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  1. i could have included more weapons, but then it would've become a way longer list, so i picked just the few ones i think stand out the most. then again, one thing is taking their stats/bonuses as they are. another is including skill builds, wich give way more options and make some weapons more viable than before. long story short: it all depends on playstyle. even Dual weapons can kill enemy units if used properly.
  2. Fenreir

    Zanryu's Works

    you should probably try out DeviantArt and/or other websites dedicated to art in general. this forum isn't exactly the best for sharing your artworks(i play with sprites as well sometimes), and most people will just take a look without giving feedback. overall, i think your sprites are fine. probably more detailed and polished compared to other spriters i've seen before.
  3. he could have been hiding in Silesia the whole time. after all, even Sigurd have been helped by the Silesian Queen when he was being hunted down by Grandbell.
  4. by default, any weapon that does not give debuffs to the user is already a step forward compared to the others. then there's those that give stats boosts to the unit/allies, wich can be used as alternative rally skills. then again, if you want "reliable" damage from the weapons themself, you just don't pick Killer weapons or any other rng-based weapon for that matter. you go with Braves for the double attacks, and that's it.
  5. Swordbreaker Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a Sword Axebreaker Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with an Axe Lancebreaker Hit rate and Avoid +50 when the enemy is equipped with a Lance Certain Blow When user triggers the battle, Hit rate +40 Heartseeker When fighting adjacent to an enemy, enemy’s Avoid -20 Lucky Seven Hit rate and Avoid +20 for the first seven Turns and i could go on, and on, and on. Breaker skills alone should be more than enough to rebalance the lack of accuracy, then you can slot Certain Blow to increase the chances even further. with the MyCastle feature you can get any skill you want, so feel free to spare me the route-locked skills argument. actually, you can spare me any sort of answer for that matter.
  6. in terms of tactics, if i remember well there's weapons that are based mostly on first attack/counters compared to others wich are more "straight forward" with their uses. going by factions, my list would be: Hoshido » Swords: Practice katana » Spears: Waterwheel - Guard naginata » Clubs: Great club - Adamant club - Hoe club » Yumis: Setsuna's yumi - Illusory yumi - Harp yumi » Shurikens: Barb shuriken - Caltrop - Kaze's needle - Saizo's star » Scrolls: Snake Spirit - Horse Spirit Nohr » Swords: Brave sword - Killing Edge - Leo's Iceblade - Nohrian Blade » Spears: Brave Lance - Killer Lance - Hexlock Spear » Axes: Brave axe - Killer axe » Bows: Brave bow - Killer bow - Violin bow - Anna's bow » Daggers: Soldier's Knife - Jakob's Tray » Tomes: Lightning - Mjolnir - Iago's Tome then again, it all depends on the playstyle/situation. Dual weapons can be viable too if used properly.
  7. he probably went into hiding for a while, until he got word of Sigurd traveling around the continent and getting close to his location. when we see him approaching us, he's probably been gravely wounded while escaping from the enemy army in the current map, so i don't think he's been injured for 2 years.
