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  1. to add to it: echoes has 17 units on both routes (but 16 for celica because of the deen or sonya choice) and including dlc but not amiibo, the total is 39 also three houses has 41 including dlc, not sure how many you can get in one playthrough though because i havent played the game yet
  2. what happens if you try and summon with a full barracks without moving units to reserves?
  3. does anyone have a save with male class sets a and b merged, lunatic reverse on classic unlocked, stat boost items in preps, sound test unlocked and completed event recap and base convos
  4. maybe like make a way to change classes? if thats not possible then how about just shuffling classes around for a fresh experience
  5. like gameshark or game genie codes not the sound test when i search it up it just either shows the sound test code or gives codes for shadow dragon on the ds
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