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  1. So I'm about to finish a Maddening run and am considering eventually doing the Black Eagles route. Is there any way to recruit Hilda that has been found? I know, I've read all the stuff that says you can't. BUT, this honestly might be a deal breaker for me, she's probably my favorite character, and I've gotten her to S+ in Axes and Flying, and she has Hit+20, Darting Blow, and Death Blow. Needless to say, I put a lot of effort in developing her and I want her to be usable.
  2. Tier list: S+: Lysithea ………...Everyone else.
  3. It doesn't matter is Lolsithea is a glass cannon if you equip her with the Thrysus(sp) staff. With S rank she has 5 range for magic, plus the fact that Fiendish Blow+2x tomefaire will destroy every single enemy. Hit +20 is a better skill then Vantage then, to maximize her player phase. Why waste your time building up her enemy phase when she's arguably the best player phase unit in the game, and probably the best Maddening unit, sue to the high amount of Assassins and Swordmasters.
  4. That's a crazy amount of money for this game. It's not even a good game...Three Houses blows it out of the water, and you could get a Switch and 3H for what you're paying for this bad grindfest of a game. I played and wasted enough time on this game to know.
  5. Byleth Windsweep Bows, either Curved Shot, or use a Bow Knight if you have one Use units with increased magic range, either from S rank, or the legendary staffs
  6. The problems I have with the game: Honestly a bit too long, and a lot of it is from the monastery, which gets grindy The fact that there's far more characters than are able to really be used, theres a max of 10-11 deployment slots plus a few adjuvants, and Byleth plus the lord are mandatory, so you end up ony using a small fraction of the army. Plus there's also the fact that some units make the rest superfluous, like Lysithea and Leonie for mages and bow users. Overall though, a very good and #BASED game.
  7. "The only albums released this decade that I own are the soundtracks of the first three YuruYuri seasons."
  8. Why? She's the most popular Fire Emblem character (except on this stupid board), and also she is my favorite char to use. I would like to do a Camilla solo-clear, if possible.
  9. When will she be added? Serious question.
  10. Based avi #based I started playing because I liked the Fire Emblem games and slowly became addicted due to wife-foo addiction. Spent ~$300 on the game total, most of which was for Halloween Kagero. I uninstalled a while ago, and tried to get back into it recently, but found the gameplay tedious. It's only genuinely fun for me now when I use BASED +10 Kagero with dancers, or all-Camilla team (#based).
  11. I’m shocked you guys are still enthusiastic about this game. I lost all interest months ago. This game is dead. BASED!
  12. CYL Camilla is finally here. Now I can use her for a glorious couple weeks before quitting this game for good. BASED!
  13. The Memoria Freese x Date A Live collab was pretty cool. I'd like to see a Konosuba collab with Heroes. Or Owari No Seraph.
  14. I'll come back for Brave Camilla. But I'd come back early for Summer Kagero. Nobody else would make me want to reactivate.
  15. Can't wait to log in to see what anons think of my favorite videogame characters.
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