  8. finally finished God Eater Resurrection for PS4. that took a while, but it's been a fun run nonetheless. i gotta say they did a really good job at improving/expanding the game with new features and story arcs. mixed with the strong nostalgia from the PSP era, the game overall has been way more entertaining and enjoyable than i expected. the only downpoint was the online mode, since that feature is pretty much dead due to the game being a bit old and probably not having an active playerbase like it used to have when it was released. you can still find a couple of people online once in a while, but that's become quite rare. time to say goodbye and move on. it shall rest in my library section of beloved games, among my favorites. about what's coming up next, i plan to play and complete one more chapter of the GE saga before Code Vein gets released in september. i don't know if i'll make it in time, but i'll try anyway. and if i won't make it, guess i'll just leave it in standby for a while. now playing on PS4:
  9. it all depends if you prefer balanced units, or stacked ones. in case of stacked ones: Speed - Sigurd: helpful, but not really needed. Ayra/Fury would profit more from it. Power - Sigurd: helpful, but not really needed. Beowulf would profit more from it. Magic - Azel/Lewyn: both of them are good choices, however it would be wiser to let Azel have it, since Arthur joins way earlier than Sety(chapter 6) and will overall profit more from it. Skill - Beowulf/Ayra: since Lakche/Skasaha will have Noish as father, the Skill ring should stay on either Ayra or even better Noish. that will help Lakche/Skasaha with critical hits, although Astra procs is really all they'll ever need to obliterate enemies. Shield - Tailtiu/Lewyn: not needed at all, better give it to mobile tanks such as Delmud(Beowulf). Barrier - Sigurd: very helpful, especially when stacked with his Crusader weapon. Fury/Fee can also profit from it. Paragon - everyone: Seliph would be the main choice in order to get his mount earlier, followed by Leaf. Return - Quan: not needed at all, it would have been better on healers such as Adean or Lachesis. Leg - Sylvia/Sigurd: both are good choices, but i would say leave it on Sigurd until Seliph gets his horse, then you can sell it to Leen. Life - Sigurd/healer/dancer: characters that will eventually get Prayer(Evasion boost) do not work well with Life, same goes for those with Ambush(Vantage). better give it to warriors/tanks. Seliph can also get an extra Life ring by doing a secret event. Prayer - any second gen: Lakche, Sety and/or Shanan+Balmung can break the game with Prayer. Pursuit - Ethlyn: better give it to someone who have a Hero(Brave) weapon but does not have Pursuit, or any other offensive unit that lacks Pursuit. both Leaf/Altenna will get Pursuit eventually regardless of having the Pursuit ring. also, i'll leave this here to give some more infos. it would be better if you check it once you complete the game, unless you don't mind having 2nd gen units spoiled:
  10. if i understood right, in terms of unit's strength: [fathers - warriors] Fin - Lex - Holyn [fathers - mages] Levin - Azel - Claude [childs - warriors] Lakche - Leaf - Altenna [childs - mages] Sety - Tinny
  11. welcome to the club. i've been doing a marathon as well for a while(it's still in progress), and i can guarantee you it will take time indeed, especially if you never played the older titles. i hope you're mentally prepared for resets, because i can guarantee you those will happen soon or later, especially in the first two NES games. Gaiden can potentially break your mind once you reach the desert map on Celica's route, so good luck with that. you'll find an interesting difference once you move to the SNES games, but that's a story for another time.
  12. while we're at it, you might want to check these as well, just to get some more ideas: as for the topic itself: - Sigurd x Deirdre(canon); - Cuan x Ethlin(canon); - Midir x Adean: Pursuit + Brave bow inheritance. enough said. | Jamka x Adean: mainly for the Killer/Brave bow inheritance; - Lex x Ira: more tactical options, easier to level up. | Holyn x Ira: for dedicated swordfighter builds, along with some backstory for Holyn; - Holyn x Brigid: Patty really needs that starting B rank in swords, along with Luna; - Beowulf x Lachesis: mainly for Pursuit due to a more reliable damage ouput. | Noish x Lachesis: mainly for Critical. it's basicly an alternative build that relies more on RNG to deal damage; - Levin x Fury: for some of the most broken child units in the game. Sety's Speed levels will skyrocket, along with criticals. Fee will become the bane of mages; - Azel x Tiltyu: Pursuit + Wrath is a deadly combination. | Lex x Tiltyu: a build based on risky play. somehow more tactical, but also less reliable on basic damage output; - Dew x Sylvia: Leen could benefit from Sol, and Corple from Bargain. | Alec x Sylvia: just to avoid getting critted to oblivion and beyond due to Awareness. guess that's all.
  13. i'm playing the last chapters of Thracia 776 on my phone, while doing the remaining post-game challenge missions in God Eater Resurrection on PS4. if there's someone else playing GER as well, i may be able to give some help with story missions or anything else since i don't have much left to do anyway. currently waiting for Code Vein in September.
  14. i still don't understand why you're fixed with having all colors in GBA format, when they're already fine as they are due to more colors variety. in case of sprites borders, it would probably be faster(and even better due to a greater contrast with the background UI, wich would define them better) to just put a black border in the inner line of each portrait. just to give an example: not to mention that reducing the overall amount of colors also means that all the work i've done for palette-swapping, shading and pixels customization/additions would eventually be thrown in the toilet. i'm more than happy to give a hand with the project if needed, as long as it doesn't get crippled later on for trivial reasons.
  15. same goes for brave weapons and magic swords too. you won't get many of them, so use them only when it's really needed.
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