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  1. Something from a roleplay I created with someone else. Fire Emblem: Struggle Between Light and Darkness In the continent of Midgard, there exists three nations: The Kingdom of Geri in the East, believers of the Holy Dragon Astra, The Empire of Muninn, believers of the Shadow Dragon Lumina in the westand finally in the middle surrounded by a ring of dangerous uninhabited lands only ruled by monsters, beastfolk and dragonfolk is the Confederation of Vaettir, a collection of smaller united nations. Vaettir contains both churches and believers of the Shadow Dragon and the Holy Dragon. Muninn and Geri while have some full scale wars, recently in the last few hundred years are basically small skirmshes. You play as a group of mercenaries with a long and proud history originating from Vaettir. The Central Theme is about how humanity, even in their weakness and despite their constant tensions, are still able to come together under one banner to challenge whatever they must, be it a simple bandit tribe or the gods themselves. As for the beginning, essentially, the band of mercenaries is hired by the Holy Nation to make war on the Dark Nation. Cue Ch 8, the mercenaries are betrayed by their employees alongside a province of Vaettir due to Minerva archetype shenanigans. It also turns out the the Deity Dragon, Astra is corrupted and evil and is manipulating events to blame calamities, war and disasters on the Dark Nation of Muninn and its Deity Dragon, Lumina who is actually a benevolent Dark Dragon. And of course it sees the mercenary band as a huge threat to its plans. Both Lumina and Astra are disguising themselves as ordinary beings, with Astra of course manipulating events and Lumina staying hidden.
  2. Nice. Would it be possible to account to edit in custom classes and OCs as well?
  3. Dreadnought Tier: 2 Type: Infantry, Main Character, Magical Weapons: Axe, Tome HP: 26 STR: 11/30 MAG: 6/25 SKL: 7/26 SPD: 6/24 DEF: 10/27 RES: 3/21 MOV: 6 CON: 16 Max Weapon Rank: Axe A, Tome A Class Skills: Shadowgift (allows use of dark tomes)
  4. Here is a CYL edition of my OC, Neya Mizuki. Before we begin, Neya and Kuma were originally Yugioh Original characters featured in an original Yugioh Fanfiction I created and adapted into a Fire Emblem Heroes setting.
  5. Here is a reworked Neya Mizuki And now, Kuma Mizuki. However heads up as Kuma isn't as detailed as Neya Mizuki.
  6. With the Choose your Legends Banner ending, I thought it would be appropriate to put my mock up of CYL Caeda. So if Caeda was on the Brave Heroes Roster of *insert year here*, what would it look like? Here is the base kit for Brave Caeda
  7. Rules state that unless you are a CYL hero, you can only have 1 passive skill or special ability maximum from what I know on a unique weapon. Dire Thunder does the exactly the same thing as Mareeta's Sword. Also someone on reddit made a post on new skills where Nihil skill in Heroes changed the priority of skills before hardy bearing came out. Guess I'll change Nihil's effect then. View the original post on Mareeta for for info
  8. Mareeta: Star Swordsman Game: Thracia 776 Orb Affinity: Red Sword Movement Type: Infantry Weapons: Iron Sword, Steel Sword, Brave Sword Weapon at 5★: Mareeta's Sword (9 mt -5 speed. Attack twice consecutively when initiating an attack. Unique, cannot be inherited.) Special Skill: Astra (can replace this with Luna) B Passive: Guard 3 (If unit's HP is ≥ 80% at start of combat, enemy is inflicted with Special cooldown charge-1.) C Passive: Sword Valor 3 (If unit survives, all sword users on team get 2x SP. (If similar skill effects also used, only highest multiplier applied.) Stats at Level 40 HP: 37 ATK: 36 SPD: 35 DEF: 24 RES: 25 (Copied Hana's stats and slightly modified them) Since Mareeta is one of those units who arrives later in the game starting out weak but having sky high potential, I decided to use her growth rates as inspiration for her stats in FE Heroes. Mareeta is a prime offensive force who hits hard and doubles often but cannot take much hits magical or physical. Guard is B passive since in the original game of Thracia 776, Mareeta's Sword has Nihil built into it. Sword Valor is simply there since Mareeta is a low leveled, high growth rate unit who comes later in the game. So in Mareeta's original game, Mareeta breaks enemies with her unique sword until said unique sword breaks. So there's that. As for Skill Inheritance, Life and Death 3 can be an expensive but fitting A passive for the Star Swordsman. A C passive like Threaten Speed for more quads or Threaten Defense for more crucial KO's. Desperation for B slot can be an alternative to Nihil for potential quads before retaliation. As for preferred natures, you all know the drill. Take your pick between the usual +ATK and +SPD boons.
  9. A major villain who uses physical melee weapons. Zephiel, Black Knight and Ashnard fit under this criteria.
  10. What should the themes or central theme be in Fire Emblem Switch? As a fan of Mike Babcock, a hockey coach who makes excellent soundbites, I want a theme where doing good things and good things happen to you. If you work hard and perform well, good luck happens to you. I'll say more on this idea later
  11. A Dragon, a Demon, Something hideous. Something evil as the definition applies. Something extremely dangerous. Something that is love to hate are my favorite and ideal villains and I do not want my fire emblem game to stray from that. Jean Michel Roger from Yugioh ARC V is my favorite villain of all time. Here is some notes on what I look for in a villain 1. Treats people like chess pieces 2. Has a desire to rule the world and possess limitless power 3. Has no regard for the wellfare of his/her minions 4. Someone who is very smart and manipulative when this villain is thinking clearly 5. Completely Loses is it when something goes wrong
  12. I won't go into too much detail and keep things simple with two OCs I made up. Its a sister/brother duo. A high con/str/def male character who wields axes. Branch promotes into a hero or into a unique class uses axes and uses dark magic upon promotion. The older sibling A low con, high speed/skill/luck female myrmidon sword wielder. Branch Promotes into Hero or Swordmaster. The younger sibling Both have different mentalities and have similarities to each other. Both are fighters on the level of Ike/Ephraim/Sigurd/Alm etc...
  13. Roy Promotes Earlier (Promotion Time is at Ilia/Sacae campaign). Perhaps include going both to Ilia and Sacae with the player picking which route would be completed first) Master Seals Completing Gaiden Chapters unlock Chapter 23 and up. You do not get access to the Divine Weapons until you clear Chapter 22 with Chapter 23 unlocked. Divine Weapons and Sword of Seals is now unbreakable. POR style Base, Shops and Supports. Buff Archers and other Low Tier Characters like Spohia and Wendy.
  14. A Staff locked advanced class. For Compensation, Status Staff Effectiveness is increased as an innate bonus and they get +1 Staff Range.
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