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  1. Pet me! Petmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetmepetme!
  2. ```json Sarnai - Tactician (Level 1, Exp 0/100) Stats: HP 60 SPD 25 STR 26 LCK 27 MAG 24 DEF 26 SKL 29 RES 19 Skills: Solidarity Hex Anathema Avoid+10 Astra Unequipped: Movement+1 Locktouch Veteran Lethality Vantage```
  3. PLOT ------------------------------- Suzaku would not be a character that you would see and immediately declare as evil. She's... a mixed case, honestly. Quite far gone, but the good in her heart will shine through despite everything. Her weapon would be... fire. Just fire. No tomes. She can conjure pillars of fire, huge fiery explosions, and summon bird-like familiars without having to hold a tome in her hand. This would make her the subject of curiousity. Call me mad, but....
  4. "I want you; I want you; I want you for the graveyard crew."
  5. (Suzaku is a she though) Stare. Prepare to set the whole room on fire too, for good measure.
  6. 1) a 2) What is it you find more satisfying? Victory through a flashy display of SHEER FIREPOWER (and by that I mean deluvio de nukes a la gandhi) or through technique (taking down foes superior to you by exploiting their weaknesses, using the environment, amongst other things)? In whatever context, be it in Fire Emblem, Civilisation, or whatnot 3) DANCREACABALERFOSF--- okay, calmed down now uh... why is the dancer cabal so op?! For an organisation of support characters (promotes notwithstanding) they're almost too big of a headache... and for that matter, singer cabal when? 4) Shall we take a moment to appreciate the perfection that is Satori with glasses? -----who are your top five touhou girls? 5) Red is definitely the best colour-- but I'm curious. Any particular reasons why you like it, and in combination with what colours do you like it best?
  7. Not quite up to my taste. It has enthusiasm I'll give it that, but it does not have the coherence, elegance, or complexity that I greatly prefer in my music. Not to say I think it's bad; it's decent. 6.689/9.9456
  8. Because we realised that if we take the time to subject our resources to complex and time-intensive procedures that consume even more resources, then the resource that has been subject to such processing will be perceived as possessing greater value by virtue of having had time and resources wasted upon its production. In other words, it makes us who cook look cooler than those who eat their meat raw. Never mind that fire is hot. For what reason is sleep necessary?
  9. Thanks for the welcomes! And, ah, apologies for not responding immediately; I was unable to reply to this thread (or any thread) for that matter. Looking forward to getting along with you all! And ah, yes, the yukkuri philosophy. Best philosophy, that
  10. Hi! Hello! I am Ryuu, though I also go by (or used to go by) the aliases Melodia, Sarnai, and Suzaku. Am currently Suzaku (Ryuu)#5120 on Discord, though as I'm prone to changing my username, uh... yeah. I got my introduction into Fire Emblem through Harudoku's Fire Emblem over on discord, been playing for white a while now. Got intrigued by the series and decided to play the DS Fire Emblems and enjoyed them, but my computer's too weak for those, so.... I decided to play FE7 instead! You can, er... pretty much infer that I'm using emulators. I honestly want to play them on console! It's just that I don't have the luxury of getting myself those because poor. I'm also intrigued by Fire Emblem Awakening as well as Fire Emblem Heroes (gacha, gacha, gacha? gacha) I cannot emulate those. Gods no. FE:H is on android, you say? I.... well, got no phone, sadly. Ah well. Before FE, I used to play FFXIV (still want to get back into the game, but life's busy) and before that, Touhou. It'd be nice to go and geek out over these things sometime~! Speaking of geeking out, I love books, fire, durgens, birbs, music, bookish durgens, fiery birbs, bookish fires, and everything in between! Satoris too (if you're ever into touhou) and glasses. I, er, hope we all get along! I'm kinda slow and forgetful though, so apologies if I suddenly sputz out. Kinda moody too, though I've been doing my best to keep that under control. ------------- So! Since HaruFE is the FE game I play the most, I might as well talk a bit about the stuff I do with my characters and stuff. My userID is 143694199081009153 if you ever feel like spamming ~fites against my characters. I'd recommend bashing your head against my -2; she's my dedicated fighter. I'm far from the best, of course. I've five character slots unlocked, and for all of them I have RP profiles planned. -1 is Sarnaibileg Sansar, a (as of now, level 35) valkyrie with a love for books and knowledge. She travels the world, riding her trusty steed and writing things down as she sees them. Combat is something she abhors, and this is reflected in how she is not quite built to be a fighter (in my honest opinion) in-game; lots of luck, decent magic, but subpar speed and skill. She's a half manakete! (I love manaketes) and has been around for around 1400 years. -2 is Yuuko, foster child of -1. She's a magus with a mastery of all forms of magic-- light, dark, anima, staves. She has them all! She acknowledges but does not believe in the gods and instead places her faith in personal skill (she has near nil lck and incredible skl) and, for a character of her class, is incredibly fast. She's a glass spear-- darting around the battlefield and dealing MASSIVE DAMAGE!!!!!!!! (!!!!!) -3 is Denos do Losina, a noble. Not much to say about him without spoiling what I have planned for him. -4 is... someone named esteem. Who is he? :) I love glass cannons. ' -')b ------------- @ZeManaphy Briefly, but that was before I even knew about FF. Don't remember it much, alas.
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