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  1. Dunban: Jason Momoa, Reyn: Dwayne Johnson, Shulk: Samuel L Jackson, Riki: Tara Reid... Okay now that I have that out of my system... Dunban: Johnny Depp Reyn: Chris Pratt (at least after a bit of a tan.) Shulk: Elijah Wood if there's no options in this category. I think Tom Felton could be a good second choice. I think Eddie Murphy might not be high pitched enough to be Riki, though maybe it could be changed through sound mixer. I'd pick Tom Kenny if I can make a choice here though. Why can't I fart on my opponent at a Beyblade tournament when the franchise's slogan is "Let it rip!"?
  2. Banned for banning me for a reason that he already gave.
  3. For M!Byleth, I'll be joining the Black Eagles and for F!Byleth, it shall be the Blue Lions. Leicester will be a feast for both sides!
  4. Time to begin: 1. Do you use FE Builder to work on OC Emblem? Whatever the program might be, how long would you say it took for you to fully master working with it and being able to figure out how everything worked? 2. What sort of influences did you draw from to conceive the overall plot and gameplay mechanics for this hack? 3. Which Fire Emblem game would you most like to see receive a remake ala Shadow Dragon, Shadows of Valentia, and New Mystery of the Emblem? 4. What sort of homebrew rules or mechanics did you come up with for your Dungeons and Dragons campaigns? 5. Is the 2000-year-old woman in this meme the wet nurse you've been talking about recently?
  5. Banned for getting into an argument about how banning is supposed to work.
  6. Banned for trying to apply a double negative to the banning rules.
  7. With electricity. The proper way to strike ones head against a keyboard is...
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