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  1. Hello Azurites! Anna here and welcome to another part of Fire Emblem Fates: Best Character Ever! This time it'll be focused on two Nohr Nobles unlike with Felicia and Flora since they're maids (Which Felicia won by the way)... We got Camilla as a first option: And as a second option we got Xander: This poll will automatically close in October 24th at 10:00 like the other one. So it's longer than the other poll's time limit. Again, the votes are optional, so you can just look without voting if you're feeling lazy or you don't want to. That's all for today! Bye Azurites! <3
  2. Wow, that's very nice of you! When it comes to designs, I don't have a only choice because I love both.
  3. Well, I have four goals (Two of them is still to be completed): Getting a 3DS to play Tomodachi Life (and other games too). I had a DS before, and it was boring (And still is, if you play it for years). Still, the DS is part of my childhood. One year in Christmas, I finally got my New Nintendo 3DS XL with Tomodachi Life included. Having your own phone/tablet and not your mother's this time. I wanted a tablet and a phone to play with something for a long time. Because before I got it, I played with my mom's phone a lot. Now, during another Christmas day, I got the tablet. Moving to Cyprus. I know that you're possibly going to say "Wait, why are you moving to Cyprus?". It's kinda simple. For two reasons to be honest: One, there's a fandom and the fandom's from this anime itself, Hetalia: Axis Powers. One of the characters is called Cyprus actually. And that character inspired me to move there. And two, it's history and beautiful homes. I love them. Being a programmer. I'm working on my studies to do the job itself. I know this is kinda off-topic but hey, I just wanted to share my goals.
  4. The "Elise is best maid" quote really made me laugh because it's very funny for me! Also, that's a neat choice to marry Flora tho! (Don't blame me, I like Felicia AND Flora equally for real besides Azura) I also find your profile a bit cute. Because I love the art! Your opinion also sounds cute xd Most people on this topic (including the ones who voted) seem to prefer Felicia rather than Flora. I'm pretty sure Felicia will be the winner of the poll if we continue like that! Really? If you say so, then it means Flora is very confusing as a character according to you. Then you know her better than me but you know as equally as Wikia. No joke. Just for realz. (I know I'm quoting too much for this message) Your opinion is also very valid, like every opinion that is respected actually. I like it. Still I do respect your opinion like everyone else's here (and in other topics as long as it doesn't offend me). She's also a prominent maid according to him and has more supports according to like everyone else. I know I quoted too much messages but I wanted to answer all remaining replies without double-posting.
  5. Same! I love meeting people sometimes, specially in Internet. ^^
  6. Nice opinion! :D Felicia is more good than Flora anyway (This is my opinion obviously.)
  7. Hey Azurites (Yep, I am using that nickname for y'all)! Anna here and welcome to this post! Today, we have a poll series that I wanted to do, called Fire Emblem Fates: Best Character Ever! To use it for the first time, we have Felicia: And here we have Flora: Yep, you saw it in the title: Felicia vs Flora! Poll will automatically close in September 30th at 10:00, so if you want to vote, I recommend you to hurry up! Voting is optional, so you can just see the post without voting in it if you don't want. That is all I had to do today, bye bye Azurites!
  8. Wow, thank you for the rule.. Thank you! Nice to meet you too and thanks!
  9. I am very sorry for breaking that rule.
  10. Thank you!! Also I never expected someone to say it's hella original!! ^^
  11. Thanks for the advice. I am on tablet so I can answer you. ((EDIT: Also yeah, it can be tricky.))
  12. And now I have to eat dinner. It's night here. So I'll go BRB.
  13. Oh yeah, I used to watch Mario Party videos in my childhood. Also what a nice reference.
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