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  1. "I have not lost hope in humans as much as you have, Krelian… Someday humankind will come to understand one another! I sincerely believe that!"
  2. 1. Camilla - Fire Emblem: Fates 2. Gwendolyn - Odin Sphere 3. Elsa - Frozen (Yes, unironically) 4. Marina Ismail - Gundam 00 5. Kate Middleton? (Yeah I don't know too many real life princesses.)
  3. My door is now made of new magnesium alloy. So no matter how many times you hit me with that sword, you are not going to hit me with that thing as long as I keep defending myself with this door.
  4. Granted. The game uses its tone in a very professional and well executed way to where the in-game story manages to be very compelling because of the tone and flows seamlessly into the gameplay as well to where the players are taken through some soul crushing turns that manage to really challenge the player as well on top of which are complemented by the gripping outcomes for what the main characters are forced to endure. I wish the next Fire Emblem game was the first game in the franchise to be rated AO.
  5. In a nice envelope package through UPS with a medium flat rate box. The proper way to revive a video game franchise without having to resort to spiritual successors is...
  6. Referenced someone who is mostly acting in the General Gaming thread right now.
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