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  1. More than the popular villain Gangrel, I consider the fact that we still don't have the complete original formation of shepards to be a glaring omission. We have people that joined later like Libra, Cordelia, Panne and even Henry, but we are still missing members that were already in the team before Chrom met Robin. A single banner with Miriel, Kellam and Vaike would close the gaps really well. Add Emmeryn for the sake of having a character with popularity and to complete Chrom's family. Actually it's not only Awakening. Basically every game has the problem of characters from the very early cast still missing. Shadow Dragon needs Frey (and don't even argue that he doesn't count because he is remake exclusive. As if anyone here played the original FE instead of SD) If we want to stretch a bit further what counts as "early cast" it also needs Bord, Cord, Julian and Lena. New Mystery needs Kris XD. Not only you get him/her immediatly, which is the criteria I'm using, but they are also technically the only missing protagonist. Unless we count spin-offs like Warriors. Echoes needs only Mycen from the prologue map strictly speaking, but if we want to push further what counts as early, it also needs Silque who joins almost immediatly. Geneaology needs Noish and Alec. If we want to stretch it add Azelle, Lex, Dew and Aideen. Thracia needs anything. It's missing everyone basically. Binding Blade needs everyone from the early game. We only have Wolt and Shanna. Blazing Blade needs Sain and Kent (also Wil) for the Lyn mode and for the love of Naga, Oswin and Lowen for the other modes. I would mention Marcus, but he counts as Binding Blade for me. Sacred Stones needs Franz, Moulder and Gilliam. Also Vanessa and Artur. PoR needs the remaining Greil mercs. Also Marcia. Radiant Dawn really needs the Dawn Brigade. Fates is missing Rinkah. 'Nuff said. And Three Houses is missing Jeralt who definetly counts since Mycen counts. Which means that technically not even a single game has a perfect representation of its early cast, what a shame 😧 It's probably because the early recruits aren't the most popular, but it's still a shame.
  2. You misunderstood. It's not that "if you support Leila and Valbar you also must support Kris". It's "if you think the reason certain characters have more of a chance/priority is that they have been teased since near the beginning, than that's true for all of them or for none of them" which basically means that if you think that characters who have been teased for years deserve to be added sooner out of respect for the fans, that's fine but that's not limited to the ones you like.
  3. I hope so. As someone who hasn't played the damn game yet (I rarely emulate) I can easily understand why Kris is a wanted character. There is so much legacy to them. They were the first playable avatar, a feature that became so succesful that is now expected for every new game. And I know that some people would hate them FOR THAT EXACT REASON, but if you like Robin, Corrin or Byleth you have Kris to thank. Without Kris they wouldn't exist. Honestly they should have been added a long time ago, it's absurd that they had the time to plan, create and add to Heroes ANOTHER avatar (Byleth) before putting Kris in. Even for the sake of completing a set, Kris should be added. He would complete the thematic teams of all Male Avatars and she would do the same for all Female Avatars: the Team. At the same time. And you guys mentioned that Matthew has been talking about Leila since the beginning and Leon has been talking about Valbar since near the beginning, but they are still not here. Well, Katarina has been talking about Kris since near the beginning of the game as well. If you are among the people who think Leila and Valbar should just be added already, than you should also support Kris since they are in the same situation. Honestly I thought the lack of New Mystery banners was what stopped Kris from coming, but now we got a New Mystery banner and they did not come. I am getting worried here, and I decided to spare a couple of votes for both Krisses in CYL 4. Let's hope that enough people do the same so we can make IS do it and in the process get another banner for New Mystery. Because you know... Nyna is also an unacceptable absence.
  4. Okay but we have an Armored Healer in this game. A freaking ARMORED HEALER. And Armored Dagger for that matter. Which I'm fairly sure are combinations that never existed in the main games. I don't see any reason to believe we won't eventually get any combination of anything ever when this game eventually reaches 800 units, just for the sake of diversity.
