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  1. It turns out to be one giant ploy on the part of Kronya to lure them into one spot where she is able to paralyze them with a poisoned tea she had prepared before cannibalizing them on the spot and gets away with it while Fodlan is left without any heirs for any of its nations. I wish Nergal would make the beast with two backs with Sonia.
  2. Nohr shall not taint its bloodline with filthy low-born Hoshidans! ... Unless Camilla wants to see Corrin and Takumi make out as part of their foreplay in which case he may have his uses.
  3. Banned for not taking a stand against the Ikea Mafia.
  4. Banned because Tellius is a poor man's Berserk and Three Houses is literally an amalgamation of modern anime trends. (And just to cover my bases, Fates is a poor man's Code Geass.)
  5. Camilla (Fire Emblem: Fates) Minamoto no Raikou/Yorimitsu (Fate series)
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