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  1. Fenreir

    Tears of Serenia

    take your time, it's alright. if you manage to progress even a little bit during each week, it's still fine. and once the early chapters will be ready, people can eventually start testing them as well.
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    image.png.fd135a659b6ee917d3e8bb4eacf6bbc2.pngMy current marathon~completion status:

     Dark Dragon and Sword of Light


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     Genealogy of the Holy War

     Thracia 776

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     Binding Blade

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     Path of Radiance

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     Shadow Dragon

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     Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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  3. this can work as well. or eventually, destroying the Ban Hammer could cause a time crash, and in order to restore things as they were before, it would need to be reforged.
  4. not really. in the original FF 7 you had to work hard in order to get all the lv4 limits, not to mention getting the Mime, Quadra and Knights of the Round materias by rising chocobos. you had at least 5 characters with multiple-hit limit breaks, plus a summon materia that could be used by anyone else who did not have those kind of limits(and even then you could just lv it up in order to obtain a copy). the materia builds were way more tactical compared to the Junction system, simply because you had more variety and freedom of choice. plus, you needed to think well about how to approach the Emerald/Ruby weapon, unless you already had all end-game materias leveled up to the max. in FF 8 all you have to do is just craft the ultimate weapons for each character and you're done, exception made for Quistis and Zell due to skill books/items. the only thing that matters in FF 8 are the limits anyway, since GF are useful only from early to mid game in terms of damage due to them being limited to 1 hit only. the difference is that the characters who actually can perform multiple hits on limits are only 4, two of wich are time-based, while one requires commands input and another is based on RNG, so it's not even reliable. all you had to do in FF 8 in order to defeat hard enemies was just to spam limit breaks. no tactics required, just trigger Renzokuken with Squall over and over and that's it. the Ultima weapon in Ultimecia's castle is probably the worst secret boss in the entire franchise, but not because of how it's setup, rather due to the limits system being broken.
  5. the only issues i had back in the days with FF VIII were about assimilating magic, and limit breaks. the first one was literally a chore, simply because if you wanted decent stats boosts and trigger rates you had to gather 100 points for each single spell you wanted to slot in the Junction menu. after that, all you had to do was to keep the stock at 100 in order to be effective, and just use items to heal up/cure yourself. the second, while being quite fun to perform and watch, was also utterly broken. all you had to do was using Aura, or drop a character's HP down to the danger zone and then spam the switch turn button to trigger the limit break option. needless to say, Squall's and Irvine's limits were the most destructive out of all the other characters, although Irvine's was probably the most broken due to the Zero spell effect removing defenses + Quick Bullet shooting. monsters and bosses alike were just melting down with that combo.
  6. Fenreir

    Tears of Serenia

    since i'm apparently quite inspired these days, here's some concepts for the chapter intros i mentioned before: » 1st version » 2nd version(alternative) before anyone asks, yes, i did draw that. just don't expect me to do full colored/detailed scenes a la Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem though, 'cause that's a big nope for me :P
  7. Fenreir

    Tears of Serenia

    sure, there you go: i can provide split/single images/icons if necessary, as long as there's nothing else involving html stuff or the likes. i have 0 knowledge about coding, so i can only handle the graphic part in terms of jpeg, png and/or gif files. [edit] also, it would be quite cool if it's possible to insert chapter images as standard intro when a new chapter starts, or when a story is being told. i'll make some examples later on.
  8. Fenreir

