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  1. The Gamefaqs community has discovered your address and they have Super Thracia prepared just for you. I made a Fire Emblem game with Nerf guns as the sole weapon.
  2. Am I? How does one stand backwards on a flight of stairs?
  3. All that just for one?! I demand a second! ... And no more.
  4. Because you don't have any extra. What exactly is gravity?
  5. Banned because beneath the skin, we are already one.
  6. 80s/10 Just watch the first 4 minutes +10 seconds
  7. I've got Doritos in my back pocket. I'll just eat 'em and heal up.
  8. Sprite still isn't bringing out a mint flavored version? Well time to do it myself then. Tuna Tears
  9. Fail at a Fire Emblem tutorial while streaming on Twitch with millions of people watching including with everyone here.
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