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  1. yeah, no. Ced doesn't leave after Erynis dies, because she actually dies while Ced is still searching for Lewyn. that is explained in a conversation between Karin and Ced in FE5, when Leif's group meets Ced while escaping from a prison( and you also get a Crusader scroll after that conversation ). you are right about the Magi group, though. if i remember well, it should have happened after Seliph retook Grannvale. it should be mentioned in the epilogue. same goes for Augustria, after Ares goes back there. Verdane should have always been under Grannvale's rule without much opposition, since the old king and his sons were all dead. the Spirit Forest becomes pretty much Grannvale's royal garden once the 1st war is over. he was taken by the Duke when Arvis was still in power. the child hunts only start when Lopto corrupts Julius, and so Arvis slowly begins to loose power. after Leonster's fall, Leif managed to escape together with Finn and Nanna, but they should have been costantly on the move for a while due to both Grannvale and Travant searching for them. that should have happened before meeting with the Duke, and then with Eyvel's group some years after the Duke was spotted hiding Leif.
  2. there's plenty of additional lore if you get some specific characters to talk with each other. that goes for both 1st and 2nd generation, however you get a more in-depth look at the whole thing if you manage to get most/all of the children from 1st gen parents. basicly, Grannvale followed Sigurd's trail all over Jugdral, but only because it was Langbalt and Reptor that wanted to silence him. nobody really cared about Thracia or Silesse. Sigurd did also half of the job of conquering the other lands in Verdane and Augustria's campaigns due to Manfroy successfully tricking those nations into fighting against Grannvale. it was only after the end of the war in Augustria that Sigurd was framed too and started being chased by the Empire.
  3. Rahna was asked to stay neutral by Sigurd once he left to deal with Langbalt, because he did not want to involve Silesse into the conflict. in FE5, the Magi group fighting Rydrick's rule was actually led by Ced, but that should have happened around the time Leif joined the Fiana's militia, under the lead of Eyvel. before that, i think Ced wasn't fighting at all, because he was searching for Lewyn instead.
  4. Lewyn, in one of his talks with Seliph, actually mentions that at the beginning people were more than happy to support Arvis as the new established emperor of Grannvale due to the end of all conflicts. Travant tried to unify both southern and northern Thracia after Quan's death, but Blume pretty much snatched the northern area from him before he could do so. after that, since Travant didn't want any issues with the empire in order to avoid further suffering for his people, he kept a low profile while making agreements for an official alliance with Grannvale. the only ones that probably kept rebelling against Grannvale were the people from Isaach, due to the previous conflict triggered by Langbalt and Reptor. talking about "people" is quite generic. only the population from Grannvale and the lords of Augustria were successfully tricked into believing that Sigurd was a traitor. those from Silesse and Thracia that fought side by side with Sigurd and supported him knew of his innocence, especially the people from Silesse since they got freed from the harsh rule of Lewyn's uncles. as for Seliph being seen in the right from the start, it's probably because those who knew the truth didn't believe Arvis words after the first unification of Jugdral. plus, the child hunts that started all over the world once Julius was corrupted by Lopto didn't help either. in Ares case, he did keep his distance from Seliph for a while after joining his army. however, after a talk with Nanna, a letter from Eldigan was finally given to him with everything explained about the previous conflict and the relation between Eldigan and Sigurd. therefore, all doubts that Ares had until that moment regarding Seliph were pretty much vanished. not really a stigma, since he managed to help countless people in his journey across half Jugdral in order to restore his father's name along with his own. besides, if the empire was indeed ruled by a bunch of oppressive tyrants, someone would eventually start to rebel soon or later, regardless of the child hunts.
  5. Discord, Twitter and Steam should be fine. i would eventually suggest other platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Deviantart and Instagram, but that would be more oriented to "channel promotion" rather than being contact methods.
  6. if we're talking FE3, i don't think it's about difficulty. rather, it's just not doable. Book 1 might be easier to deal with due to linear difficulty scaling, however without buying many keys or using warp staves(especially for the last chapter), dealing with enemy reinforcements and locked doors is going to be a mess. besides, once you get to the Flame Barrel chapter in Book 2(if you can even manage to get there at all), it's over. you're not going to survive all the flying dragons, Fire dragons and berserkers with Devil axes coming at you at the same time from both front and rear on a narrow bridge with 2~3 tiles at best to move around: see those 3 fortresses down there? that's where you start, and after a while they keep spawning berserkers and fire dragons. and of course, there's also all that beautiful stuff on your way to the main fortress.
