a starting chapter focused on Midgar to get people interested in the game, and then have an explorable open world like it was in the original that could be developed in the meantime. however, since at the moment we don't even know how many parts there will actually be, it's kinda pointless to make assumptions for now. the project started back in 2015 by the way. it was put on hold due to issues with CyberConnect back at the time, before taking the development back to Square Enix, otherwise it wouldn't have taken 5 years to get released.
  12. i haven't been this excited since FFVIIR got announced, and the hype sure is real. this is giving me really strong FF Tactics vibes from both artworks and gameplay, so i'm quite interested in it at the moment. it's almost as FF Tactics met with Bravely Default and had a love child. it should be for smartphones, but if it will eventually come to Switch too, i'm gonna buy it for sure.
  13. as long as it's about pixel art, anything can be done. someone even made battle sprites for both Cloud and Zack from FF VII a while ago, so there shouldn't be any problem doing so with VP as well( as long as you find a good artist willing to work on sprites ).
  14. to be fair, people should start with Demon's Souls, since that was the foundation of all the following Souls games( although the true origin of all that was King's Field, wich i would not reccomend except for curiosity ). Bloodborne is more of a spin-off that borrowed some elements form Dark Souls, as much as Sekiro did from Tenchu.
  15. not everyone has played FFVII before, so i'd rather not be an ass and spoil the story for newcomers. Metal Gear Solid V had versions for both PS3 and PS4 back at the time of its release, and since not everyone will buy a PS5 right away, there's a chance we'll get two versions of FFVIIR sequels available for both PS4 and PS5. i'm sure SquareEnix wouldn't like to loose profit either, we'll see what they'll do. looks like i'm not the only one around here that follows Max, good to know.
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