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  1. also, for clarification, does "Free up until Chapter 6" include or exclude Chapter 6 itself?
  2. I figure that Gunter will be useful for Shelter strats. Anyways, gonna go with Shura Your turn @Eltosian Kadath Goodbye Boots. 😞
  3. @Nobody pick another (you're first so one for end of 2nd round, another for start of 3rd round)
  4. @deskita order reverses each time first and last pick so you need to pick another unit.
  5. grabbing Arthur (alongside Percy) @deskita you're up
  6. btw I just noticed that Camilla is a draftable unit. Is this a mistake or rather an experiment on how powerful she would be for winning a draft? (she's usually free Ch. 10 then banned)
  7. 12 comprise the final party if you include the 3 freebies after drafting and the 3 free units. No. You should use Jakob and Azura. Keeping them free for everyone evens the playing field. Anna is banned since she originates from a DLC chapter. In general, the units in the list of drafted units are fair game to draft.
  8. @JudgeWargrave Upon further inspection, the following rule seems needlessly restrictive: " You may not voluntarily deploy undrafted units except on chapters with talk recruitments, specifically 5, 9, 10, 11, 12b, 13a, 14, and 17." This makes the rule where undrafted units being able to dig items in the desert redundant since no thieves are recruited in Ch. 15 (not to mention the lack of undrafted fliers means the thieves will pretty much go nowhere), alongside just making some recruitments less reliable since an undrafted would not be allowed to get an undrafted recruiter out of the way after recruitment is complete.
  9. Got this draft done in 140 turns. Played this on fixed mode for the sake of consistency (and to dodge crappy level ups). A team with dual fliers is pretty busted (especially when one of them is either Marcia or Jill). Also had other decent picks on top of Jill and Tanith. Even my lategame picks were relatively decent. Turncount Log: Character Analysis:
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