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  1. Hi people, I have an issue. Actually, I'm looking for a Hard mode run and I reached Chapter 2 while respecting the limit of chapters turn and my problem is whatever I do, I cannot do it on this map, specially because of all of my party stats since I shared the experience fairly between Micaiah, Nolan, Edward and Leonardo because i think that using all of them seems essential for respecting the limit turn on the previous maps and the fact that I want Sothe picking all chests. I do know training Edward & Leonardo isn't a good idea in hard mode and actually I'm planned to only train Micaiah, Nolan, Jill and use Sothe, Zihark & Volug in addition. But since it seems difficult to at least reach the chapter 4 (for camp) while respecting turns and that in any case, the bexp is not that profitable given the meager gains in hard, should I just restart the game and spend more times on the map to properly train my units instead of playing for gaining bexp, even if I don't like the fact that I probably need to practice camping to reach my goal...? I'm sorry my perfectible english, I'm a french. ^^'
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