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  1. Huuuuuh... It... Worked...? I did what You said, uninstalled, (by the way, I foud that for some reason Microvirt file was in local disc D, also is this normal that i can't delete MEmuDrv.sys?) installed again (this time in C), tried to import ova... and failed. But I saw that MEmu has its own ova in the main file, so i dumped MicroG there. And it worked this time. For... Some... Reason... Now in the MEmuConsole its called MEmu1 - Imported. I have downloaded FEH and it's working fine, exept for really minor sound glitches, and that video from the beginning could't play. But the game is in very playable state and only this matters because, oh man, we wasted too much time trying to get it to work. Thank you for the help and patience.
  2. Sorry for bothering you with my problems, but at this point I'm helpless. I have downloaded all three files from the front page (memu-3-3-0-2.exe, Memu-Lolipop-rc5.exe, and MicroG111-Blank.ova) and installed both MEmu and Lolipop. Next, I tried to import MicroG111-Blank using Multi-MEmu (MemuConsole) but every time importing comes to 100% it just displays "import error" I'm also very new to this whole emulation, so sorry if this problem turns out to be trivial.
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