  5. If you want Rinkah, you don't have to hope for a banner with Jill. You have to hope for a banner with Awakening Anna and Severa both present. If Jill was added the Farfetched heroines would just be Anna and Severa. I don't get why you guys think they would be skipped when they are in the exact same situation as Owain. And even then you would need to also hope beyond hope that seasonal alts actually disqualify characters. My prediction if none of the relevant characters get added by then is AwaAnna, Louise, Conrad and Nils. But we could have Lif instead of Nils. We have the precedent of Loki coming on Brave Redux instead of saving her for the banber with Surtr and Ylgr, so we can't be sure if he counts or not.
  6. Ah yes, one of the highlights of the direct. I can't wait to finally play this game for myself. As an Atlus fan, as a Fire Emblem fan, and as a Love Live fan I feel like this game will grab me for sure.
  7. The reason she did not get the Blessed Blade is that there were already TWO sword units on that banner. It would have been overkill to add another one. Plus a green tome alt makes some sense for Olwen since this lets her inherit wind tomes and she was able to use Wind magic in Thracia, I think. But now that we have a third Rein another Olwen alt is on the table. That may finally be her sword version.
  8. Camilla stole the VG crown from Micaiah, but Micaiah stole the first place in CYL 3 that Camilla would have gotten if we had no clue how well she was doing because of the mid-results. So who's the real thief here? Jokes aside, as I said I would have been happy with either winning, but adding another feat/achievement to Camilla's evergrowing list is always a pleasure.
  9. About Neph. Her helmet is just the biggest meme. We had characters who played the fish out of water before (Tharja trying to be "normal" and enjoy Christmas invented the wheel, Catria begging us to not question her appearance perfected it) but Nephenee takes it up to 11. I was on the floor laughing when I saw her stupid-ass helmet. I found silly outfits amusing before, but never like this. I LOVE THISSSSS!!! I NEED EVERY CHARACTER HERE, BUT I DON'T HAZ ORBSSSS!!!!! But I can totally see people hating it. It's the kind of stuff I would have hated in a main game. If for some reason during the plot of PoR or RD Nephenee was forced to attend a ballroom, or an important ceremony or something, and they still let her keep her dumb helmet I would have groaned and blame it on not wanting to spend resources to give her another portrait. But in the context of FEH I can accept it. Screw logic! Let's just embrace the insanity!
  10. Believe me, the Leif banner would have sold terribly even if we had a summonable Finn instead of Reinhardt. It isn't because of him that IS doesn't trust Thracia characters to sell. Honestly, even if the fact he is OP is the reason for his popularity, it doesn't mean that after he became popular they did not try to do more with his characters. They explored pretty much all sides of his personality that were already present in the original game: his affection for his sister Olwen and for Ishtar, his happiness to see that Olwen has grown and become indipendent, his doubts about following orders he doesn't believe in and that go against his chivalrous personality, his low-key admiration for the underdog that somehow manages to win, also known as Leif. I can totally buy that people became interested in him because of his lines in Heroes. I know I did. In fact people fell in love with his character and backstory so much that they thought it would be marketable to appeal to the niche ship of master-retainer he has with Ishtar. This kind of ship-baiting is usually reserved to main characters like IkexSoren in valentine banner, CamillaxTakumi in Summer and New Year Banner, LilinaxRoy in Valentine... . . SigrunxTanith in June's Brides
  11. Okay, but in that case your statement about how NPCs deserve to get the alt only treatment, or even better to never get in the game at all means that there are currently 27 characters (Gharnef, Clarisse, Legion, Berkut, Duma, Eldigan, Ishtar, Julius, Arvis, Reinhardt, Zephiel, Narcian, Idunn, Lloyd, Linus, Ursula, Lyon, Valter, Greil, Zelgius, Yune, Grima, Naga, Mikoto, Garon, Kronya, Death Knight) plus the almost confirned Rinea, that you think should have never been in this game. It must be rough for you having to deal with so many wasted slots. And I don't even now how you feel about characters that are playable but are in Heroes as their NPCs selves, such as Hardin, Mareeta and Camus (an egregious example, since he has not one, but two playable versions and yet they decided to give us the NPC version instead). Nevermind the characters that have the role of NPCs in Heroes itself and yet received a summonable version, like Surtr, Loki, Helbindi and Hrid.
