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  1. @Von Ithipathachai So far Im on chapter 14x and the axe appeared on the chapter where you recruit Gonzalez and 14x
  2. @Garlyle Bro Im tellin you every sleep stave had like a 30% hit and they always hit me, Im not even joking I had a fighter kill Chad with a 17% HIT ONE SHOT The devil axe ALWAYS procs for me but NEVER the enemies
  3. I forgot why I hated this game so I started playing it again, on chapter 14x Im tired of this game's shit again Why does every fucking enemy consistently hit me at extremely low hit percents? I dont mean like getting hit once or twice from 40%, because that's reasonable, Im talking about getting hit at 12% multiple times from different enemies... then I cant hit at 80%, ok game. 4 characters I was building died bc apparently every enemy has the accuracy of a god and the game displays it as "Lmao, 20%, that aint gonna hit you" I hope Im not just extremely, EXTREMELY unlucky, I hope this aint just me
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog's real name is Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog I am not joking
  5. Seth is crazy broken in Sacred Stones, like stupid nuts. Granted, all the early paladin/ advanced characters are kinda crazy, but Seth was just... In all of my three playthroughs of the game (so many I know) Seth has been the only character I could put in the front lines, surrounded by 10+ enemies, and he'd come out barely scratched. The other early advanced chars like Marcus and Frederick got nothin on Seth lmao
  6. What music track from any fire emblem game is your favorite, and why is it Conquest
  7. Chapter 20 can go die in a ditch somewhere in FE hell
  8. Even Sacred Stones is my fav game in the series, when you put all bias aside and look at it as a game in general, it's pretty meh to be honest. The story has one of the best villains in the series, Lyon, and other than the dual lord story, thats really all the game has going for it. The overall plot is kinda messy, but in a way where it still works but very oddly so. And may I mention that the game is EASY. Compared to FE 6 and 7, this game is a cakewalk and doesn't show any real signs of difficulty until really late chapters, where your team will be super buff anyways so it all cancels out pretty much. I beat this game four times and I can say, with certainty, that this is the best, worst Fire Emblem game.
  9. DB4D

    Hey Im New

    I've known of this site's existence for a while, but I only now decided to make an account. So hey guys. My fav fire emblem game is Sacred Stones, and all of its broken design choices, and my fav character is Cherche (but I didnt see a Cherche alliance thing in edit profile wth?). I've played FE 6, 7, 8, 13, 14 (Conquest and Birthright), Warriors, and Heroes. I'm extremely excited for Three Houses and can't wait to finally get my hands on Shadows of Valentia. Thats it really
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