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  2. i had to "pause" my God Eater 2 Rage Burst run due to Code Vein being almost around the corner along with other factors. wich means i'm currently in standby. plus, Death Stranding will be coming out in a couple of months, so i guess the God Eater saga will be put on hold for a good while. at least i managed to fully complete once again the first title, so that's a start. besides, there's also Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain, FE 3H...there's literally no end to the games i can play. i'm also playing the last chapters of FE Thracia 776, after that i'll probably move on to the GBA titles once more. however, between fall and winter, there's probably more chances i'll be locked on my PS4 rather than playing with emulators on cellphone.
  3. Remaster: - The Legend of Dragoon: timeless classic JRPG for PSOne; - Vagrant Story: an obscure and unique JRPG from good old SquareSoft; - Xenogear: yet another classic JRPG from Square. as for remakes, at the moment i don't have any title in mind that really needs a complete remake. rather, there's more titles that could and should be remastered from the PSOne era onward, such as Parasite Eve or The Bouncer.
  4. to be honest, it's probably THE best anime fighting game in terms of graphics quality an animations. there's literally no other anime fighting game on the market that has the same visuals, except maybe for Granblue Fantasy Versus( wich is always from ArcSys ). Maximilian Dood also covered both the previous and the new trailer, but overall after what they did and achieved with Xrd -Sign- and -Rev 2-, i think it's going to be an amazing game in both visuals and gameplay. also, the cinematic effects on stage shift/special moves are nuts. there's so much work put into motion blur and particle effects it's crazy.
  5. while they are indeed remakes, they're not exactly the same thing as the originals. the graphics and music difference is obvious, however the remakes have been changed by adding new mechanics that were not included in the original games, plus there's also new plots and background stories in NM / Echoes that were not present in the originals. they're more like reinventions, rather than remakes in the true sense of the word(wich is what normally would be considered a remastered version of a game, with better graphics and eventually some reworked features - see Final Fantasy XII: the Zodiac Age). basicly, each remake is a thing on its own. as for the "value" of playing FE 1-3, it all boils down to the reason of doing so. some people do it because they like retro games, others do it because they're curious about the origins of the FE franchise. then again, while emulation and fanmade patches solved the language barrier issue, not everyone is willing(or capable) to do so, therefore they're still titles that can be considered "restricted" for some people, in the sense that they were not available for everyone unlike the remakes(NM excluded since it was an exclusive for Japan). overall, i think FE 3 is probably the best retro experience you can get out of the originals, simply because it's overall better gameplay-wise and also has double the content of the original FE 1. it also aged pretty well during the years, as all other SNES titles did, and it feels like playing a GBA game. i would suggest playing FE 1 only if you're really curious about it and want to see how it all started back in '87, just to gain some gaming culture from the NES days. otherwise, if you can't really stand clunky gameplay systems, barebone pixel graphics and chiptune music, then it might be better to just avoid it.
  6. currently available, there's plenty of games. titles like Octopath Traveler and FE 3H should already be worth of notice, then there's Oninaki, Astral Chain and Daemon X Machina coming up in the next months.
  7. if you already played with previous titles, Awakening will be pretty much a walk in the park even on hard mode. some of the most challenging maps will show up post-game, with Priam's map being probably one of the hardest. otherwise, you can use Einherjar cards and summon characters from past games to fight with. depending on when/where you summon them, some battles can be quite entertaining.
  8. you're not alone. i tend to buy games on release date to avoid the risk of loosing them later on, and meanwhile save up money for other things. once there's something like Black Friday deals or christmas sales, then i go buy whatever console i want at a lowered price. however, i'm not really in need of new consoles at the moment. i own an original PS2, PS3, PS4, Nintendo DS, 3DS and Wii. plus, i've got NES, SNES and GBA emulated on smartphone( something else like GameCube/Wii emulators will probably end up on my computer as well, since i can't find original copies of FE Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn anywhere), so overall i've got my library of games covered well(my collection of titles has pretty much about...20 years as of now). there's only a Nintendo Switch missing that i'll probably buy by the end of the year, after that i'll be finally done for good with collecting consoles/games until the next generation.
  9. i could have included more weapons, but then it would've become a way longer list, so i picked just the few ones i think stand out the most. then again, one thing is taking their stats/bonuses as they are. another is including skill builds, wich give way more options and make some weapons more viable than before. long story short: it all depends on playstyle. even Dual weapons can kill enemy units if used properly.
  10. Fenreir

    Zanryu's Works

    you should probably try out DeviantArt and/or other websites dedicated to art in general. this forum isn't exactly the best for sharing your artworks(i play with sprites as well sometimes), and most people will just take a look without giving feedback. overall, i think your sprites are fine. probably more detailed and polished compared to other spriters i've seen before.
  11. he could have been hiding in Silesia the whole time. after all, even Sigurd have been helped by the Silesian Queen when he was being hunted down by Grandbell.
  12. by default, any weapon that does not give debuffs to the user is already a step forward compared to the others. then there's those that give stats boosts to the unit/allies, wich can be used as alternative rally skills. then again, if you want "reliable" damage from the weapons themself, you just don't pick Killer weapons or any other rng-based weapon for that matter. you go with Braves for the double attacks, and that's it.
  13. Swordbreaker Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a Sword Axebreaker Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with an Axe Lancebreaker Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a Lance Certain Blow When user triggers the battle, Hit rate +40 Heartseeker When fighting adjacent to an enemy, enemy’s Avoid -20 Lucky Seven Hit rate and Avoid +20 for the first seven Turns and i could go on, and on, and on. Breaker skills alone should be more than enough to rebalance the lack of accuracy, then you can slot Certain Blow to increase the chances even further. with the MyCastle feature you can get any skill you want, so feel free to spare me the route-locked skills argument. actually, you can spare me any sort of answer for that matter.
  14. in terms of tactics, if i remember well there's weapons that are based mostly on first attack/counters compared to others wich are more "straight forward" with their uses. going by factions, my list would be: Hoshido » Swords: Practice katana » Spears: Waterwheel - Guard naginata » Clubs: Great club - Adamant club - Hoe club » Yumis: Setsuna's yumi - Illusory yumi - Harp yumi » Shurikens: Barb shuriken - Caltrop - Kaze's needle - Saizo's star » Scrolls: Snake Spirit - Horse Spirit Nohr » Swords: Brave sword - Killing Edge - Leo's Iceblade - Nohrian Blade » Spears: Brave Lance - Killer Lance - Hexlock Spear » Axes: Brave axe - Killer axe » Bows: Brave bow - Killer bow - Violin bow - Anna's bow » Daggers: Soldier's Knife - Jakob's Tray » Tomes: Lightning - Mjolnir - Iago's Tome then again, it all depends on the playstyle/situation. Dual weapons can be viable too if used properly.
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