    Tears of Serenia

    i wasn't sure where to put these, so i guess i'll borrow some space from here. anyway, here's a couple of gifts from me( yet again :P ). hopefully they'll be enough for the time being. » ToS logo(rebooted) » ToS logo clean version » main screen concept(prototype)
  9. the thing is, i'd rather prefer to wield swords over lances, so at this point it might be better to just swap the unit's class to something else. Hero would be my main alternative, if not available due to class restrictions yet again, then Swordmaster as last choice. as for the Dragon weapons, if they're actually unique weapons, then i'm more than fine with the sword. at first i thought it was something similar to the Wyrm Slayer swords from FE games, but i guess it's a different thing in this case. then Mid-Game it is. i'm also fine with being paired with Pengaius due to plot development. about conversations, if your character will join in late-game, then Von will probably be a better choice. if not even Von will be available, then the main Lord will do. also, i don't know if it's doable in SRPG Studio, but i was thinking about convos in FE4/FE5 style, wich means eventually getting stats boosts/items in case there's a chance to do so. that's just something beyond recruitment convos though, wich would be more of a support thing instead with your/Von's character. however, since it's not a priority, i'll just leave the idea there for now. the Beach map will be more than fine. the idea of having the Dragon sword hidden somewhere would be very nice, as it could also be an alternative reason for my unit to be deployed in that map( rather than getting a book with secrets about FE titles from the enemy client, i would get a scroll with the secret location of the sword instead ). in that case, i'd like to start with a Levin sword, since i would have to search for the Dragon sword eventually. however, if it turns out to be too much work in terms of gameplay mechanics, then just let me start with the Dragon sword only and we can go back to my previous unit's plot. as for base stats, i'll put both alternatives: growths: finally, to resume: guess that's all for now.
  10. it's been a while since my last time around here, but i have to say it's nice to see that the old project is still going somehow. guess i'll resume some old infos and give a hand: Character Application Open Positions: - Wielder of "Dragon Sword": i'd like for my unit to be the owner, but i'd also like to have some more infos regarding the item before taking any final decision( since i had/still have my own ideas as well ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Template Character Name: Fenreir Forum Name: Fenreir Class: Great General, or eventually General in case of playable units/class restrictions. Affiliation: Protagonist, enemy recruit. Recruitment: see below. Recruitment Time: Mid-Game, or eventually Late-Game in case of playable units/class restrictions. Face Portrait: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Notes: - Main weapon setup: Magic sword( example: Levin sword ) that can be dropped after defeat, and/or Silver sword( a Brave sword would be better, but i'm not sure if it's available due to weapon rank restrictions ). - Items to drop: Promotion Crest. - Items to steal: Elixir, Antidote. - Personal Skills(in order of preference): Luna, Wrath, Charisma. or, based on the current skills setup: Charm, Defiance, Sol. - Character backstory: a veteran FE player, with good knowledge about many FE titles. he wanders the lands of Serenia in search for knowledge and secrets, and wishes to complete the entire FE franchise one day. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Route 1(Mid-Game): currently hired by -other user/main chapter boss- , wich promised to give him a unique book filled with "never found secrets" about FE games from the SNES and GBA era in exchange for his service as seasoned tactician/warrior. truth is, -other user/main chapter boss- was just using him to defeat his/her enemies, and would eventually try to get rid of him as well due to his ties with Serenia. Unit details: a unit surrounded by a group of Knights that will stand still at the start of the chapter, but will eventually move and attack anyone who gets in their range, or after a certain number of turns has passed. Can be recruited? yes, but only by other specific characters. 1~2 units max: Sire and/or Von. the talk would be about hidden secrets in Serenia with Von(signature weapon), and the "Gotoh" role/purpose with Sire(the talk would be about the conflict in Serenia). Map type: desert oasis/beach map. hidden treasures can be found around the map, one of wich would be Fenreir's signature weapon "Arcane blade"(a type of magic sword, basicly a renamed Levin Sword. or something similar to the Fire sword from FE5 with +5 MGC bonus when equipped. or even better, something similar to the Earth sword from FE4/5 with Resire effect). Map example: notes: the secret signature weapon i mentioned before would be hidden in a spot near the oasis in case of a desert map, or near the sea in case of a beach map. Main battle quote: "You wish to challenge me? ...careful what you wish for." Death quote: "Damn...not bad...not bad at all..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Route 2(Late-Game) : -other user- told him that the enemy army was trying to conquer all lands of Serenia in order to destroy its knowledge. after learning about the situation, he decided to move out with a band of knights to defend his castle/map. tricked by -other user-, instead of fighting against the main enemy army, he was about to cross swords with -Protagonist- group. Unit details: as main chapter boss, he's waiting in a throne room for the player's group to show up. Can be recruited? yes, but only by other specific characters. 2 units in this chapter: Sire and Von. both units need to speak with Fenreir in order to recruit him. the talk would be about the truth behind the conflict in Serenia with both Sire and Von. On a side note: they already knew each other's tales due to all of them being part of an old project...(4th wall stuff). after being recruited, all remaining enemy Knights/Generals in the map will turn into friendly NPC allies and start attacking available enemies. Map type: a castle on an island in the middle of a lake. can be reached either by flying, in case flying units can trasport allies, or a bridge can be unlocked by thieves/keys. enemy reinforcements will show up from the castle in case the bridge is unlocked. in this map, Fenreir will be already equipped with his signature weapon Arcane blade. Map example: Main battle quote: "Such pride in those eyes of yours. Let us see if it can match your strength." Death quote: "So this is where i fall...Serenia...i've failed you..."
  11. i had to "pause" my God Eater 2 Rage Burst run due to Code Vein being almost around the corner along with other factors. wich means i'm currently in standby. plus, Death Stranding will be coming out in a couple of months, so i guess the God Eater saga will be put on hold for a good while. at least i managed to fully complete once again the first title, so that's a start. besides, there's also Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain, FE 3H...there's literally no end to the games i can play. i'm also playing the last chapters of FE Thracia 776, after that i'll probably move on to the GBA titles once more. however, between fall and winter, there's probably more chances i'll be locked on my PS4 rather than playing with emulators on cellphone.
  12. Remaster: - The Legend of Dragoon: timeless classic JRPG for PSOne; - Vagrant Story: an obscure and unique JRPG from good old SquareSoft; - Xenogear: yet another classic JRPG from Square. as for remakes, at the moment i don't have any title in mind that really needs a complete remake. rather, there's more titles that could and should be remastered from the PSOne era onward, such as Parasite Eve or The Bouncer.
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