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  1. "I am all the Alteans!" - Lucina "Permission to become a dragon and destroy the world?" - Idunn "Why does everyone want to go back to Mokushu?" - Kagero "Eirika... Eirika is my sister!" - Ephraim "Laugh it up fuzzball." - Jill "Help me Alm. You're my only hope." - Celica "Wait a minute, how did this happen? We're smarter than this." - Sigurd "I don't like sand. It's coarse, rough, and it gets everywhere." - Hawkeye "At last we will reveal ourselves to the Church of Seiros. At last we will have our revenge." - Solon
  2. Banned for not going super saiyan against the Dalek Empire and its Decepticlone army in its intention to use the First Order Mandator IV-class Siege Dreadnought to plunder Helms Deep of all its spirit energy to upend the Imperium of Man which will summon Shaggy Rogers to bake a cake for their ruler Rainbow Dash who sits upon the thousand ruined planets of the Galactic Federation being subjugated by the Justice League and its sister foundation the Avengers on weekends while attending Yagami Highschool under the tutelage of Professor Lupin.
  3. I've baked pizzas but they always have toppings of some kind. What's a more effective strategy than, "I'll distract him, you punch him in the nuts!"?
  4. WOAH! Sothis? Am I in that era of Fodlan where she's still alive? Anyway, tell her that her daughter needs a really stern talking to for everything she's planning.
  5. Has an alternate universe self that believes Cats was robbed of its best Picture awards.
  6. Banned for being a proponent of evasion.
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