  7. that's a very good video to learn the basics. eventually, if you'll decide to start planning on skills inheritance during/after your first playthrough, here's some more stuff that you can check:
  8. considering what they did with Shadow Dragon and Echoes, there's probably way more chances for a remake to happen, rather than an official english version in the e-shop. besides, apparently nowdays there's this new trend in the gaming world of remastering/remaking every possible old title of iconic franchises, so IntSys might as well jump on the nostalgia bandwagon.
  9. it's not that they suck in most games, because the class has always worked as intended, as long as you played it properly( for example: putting an archer against an armored unit is not playing as intended, because that would be a job for either mages, or lords/mercenaries with armorbreaker swords ). the downside of archers is that while they always had the advantage over all flying units, they never had the ability to counter melee attacks, therefore many people prefer to rely on mages as ranged units since they can deal with almost all kinds of units, and they also have access to Resire tomes wich allows them to heal up while dealing damage. Book 2 is also quite tricky to deal with due to early difficulty spikes compared to Book 1, where the overall difficulty is more linear. besides, while in Book 1 promotions feel kind of "optional", in Book 2 they become a "must to have as soon as possible". it can all be resumed in something like "here's book 1. play it and learn from it. once you're done, here's book 2. use all you've learned before. good luck". anyway, in Gordon's case, he can be good as much as George if he gets trained with dedicated star shards. from my last run of FE3, i remember using mostly George, Gordon and Kashim when there was many flying enemy units on a map, although i deployed Kashim mainly on maps with large open fields due to movement range from horseback promotion gain. if you play tactical, getting Orion bolts for everyone isn't an issue either, because by the end of the game you'll have enough decent units able to be promoted( and perhaps even some spare bolts ).
  10. having a remake/remaster of The Legend of Dragoon from ps1 would be nice.
  11. back in the 90's we had this little thing called "Instructions Manual", and people were able to get the most basic informations about game mechanics without ruining their immersion while playing the game. you could also get some infos about the background story along with some artworks at times, so all in all it wasn't only a nice addition, but an integral part of the game as well. nowdays we have no paper whatsoever except for the box cover, unless you got some special/deluxe/limited/whatever edition of a game. in-game tutorials have become the new trend. for better or worse, i guess it all depends if they're skippable or not.
  12. i did some ironman runs before with different FE titles from the SNES/GBA eras, but that was a long time ago and i can't really remember the details. however, from my previous experiences i learned few things that can eventually make this kind of runs a bit more enjoyable and less risky: » play it safe, play it defensive. always check enemy units range of attack. when you're not really sure about the survival of a unit after a battle in your player phase, either leave it in standby(possibly on a tile with good terrain bonuses) for the next enemy phase counter-damage if you believe it's tanky enough, or just pull it away from enemy range. » be smart, don't take risks when it's not needed. it's always wise to send in your ranged units first to deal with the enemy, then use your melee units to finish the battle. that way your melee units will have better chances to defeat an enemy without taking damage, and will have more HP available for tanking in the next enemy phase. when all the fighting is over, you should always heal the wounded when it's possible(if it doesn't seem necessary, you should do it regardless for good measure). even a single HP can eventually make the difference at times, so always try to have everyone at full HP(besides, it's always extra EXP for the healers as well). » choose your units wisely. ironman runs can be very strict at times in terms of battle development due to loosing a unit for bad rng or player mistakes, with the consequence of having less "manpower" available in the long run. that's a common thing that usually happens in 90% of ironman runs, so you're bound to loose a couple of units soon or later. to reduce or even avoid the risk of loosing a unit, try to pick them depending on their overall utility, rather than other criterias such as personal preferences. you should always consider every factor before deploying any unit. the three main factors to consider will always be: map terrain, enemy units type&weakness, and your available units type&role. after checking wich units can perform better on the current map based on their role, stats and items, pick the most reliable ones and you'll be set.
  13. needs some polish in terms of UI and eventually sprites, but overall it doesn't look bad. seems like a project with good potential. the map setup also reminds me a bit of Octopath traveler in terms of backgrounds and environment, but i guess that sort of quality partially comes from the Unity engine.
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