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  1. Banned because so long as you live under my roof you'll live by my rules and it's time for your nap!
  2. The process of prodigitating the first nonographic philimogram is parallel to tantalizing the triteritary weight indivisible to the distance between the two quadrants that are perpendicular to the onomography.
  3. Banned because take a break from that game. It's time for your nap.
  4. I'm kind of disappointed I'll probably never get to try Little Baby's Ice Cream if only to see if it was anywhere nearly as good as its self-cannibalizing commercial implies it was. Unless they sold their recipes to someone else and someone from Philadelphia knows where it might be going now.
  5. 37,696. Someone's being left out.
  6. Marth follows his true feelings and decides to no longer be unmarried and offer his affection to the one he truly loves. Then 2,000 years later, Chrom isn't so dense about Cordelia. Dorte and Fiora's pegasus
  7. Banned because heh, nothing personnel kid.
  8. Saw his sister come forth surrounded by purple lightning cracking at the sound of the first arrival of spring.
  9. Banned because what do you mean?
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