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  1. Well that's a pretty interesting banner. The only one I expected to be here is Rhea and it's starting to become kind of silly how many layers of alt-hell she is on. Seriously, that's 1-a backpack seasonal version, 2-a normal seasonal version, 3-a younger mythic version and 4-a fallen version all before her base version gets in. The only one in a worse situation is Veronica who has a good chance of getting a banner this year. Lilith was unexpected but after thinking about it more she is pretty notable for being possessed in a DLC just like the Morgans last year so we should have seen her coming more. Technically every character is possessed in the Fates DLC but they don't have a speaking role and are treated as a prop. Lilith is actually one of the Anankos puppets with some focus, just like Takumi and Garon before her, and there are three others in the same situation: Sumeragi, Mikoto and Gunther. If we add the two Kanas we have 5 potential years of 1 slot of the fallen banner being givem to a Fates unit. We are nowhere near out of options for Fallen. Ninian should have been obvious in insight since she is one of the last main characters who have something to base a fallen version on, together with Rhea (and both of them are also some of the last possible legendary options for female characters), but I guess Ninian being shafted so hard in this game trained me to expect nothing for her. Gustav was freaking out of nowhere and I didn't expect him at all. Does this mean dragon-Fafnir and red eyes-Veronica are now likely for future Fallen Heroes banners? That's certainly a way to get around the remaining candidates being "literal whos" for the average player in the future. Just use OCs instead. Still Gustav is kind of in a tricky spot. Technically this is an alt version, and there's a base alive version they could use in the future, BUT this is the version that made an actual appearance as a unit and the base Gustav would be pretty much a recolor so... do we count this as an alt or not? And finally Muarim surprised me. His fallen version is based on a 30 second long cutscene, which is the same as Celica and Ninian and better than what-if Ike but they are main characters so it makes sense to put them in even if the justification is a huge stretch (see also Dimitri). His inclusion makes other not-main characters with pitiful screentime like Rajaion and Sonya's sisters more likely which is great because I really want them. And it's also great to get Muarim in the game in some way since he isn't likely to be on a New Heroes banner soon. Both Elincia's retainers and the Dawn Brigade shoul get their own banner before Tormod and his gang. Sorry, not sorry. Anyway a bit disappointed to not see Greil, as well as Medeus' Maidens or one of the Deadlords but there's always next year. I will definetely pull on this banner and also spark.
  2. To be fair this is not so much a dragon lady problem as it is an any lady problem with Fire Emblem. I can think of like 5 (named. So the random woman that appears if you visit a house doesn't count) women in all of Fire Emblem that look older than Duma: Hilda, Niime, the fortune teller from Elibe who I believe is named Hannah, that one female version of the old wise sage trope that is a friend of Saleh in FE8 and Hel. Consider that the series has 500+ named female characters this is not great. It's to the point that when they want a female character to be older for a specific reason they end up looking like Reina from Fates, who looks younger than Duma to me. And if they want a male character to be older for a specific reason they end up looking like Gunther from Fates. The double standard is real.
  3. It's about time!!! Absolute win of a choice for a Mythic Hero. Now let's get Anankos in the game too. And Nergal. Let's finish all the final bosses.
  4. Yo, it's pretty crazy to think that by 2025 we might exhaust the entire roster of two games. Or even sooner if they (IS) decide that being seasonal alts only is "good enough". I wonder what will happen after that. Will we just stop getting regular banners from Awakening and Echoes? I guess it had to happen sooner or later.
  5. Urgh... this is so disappointing. Getting new units from Thracia is always a good thing, so in a way I am grateful that it even keeps getting banners but... What a waste of an Ascended. If there was any game that really can't afford losing even a single slot it's Thracia and I hoped beyond hope we would get a random OC, like Freyr 2 years late, so we could have a fifth new unit, but nope. And to make things worse it's Mareeta, who already had two versions in the regar pool and now gets the third one who is even the same move-weapon type as the others. Jeez, talk about choosing the worst possible option. Even Olwen or Reinhardt would have been better, at least they always get a different color. A sword Olwen/colorless Reinhardt would have been more interesting. And this might only bother me, but why did they pick Karin instead of Misha? We literally have Misha's mom already in the game waiting, come on the forging bond writes itself! You had ONE JOB! Speaking of which, what the heck is up with the descendants of Odr always color sharing with someone else on their debut banner? Ayra shares with Eldigan, Shannan and Larcei shared with each other, as do Galzus and A!Mareeta, and base Mareeta shared with Eyvel. They always colorshare with someone with a sword too, not even a red mage or something. You would think that for a family that is considered legendary for their sword prowess in lore, to the point that other sword users idolize/are scared of them they would know any other unit sharing with them would be overshadowed, so it would be pointless to share, they can carry the red by themselves on their banner. But no, apparently that makes too much sense, and that is why we ended up in this situation. I will never understand IS.
  6. I feel you so much, except that for me it's Dorothy I was hoping to see. There's always 2023 I guess... Anyways all the characters added deserved to get in even sooner than now because FE6 is full of amazing characters. It's just too bad that we lost a slot to Ascended Idunn. I understand that with a banner of Cath, Niime, Hugh and Gonzalez none of them would sell but still. The next TT+ story arc can't happen soon enough. I can't wait to get an ascended OC again or perhaps some brand new OCs to sell the banners instead of the stupid main games ascendeds.
  7. I went back to check and Bramimond counts as Blazing while Elimine counts as Binding. Kind of weird to make such a distinction since the lore is obviously shared between games that are sequels/prequels of each other and if they can make Naga count as both Archanea and Awakening they could/should do the same for other characters but that boat has already sailed back when they made Yune only a Radiant Dawn unit. So what you are telling me is: flying staff legendary Elincia confirmed for a future Legendary banner very soon?
  8. Oh yeah duh, brainfart. I guess Lilina and Fae were such unexpected choices for legendaries that my brain refused to memorize them as such. I wonder if that problem will get even worse in the future now that all lords minus Yuri, male Corrin and Elincia already have legendary versions so even more minor characters will get that title.
  9. I mean sure, they could do interesting stuff with the four of them, but they could do interesting stuff with many other characters and we already have 2 mythics from TH and 5 legendaries from 3H, while Binding Blade for example has just 1 legendary and 1 mythic. Thracia only has 1 legendary... What I'm saying is that we can definitely wait a few years before getting other mythics/legendaries from that game.
  10. I wonder if next year we will see Athos in the top 20 males for the first time out of the sheer desire from his fans to see him recognized in some way. Soren style. Tiki style. Touma style.
  11. HAHAHAHAHA! Okay on one hand it's awesome that Elimine was finally freed from the Mario Kart jail, but on the other hand they really picked her just to not pick Athos... It's funny because they are close to running out of female characters who CAN be Mythics according to the current rules, so after they give us Hanon, Ashunera, Nada Kuya, Fjalar, Njorun and MAYBE Artemis they will have to give us Athos or another male mythic, right? Am I forgetting anyone else? They won't actually be such asshats that they will give us Mythic Cethleann, right?
  12. In the end I gave 3 votes to Bernie, 2 to Dorothy and 1 for Ayaha and Elena. Now we wait and see.
  13. I will keep voting for Bernie but I wouldn't mind if the final results stayed the same as midterm. All solid picks and some of them even surprising.
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