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  1. Oh hi, you must have smelled the turkey I was cooking earlier. I have at least half of one left, that good for you?
  2. Date someone that's like my mom personality wise. WYR keep Serenes Forest as the only remaining website after the internet was wiped clean or see the site copy-pasted to every other website in existence?
  3. Earwax. WYR rub your face on Lyndis's legs or against Catria's arm pit?
  4. Banned for not banning for a week.
  5. But it costs a lot more than just wearing plain clothing. Pretzels are salty.
  6. Did I move somewhere that has a dragon population? At least they seem friendly enough to sleep next to me.
  7. I think fat people fat shame themselves enough so the phrase probably never caught on. Maclunkey?
  8. Because it's chilling. Why's your helmet tied to your butt?
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