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  1. Wanted to update my currently looking for list. B12-001SR (Radiant Vanguard, Ike) - currently need 4 (Budget: 6~7USD per piece - roughly the price on yuyu-tei, I just can't buy from there cause I don't have a credit card so I only have my paypal balance) (TENTATIVE) B14-78SR (Unsurpassed Legend, Gawain) - currently need 2 (might be group ordering with friends.) (TENTATIVE) S05-003ST (Leader of the Mercenaries, Greil) - currently need 1 (might be group ordering with friends) Thanks for reading
  2. I would have done that if I had the money to buy some food. Convention stalls are expensive af and I'm a broke Ilyana lmao That's why I resorted to getting pictures taken of Ilyana passed out from a lack of food :') I'll do food photos when I take her out for photoshoot tho
  3. Personally, as someone who's still playing through both games for the first time, I don't have much to talk about. I find that in the Tellius games, the things I find the best would be the soundtrack and the story itself. Let me explain. (As of right now, I'm on chapter 11 for PoR and 4-4 for RD) So far, in Path of Radiance, I find the music is actually a key part of the setting for the story. For example, Ike's Resolution gives the emotion that Ike feels when beginning his journey as a full-fledged mercenary. It is rather fast paced and upbeat, showing his inner excitement at what is to come. Similarly, in Father's Back, it gives a melancholic set up to what will later be Greil's death. The night is cold and still, and everything is dark. We get the feeling that Ike hasn't spent much time just talking to his father, just bonding. But now he has a chance. The music becomes more uplifting, but then goes silent. Almost as if we, as the player, were being warned that something was coming to an abrupt end. And the title of the piece itself holds its own significance. It could refer to "Father is back" or the literal meaning, which is Greil's back. In a sense, we can say that although Ike doesn't know it, his father is "back" in Gallia. On the flip side, it could also be foreshadowing Greil's ultimate downfall, a fatal stab that pierces through his front and out his back. [Side note, this soundtrack made me cry] For Radiant Dawn, well I find it's more of the story and characters that's the best thing The story is told from an ever changing point of view, first of Daein, then of Crimea, then Begnion and ultimately the world of Tellius as a whole. This gives a chance to explore different perspectives. An underlying but prominent theme in Radiant Dawn would be prejudice. It is carefully woven into the story. How do the Laguz feel? What are the thoughts of the Beorc? What happens to the Branded? These are all explored in Radiant Dawn and they really make the story feel organic, The characters are also very well written. In PoR, I utterly disliked Shinon - he felt like a really flat character whose gimmick is just "I hate all your incompetent butts". But in RD, my perspective was changed. He wasn't a flat character at all. On the outside he may look like he doesn't care, he really does have meaningful bonds with other people, for example, Rolf. And the significance of Soren's clothing colors are also very prominent. In PoR, he straight up calls Mordecai and Lethe "sub-humans" after they rescued him and the other mercenaries, even going so far as to attempt an attack. He is closed off and distant, trusting no one but Ike. Hence, his robes are black. His heart is still filled with hatred, he still holds a grudge. However, as we move into Radiant Dawn, you start to notice that his clothes are not longer black. They have become a soft, monochromatic shade of gray. He is starting to open up to others, to becoming more open-minded. He begins to get over his hatred for Laguz, and hence, is lightening his emotional burden. Finally, in his third tier promotion, his robes are white. He has finally left behind the hatred, he has become a less distant person and as a whole, he has grown more tolerant of others. This sort of growth/character development? Hard to find. Props to Tellius.
  4. It took about a month to make the costume, and about half a month of planning before hand and material search. And yes, Nym is right about why I'm faceplanted on the floor
  5. Pardon me if this isn't the right place for my cosplay. I recently completed my Ilyana (Path of Radiance) cosplay. Wanted to share :)
  6. I scoured through the game files for Radiant Dawn to look for Ilyana's model as I needed references for my Ilyana cosplay. I managed to locate the files and extract the textures using NoeSiS, however, I soon found that the model itself was in a format that I could find no information on. I do not know how to open it or convert it into obj. If anyone is able to help me out with this I would be extremely grateful. Notably, the difference between Path of Radiance's models and Radiant Dawn's models is that they are of different file types. Path of Radiance models are a .gs file, while Radiant Dawn models are in a .cmp file. As far as I'm aware, NoeSiS is able to preview the .gs models, but unable to preview the .cmp models. Does anyone have any information on this topic? :) (I do understand that I can just look at the official concept art and all, but I like to see how it looks on a 3D model to see how I can achieve the most similar effect with my materials.)
  7. That's quite a detailed look at the soundtracks! I really need to go and continue playing through FE7 and FE9 to hear more of the soundtrack in action. It's always easier to analyse something in context. I did notice the Awakening leitmotifs, it's amazing how changing parts of a soundtrack (like the instruments, the pitch or the tempo) can change the emotions conveyed. Oh man, now I really want to get my wii back from my friend so I can continue FE10 too. I'll come back and post an analysis of Id ~ Purpose later on.
  8. Pardon my tardiness, but as I was listening to Fire Emblem Awakening's soundtrack, I noticed a little bit of a leitmotif (?) in some of the soundtracks. Examples like Id Serenity, Id Purpose, Id Hope, Id Dilemma and Id Sorrow all have small pieces of melody shared between them. I happened to listen to the Fates soundtracks the other day, and I also noticed something similar, that many of the key soundtracks have leitmotifs from the line "You are the Ocean's Grey Waves" in Lost in Thoughts All Alone. Off the top of my head I can only list End of All as a soundtrack that definitely has the leitmotif but I'd like to know, is this a recurring thing in Fire Emblem? I'm listening through the Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn soundtrack rips right now and it's going to take a while to spot anything common so I thought I'd get the discussion started.
  9. Hey, thanks for the welcome everyone! I'm glad to talk to you guys. Stahl is a very good boy! Hector memes are the best ngl OHO
  10. Hello! I'm Leif, 16 years old and from Singapore. I'm quite new to Fire Emblem, but I've played Awakening and am playing Blazing Blade, Radiant Dawn, Shadows of Valentia and all the Fates games, Shadow Dragon, New Mystery as well as Heroes. I've played bits of Thracia 776 and Seisen no Keifu before. I'm very interested in Fire Emblem Cipher, and I'm collecting cards. I do not know if I will play much though. My favourite characters from the games: FE4/5 - Leif FE7 - Hector FE9/10 - Ilyana FE13 - Stahl
  11. Hi, I'm located in Singapore and I'm looking to buy B14-097SR+ Not open for trades atm because I'm still building up my first deck. Hope to get one in good condition for not too expensive because it's going for just under 5000 yen on yuyutei. Budget is about 50SGD with some leeway.
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