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  1. I've always liked Brave. But for the vantage vengeance crit people they should have a weapon with as much crit as possible. All their damage comes off critting with a vengeance of low hp before the enemy can move. Vantage is gotten off myrmidon. As far as additional skills for vantage vengeance crit: anything that boosts crit. Wrath in particular is a good way to go.

    oh yeah, and I'm availible for more immediate responses on the discord if u need more advice. Just send me a pm

  2. U gonna want to have at least one rally bot. Dancer also a good idea. A vantage+vengeance+high crit build can be helpful. Forge your weapons for high might, add a bit of accuracy boost as well. Effective weapons can be surprisingly helpful.bring a fortify staff if u got one. Also dont forget those tikis tears.

  3. Was wondring if anybody else on Serenes has played/heard of Yggdra Union. It's a pretty awesome game and it's rather similar to fire Emblem in several ways. It even has the weapon triangle! I'm asking not only because I'm curious but also because I was probably going to do a playthrough on Twitch and was wondering if people here would be interested in that sort of thing.

  4. Another favorite of mine would definitely be Navarre. He attacks so FAST. And then you put Astra on him and the enemies pretty much don't even get to fight back. Not to mention all his stats are really good to begin with and u have one CRAZY overpowered character. I mean its Dynasty Warriors, so they are all OP, thats kinda the point, but Navarre just takes it to a whole new level.

    Robin is a good choice. Has decent power, no MAJOR bad matchups. Except Anybody with res anyways. Only thing really holding Robin back is the low luck. Seriously though why is Robin's res SO HIGH. Did anybody ever pick res boon in awakening anyways?

  5. I'm surprised at the number of Fredricks. I've always found his damage output just disappointingly low. Then again this may just be me hating how LONG it takes to kill him if you dont have a magic user. He NEVER DIES EVER I SWEAR. And oh man Oboro is just silly. Her strong attack covers such a huge area that you can just sweep entire areas with it XD. Nowhere near as OP as Olivia though. Fire Emblem Warriors came to us so as to prove luck is actually the most important stat.

  6. Hey there everybody! I've been something of a long time lurker on Serenes, but I figured I should Introduce myself! I stream a TON of Fire Emblem and Pokemon, particularly with a focus on silly Rom Hacking. You might recognize me from my association with Mangs, for whom I am a scriptreader/editor for his character spotlight videos. Drop on by my discord for a general good time, and to get updates on when I'm streaming!




    we also have a nsfw section. Enjoy if u wish XD


    MODEDIT: we have our own discord, don't advertise yours


    LUNAEDIT: oops, sorry about that.


    MODEDIT: no worries cheers, welcome to sf

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