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  1. Shinori

    Memento Mori - Signups

  2. I was gonna say i'm down to clown but I don't mind letting someone else go if they want to.
  3. I shouldn't have joined this game and that was my fault. I had nothing but like 7 days of closing in a row.
  4. I'm fine proving my claim.
  5. So I am a rolecop. Might as well claim since I don't have any other choice here I feel. A lot of people have been scum reading me so oof. I rolecopped Claire N1 as the obvious since they have flipped. I rolecopped Athena N2 as a limited roleblocker. I don't know how it's limited but I can only assume this is the reason Ichigo is being roleblocked. Also considering the fact that I wasn't roleblocked by athena who's scum reading me hard this game I think that's kind of suspect.
  6. My vote gains more meaning.
  7. I feel like nothing combated against that fenrir wagon yesterday. So this either means scum, didn't care, scum tried to push the other lynch which was duskfall, or scum just decided to bus Fenrir pretty much out the gate. This has happened before and Athena has resorted to bussing his teammates very quickly in the past. I've literally been his scum buddy before when he started bussing day 1. That was a chaotic game. I'm going to work right now so I can't talk much but I think people should really think about what the most reasonable reason for yesterday to go so smoothly was. From what i remember the only people against the Fenrir wagon was like, Ripple and Weinerboy.
  8. The last post I see from them was just that empty fenrir post which is weird but I didn't look at any of there other posts so I didn't even look at context.
  9. Anyways; why is Marth scum?
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