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  1. 1. Dorothy FE6 2. Saul FE6 3. Niime FE6 4. Tina FE5 5. Sonia FE7 6. Mozu FE14 7. Nyx FE14 8. Reina FE14 9. Marianne FE16 10. Ashe FE16 11. Constance FE16 12. Jeanne FE4 13. Cath FE6 14. Orson FE8 15. Gilliam FE8 16. Nuibaba FE15 17. Medeus FE3/12 18. Marcia FE9/10 19. Fiona FE10 20. Heather FE10 4/20 (nice) for me this far. And other than Nuibaba, Jeanne and Tina all the others still have a chance of happening this year so I guess the one more at risk is Medeus because who knows if we will have another non-OC mythic this year. Maybe if they hold off Eitri for a while like they did Hel and Freyr keeps getting shafted he has a shot.
  2. Oh yes, I agree. It's so weird that with the playable cast almost complete and so many villains to pick from, SoV only got Berkut, Rudolf, Duma and Rinea if we want to get technical. Nuibaba and Fernand are baffling because they are the type of characters that FEH usually likes. Slayde also could get in on meme potential alone (he has the same energy as Kempf, Narcian and Valter to me) and Jedah is relevant to the plot, which is another factor that helped villains before. It's so weird.
  3. Okay let's start with the positives: - Really happy to get a Shanna alt. Remember when she won against Takumi in a VG and we started joking that she would get an alt as a reward? It took years but here we are. Which is good, I want all VG winners to have at least two versions in the game (Wrys alt when, IS?). - New unit type is always a big deal. - The next harmonic is now guaranteed to have Thracia or TMS, both games in dire need of more units to work with for stuff like resonant battles. - I will never be unhappy with THREE brand new characerts on a seasonal banner. It's like they are compensating for the zero new characters on the children banner. - They will remind us that they are heterosexual in every sentence, but I don't care. I will still take the image of two brides holding and protecting each other and run with the implications. If Catria/Thea fem-slash doesn't become a thing I will be greatly disappointed. If I had a nickel for every time FEH solved the inherit cringeness of a girl pining over a married lord by pairing her with a cute light-blue haired gal with short hair in a seasonal banner I would have two nickles. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice (the first time was Faye and Silque). - This one is more of a hope, and isn't guaranteed at all, but... first Duo Palla, then Harmonic Catria. Duo/Harmonic Est in our future??? I hope so, the last time the pattern meant something and we eventually got Spring Est. It's cool of IS to remember the Est fanbase and give her nice things from time to time. Plus it will be hilarious seeing the haters foam at the mouth and seriously try to explain why she doesn't "deserve" a third version using math and stuff. - Saul getting in the game is awesome, but... Now for the negatives: - MOOD! Seriously I was so happy for a moment, and then the disappointment hit like a truck. Is this how Kieran fans feel like? Is this how I would have felt two years ago if we got only Sigrun, with no Tanith? Whatever the case, sh*t is wack! What were they thinking separating the dynamic duo like that? You can't have Saul without Dorothy. That would be like Delthea without Luthier, or Astram without Midia. Wait... - Man RIP SoV fans. They technically got something but I doubt they wanted more Catria. At this point I really hope the next new hero banner is for them, becauze if not I don't know what to say. - Is it me or are Blue Flying Tomes getting way more units than Red or Green variants? Maybe it's just my impression.
  4. Zombie Sumeragi - Infantry sword (the possessed Sumeragi that killed his own wife with Ganglari) Hegemon Husk - Colorless beast (self-explanatory) Risen King Chrom - Armored sword (based on the Cipher card) Witch Sonya - Blue mage flying (AU in which she ends up like her sisters. Foreshadowed by the HoF) Necrodragon Morva - GHB breath (based on his boss fight in Sacred Stones) That's who I think we will get, but I also think other characters like Dead Scarlet, an alt of Julius and feral dragon Ninian are likely.
  5. YES! That would be wild! I would love it if the twins drove their grandma insane by constantly pestering her with questions (Raigh) and affection (Lugh). Raigh: "Hey granny I heard you were literally created with magic. That sounds badass, you must help me learn to do that as well." Lugh: "Ms. Sonia, I know that this is very new to you. It's the same for me, since I never had a mom, much less a grandma, but I asked around to Mr. Pent, Ms. Igrene, Mr. Bantu, Mr. Greil, Ms. Dithorba, and many other parents, and I compiled a list of 100 activities that will help us forge a strong familial bond and make up for lost time. Of course mother and father will partecipate as well. Are you free right now?" Sonia: "SUMMONER! Summoner, I beg of you, send me back! I thought Nino was an annoying brat, but these two monsters are on another level. I will do anything, but please save me!" Now that I think about it, such a gag could also appear in the FEH manga if we get really lucky.
  6. Nice batch of characters. Personally I don't care about getting out of alt hell as much as others do. I would have gladly exchanged Louise and Pent with Wil and Isadora for example. Still it's cool to reunite Erk with his family and Serra, Farina with her sister and Sonia with her adoptive daughter. Too bad we are still missing Brendan Reed, to actually get the whole family. And I really hope Sonia is one of the GHB who also get to somehow appear in forging bonds like Ashnard. It would be a missed opportunity to not have her interact with Nino or Ursula.
  7. Didn't expect Dedue at all. I'm happy he's in, but now I'm worried about gauntlets and Balthus 😞 Pretty nice selection of characters overall. I'm really happy about Solon. Now we need Thales and Cornelia to get in the game. I will get to make a team with 4 Agarthians one day, dammit!
  8. The only two units I don't have are Seiros and Micaiah, so while it hurts to choose, at least I'm guaranteed to have someone to spark for. I guess I will end up supporting Micaiah because duo heroes are still the rarest units.
  9. She wasn't the one to ambush Annand tho. That was Pamela. The one who looks the same but with longer hair.
  10. I wasn't expecting that kind of personality for Dagr, but I like her. I guess we can expect at least one more OC other than the ones we have already seen with the mother of the two giants. That brings the grand total to 2 males, 5 females and 1 yellow Kiran. It could be better. It could be worse also. I really hope when we arrive in Asgard the Allfather has at least one male servant.
  11. Don't worry, I'll just use my special powers on her next year and she'll be added. That way I can complete the Silessian Knights team too, so it's a win-win for me eheh... Anyway in case it wasn't obvious enough, I'm pulling res and blue until I get all the pegasus ladies. This banner made so happy 🙂 Couldn't have asked for anything better. There are still characters I want from gen 1, but the selection here is just chef's kiss. I hope the gen 2 banner has subtitutes or something else that caters to me since this seems like it will be my lucky year.
  12. UWGUEGEWGWUGWUGVEG!!! WTF!? HOW!? How did this happen? I... I voted for Dithorba... am I magic or something? Am I magic only for pegasus knights, since it worked for Tanith too? I'm shook. Literally cannot believe that days ago I joked that the fout pegasus knights of Silesse would never get into Heroes. Maybe only Erin, in a year or so. And this happens... Pamela confirmed for next Genealogy banner?
  13. I think it's gonna be Echoes, but ngl I hope the weird BHB means it's TMS again or even better Cipher or Warriors.
  14. Wanted to pull colorless hoping for Faye, Tibarn or Micaiah. Got no colorless orbs, so I went with red since it had the highest chance of giving me a new unit, and I ended up with Bride!Oboro so I can't complain. I have always been pretty lucky with the RNG free units, never getting a duplicate.
  15. I'm voting duo Sigurd, Duo Peony, Harmonic Tiki, Plumeria, Seiros, and for the last two days I need to think about it a bit more.
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