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  1. Thank you ! :D That's quite alright, I'm sure with enough digging I'll find it someday. :) Will do!
  2. Oh I see! I haven't been on my Wii U for a minute so let me add you back! :D Awesome! Whaat? You should definitely try it if you can. It's super fun. Heavy and Hydra have too much charge time for me, so the mini is juuust right. Haha! Let me know what times you can play :)
  3. Will do :). About to boot XIV right now actually. I really really am enjoying the story so I'll take it at a good pace. Ah, once I transfer over maybe we could add each other? I haven't used my alt much either, I just don't feel like grinding everything up to 60 when I already have my hands full with Kug.
  4. Thank you :) I definitely plan on doing that. I might just restart 9 at this point because its been so long.
  5. Hello. I play on Midgardsormr and I'm *still* in Heavensward due to quite a lot of on and off with this game. Started back in 2015. Planning on transferring to Faerie so I can be with an FC I Iove with my alt. Trying to catch up with current content because it looks super fun! IGM: Kugkihe Qonokihe (Yes...it's a name generated name because younger me couldn't come up with a good lala name)
  6. Hello, 1% Critical Hit. I have played Splatoon 1 for a long time until I got Splatoon 2. I'm planning on going back due to this Nintendo Online thing and i don't feel like paying atm. I will send you a request! If you see something from "Pastry-hime" or "Rani" , that's me. Edit: I can't seem to find anyone with the name "Lucky". I think I need your NNID, or you can add me. NNID is "Pastry-hime". I'm pretty out of practice when it comes to 1 but making teams would be fun! Ahh Spash-oMatic and N-ZAP '89 are amazing! My favorite weapon is def Zink Mini Splatling <33
  7. Hello Elessar! Welcome (Although idk if I can say that since I'm new here as well haha)! If you truly want to experience cut content you can hack/homebrew your 3ds and download the English Patched version of FE: Fates. I did that awhile back because I wanted to play before it was officially released over here. 3ds hacking isn't too hard, but as with everything do it at your own risk. There should be plenty of tutorials out there. Another option would be downloading the Citra Emulator if you have a decently strong pc. I believe you would be able to download the English Patched or a version where they restore the cut content. I feel like there is one out there but I'm not sure. It may or may not work with the emulator if the files aren't compatible or something. Google is your best friend, and with a bit of digging you should be able to find it if you want to go the hacking or emulating route. Err...I hope mentioning hacking and emulating isn't going to get me banished. I 100% support buying the game and supporting the company as I do have a physical copy of Fates with DLC! If you do go either of these routes please buy a physical or digital copy to support. Although, if you want to save yourself a good chunk of time and effort, I agree with DarthR0xas. Have a good day :)
  8. Hello! I am new to Serenes Forest, however I have been lurking here and there throughout the years. Finally decided to make an account! On to the introduction...I’m Rani! Pleasure to meet you! My introduction to Fire Emblem was through Smash Bros. Melee back in 2015. I was playing it again for nostalgias sake and was curious as to what series Roy was from since I always played as him since I was a kid. Few hours later I had downloaded a GBA emulator and was playing FE6. I immediately fell in love. Unfortunately my tiny netbook at the time was a hunk of crap. It stopped working so I haven’t beaten that game to this day. I definitely plan on it down the road! After that I was introduced to Awakening through a friend. I ate that game up. Looking for more Fire Emblems to play, I then played FE7. Loved it. Beat that and started FE9. Adored it (Although still trying to transfer my file over from another computer, only 3 chapters left!). Then I played Fates for a good while. After Fates a friend let me borrow his copy of FE8. Loved that too. Started playing Echoes when it came out because I had been considering Gaiden in the past. My 3ds broke so I haven’t beaten it but it was fun for the time I played. These are all the FE's I've played myself but I have watched a few lets plays of the ones I haven't here and there. TLDR; I’ve played FE6, FE7, FE8, FE9, FE13, FE14, and FE15. I am very interested in playing older FE games such as FE4 and so on. I just haven’t gotten around to them yet because I have so many games on my plate atm. Outside of Fire Emblem, I enjoy: JRPGs/RPGs, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Splatoon, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Fantasy, etc. I like quite a few things but I’m too lazy to write the rest down haha. A bit off topic but I’ve been interested in FE fan hacks/games for a few years now and I’m planning to make a short little hack for a friend that’s about 7 chapters long. I’ve had the idea in my head on and off for awhile but I’m now finalizing things. Planning on using FEXP so I’m trying to learn my way around that engine. Off topic again but, I was watching someone stream a fan hack that had a player unit battle sprite with a black pegasus that had its wings folded. Does anyone know what its from? I didn't catch the title of the game at the time. Anyhoo, I’ve rambled for quite a bit now… Looking forward to meeting all sorts of people! :D
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