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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  2. Beating the final boss of Dark Souls without taking any damage. Not that he's hard, but just the fact that I parried him and followed it up with a 6 foot long katana through his stomach to finish him off was awesome for me.
  3. I'll take your Arc Rise Fantasia and raise you a Star Ocean track:
  4. I've been on a Super Robot Wars kick lately.
  5. Reider

    Hello there

    I was scared and stuff. That and I couldn't think of anything to say past that point so I moved on to different topics. Hello to you too by the way. Oh, and since it's been ages since I've been a new guy anywhere, HAI KNITTY HOPE WE CAN BE BESTEST FRIENDS AND SHARE HUGS AND SECRETS ABOUT OUR CRUSHES AND STUFF!
  6. Here's a track from a more recent game by the name of Nier. Not sure if any of you have heard of it but it's a surprisingly decent game with some rather messed up things story and character-wise throughout. I'm assuming that's mostly because of the fact that the guys who made Drakengard made this game though. The soundtrack for this game is easily one of the most incredible things I've ever listened to though. This song plays during some of the boss fights in the game.
  7. Illusion of Gaia is one of those games that aged really well. Hasn't lost the fun factor it had back when it was new at all. I always loved how they managed to keep it fairly balanced throughout the entire game. Soul Blazer was just "okay" for me. I blame that partially on the fact that it was the last one in the series I actually managed to play though. It really doesn't stand up against IoG and Terranigma very well. Terranigma has aged beautifully as well IMO. Shame they never released that state side because I would've bought that in a heartbeat. On the subject of Terranigma, I'll throw up one of my favorite tracks from that.
  8. This one is from Tales of Legendia. The gameplay wasn't really all that great IMO but the characters and especially the music were enough for me to forgive any of my qualms.
  9. Funnily enough I was just listening to another track from that game(and even the same uploader!). One of my favorite games too http://www.youtube.c.../?v=6pkwifWOZ3s Kinda wish this song was longer but oh well.
  10. Reider

    Hello there

    I've no idea who you are but you pretty much covered what I was going to say other than needing a fairly large number of said ball gags and many more vic-,er participants. Awww, you're so cute with your long dialogues and Waha-ing~ I'm gonna call you Texkitty.
  11. I'm sure those of you that play games have those songs you'll hear that you absolute adore for some reason or other. The purpose for this thread is for you to share these musical masterpieces with the rest of us. To start off, I'll post one of my favorites:
  12. Reider

    Hello there

    [ Tell me about it. The job is making it even worse. Barely have any time for myself anymore. If it was everything I dreamed of, this place would be a tropical island in the middle of the ocean with an endless supply of booze and mute girls in bikinis. Oh, and nachos because nachos are awesome. Anyways, thanks for the welcomes. I'll probably lurk for the most part but hopefully I'll find something I want to post in before too long. Cheers.
  13. Reider

    Hello there

    They did, but like any other kid I decided I'd rather draw on the walls and play with the kitty cat.
  14. Reider

    Hello there

    Aye aye strange person. Parents always taught me to listen to strangers no matter what. 'lo I suppose I should be expecting giant walls of text at some point now?
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