  12. Well, if we want to be technical... Rinea isn't an NPC, but a boss character like Ursula, Gharnef, Idunn, Garon and Berkut. I mean, bosses are NPCs since the term means someone who is not playable, but when we talk about FE people tend to consider bosses more valuable and when we talk NPCs we mean green units (like Greil) or characters who never appear on the battlefield (like Layla from Fates). You may argue that you only fought her possessed form, but then I can say that Lyon doesn't count as a boss because you only fought his possessed by the demon king form. It's a stupid argument to make. And I consider Mikoto a boss as well. Sure for two routes she was just an NPC, but the one fight against her in the third one elevates her. Because if we consider enemy units to be better than NPCs, then she is an enemy that deserves an higher status, especially if fricking Brigand Boss has it. I don't know you, but I found the battle against Mikoto and Sumeragi, as well as the one against Berkut and Rinea to be a bit more memorable than the one against Brigand Boss. If he is a boss, than the others I mentioned are better bosses. For the time being the only pure NPCs in Heroes are Greil, Yune and Naga. You never play as them or fight them in their games. If anything this game could use some more NPCs and bosses, since it's the only chance we have to ever play as them. I understand the disappointment if they steal the spot of a character you really like, but at least you can play that character in their own game.
  13. Wow, a Micaiah vs Camilla grand final. Talk about a win-win scenario. Both of them really deserve to win. Camilla deserves to win just to get back to the people who were suspicious of her popularity not being legit. That she stole a Brave alt because of meme votes, or cheating, or fake accounts etc. Sure Bill, Camilla has so few actual fans that actually play the game that in the first round she had more support than fricking IKE and in the end she won the whole thing. But on the other hand, Micaiah deserves to win because she was hated and bashed for way longer than Camilla and even in this game she was added after Ike and Elincia, she was the penultimate lord, only beaten by poor Leif. She deserves her moment of glory. If a tie mechanic existed this would be the match I would like to see end in a tie. Both the queen of Daein and the queen of Nohr are winners in my book. I will continue to support Camilla while wishing good luck to all of you on team Micaiah.
  14. Do you also dislike Berkut? I didn't remember that. If so, instead of losing the rewards you could simply join the rest of Ike's fans in team Micaiah and fight for Tellius. Putting aside differences for the good of Tellius, which is the whole message of Radiant Dawn I guess. Or you could join whoever is against Micaiah to avenge Ike like lots of players do in VGs. Your call.
  15. ^^^^^ This so much. RD would have been such a better game if Ike was given less spotlight and he only became playable in Part 4, or even better the Endgame. That way the only two lords would have been Micaiah and Elincia, the characters who actually had to grow from their experiences and become good leaders, a trait that lords always have. And if they really needed to have three lord characters, Sanaki could have been the third one. They could have made so that she escapes from the senate, she seeks the help of Ike and becomes involved with the Laguz-Beorc conflict. A lord who escaped from her own country and tries to reclaim it just like Marth. Or they could have made Skrimir the lord of Part 3, and that would have been super unique. Ike could still have some spotlight and appear as an advisor for Sanaki/Skrimir. Kind of like how Nasir was with us for a good portion of the game in PoR but only became playable at the end. Honestly I like RD and his story, and Part 3 was really interesting despite having a main lord who had nothing to say anymore. That's the problem. RD managed to be interesting despite Ike being arguably the most important lord, rather than being interesting thanks to his contributions. Say what you want about Micaiah's and Elincia's terrible mistakes. They are flawed characters, they are arguably written badly, but are stil written better than this version of Ike that may as well be a piece of wood. Having the protagonist change thanks to his journey is one of the things that are ESSENTIAL for an interesting story, which means that RD!Ike actively fails at being a protagonist something that no other lord in the series does. Here's an hot take that will make some people mad. Chrom, Robin, Alfonse and Corrin (even in Revelation) are all better protagonists than RD!Ike.
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