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  1. I don't care about anything other than the feathers/orbs/sacred coins which I can use to upgrade my actual favourite characters. Characters win based upon whoever gets the last multiplier and exist on banners only to try and bait orbs from people who are saving for characters that they actually want (no thanks, I will not suddenly like any of these 8 characters just because they suddenly appeared on an event). Thankfully, lots of these banners are skips, the mode itself is an autobattle, characters don't even get any dialogue which just makes it even more disappointing as the whole point of Heroes is supposed to be to see the characters interact but apparently not, I'm also not interested in seasonal units (a lot of which are repeats of existing characters) and having a bonus unit is not very beneficial at all.
  2. In the past I have used nox a few times with fiddler open and it shows the emu transmitting things such as my MAC address to suspicious chinese website addresses. I suggest blocking all the addresses listed in this post <https://www.reddit.com/r/soccerspirits/comments/74flks/configuring_nox_app_player_to_remove_adware/> I suggest swapping the nox loader (as the default one, I believe, logs all the apps you have opened and some other things besides) and that you should avoid using a real email with this emulator if you choose to use it.
  3. It works absolutely fine with Citra. Obtain the location of the save folder and open it. Citra saves are the same as 3DS saves.
  4. It sounds to me like an anti emulator update but I used the microg 7.1 instructions and mine is fine. Although I am on a i7 6500U which is a pretty beefy CPU good for emulation which can run memu and citra perfectly fine, so if newer memu needs more specs I haven't noticed it. Also the update doesn't seem to have killed FEH on my jailbroken phone, either, which has libertylite installed to prevent FEH's jailbreak detection.
  5. You can play from both devices, just not at exactly the same time.
  6. No. Just emulate android and load your iOS account on it.
  7. Am I supposed to allow this to happen? owo okay I did the blank microg, hopefully it works.
  8. actually I converted it exactly by the book and it doesn't work. The only thing that still hasn't been tested is the code maker's claim that if you get an SS rank in everything it makes every weapon type usable (really?) which can be done by class changing into classes with SS ranked weapon types. (this is doable with infinite bexp) the no caps should be this because the slider code (beginning with 08) skips every second line but adds 80 to the address on the 08 line (excluding the 08) but it doesn't work 08B54114 78646464 20A1011C 00000000 08B54118 64646464 20A1011C 00000000 08B540E0 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B540E4 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B540E8 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B540EC 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B540F0 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B540F4 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000
  9. I wonder if what they say about SSing all the weaponranks resulting in being able to use any weapon is true though
  10. Try it in the original RDCC and with 4.02 goat velocity didn't describe any class offset in 4.02 I promoted geoffrey from dark to arch sage and he gained s rank dark magic this no caps code for 1.01 RD ntsc may or may not work actually I don't think that works I think that the can use dark magic skill doesn't work
  11. there's a no caps code and maybe you can try raising it by switching class to dark sage or whatever, armscrolling, saving the game then adding a code that switches the char back to their normal class and having that hidden skill equipped
  12. hmm It will only show the weapon ranks of what the unit you change has normally, unless you increase the ranks of all types to SS - that way you can have an SS rank in any type to change to. it's possible to make units with only an A rank of a weapon type to SS due to changing to classes with an SS rank in that type Maybe you have to class change it to a specific class that can equip it, raise the rank and then switch back
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