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  1. Knowing me, I will vote for characters I love who aren't in the game yet, and after midterm resultsI will switch to an interesting (for me) pick who is really close to making it, such as Anna, Reinhardt, Bruno, Bernadetta or one of the Fairies. This assuming that 3H lords dominate the top 4 spots like I'm predicting. If that doesn't happen and because of some unholy reason Edelgard is in third place I will switch to full support for her. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle. Crimson Flower = canon route And can I say that the people who are saying ex-Camilla voters will just go for Loki and Plumeria are grossly overestimating how many people on team Camilla were members of the "Horny on Main" team? Don't get me wrong I am aware that a portion of her voters simply saw tits and voted for tits, and that was their only reason. But I would like to remind you that characters such as Tharja and Loki did extremely well too, which leads me to believe that the horny squad simply voted for many sexy characters and not just Camilla. Which means that a large portion of Camilla voters in CYL 3 voted her for a variety of other reasons other than tits, and as such they will not simply gravitate towards the nearest breasts they see. For example, a part of her voters were certainly memers. Professional memers. Camilla getting alt after alt was becoming a very big meme at the time. Those people will probably vote for either Marth, who also has a bit of a meme about never winning anything, Plumeria who is the biggest new meme, or a meme pick from 3H which could be Gatekeeper-kun if he is votable, or if he isn't someone like Seteth, Flayn and Ferdinand who all have big memes arounf them. Another portion of votes were from people who just wanted to piss everyone off. I think they were a smaller group than most people think, but they were there and they will probably go for someone else they think will piss everyone off. Like Surtr. Or Azura because many think Legendary Azura is the biggest cancer ever, and a Brave Azura would probably be even more broken and piss people off. But a great majority of the votes were from people who (warning: big revelation incoming) are legitimate Camilla fans who genuinely like Camilla for who she is. Because Camilla is just the best and no one else even compares in their minds. This can be for a variety of reasons. People who think Camilla's purple hair is just the best (like me) might switch to Bernie, the new purple haired waifu that everyone loves. People who love the big sister trope and want to be spoiled rotten by their onee-sama might switch to Mercedes, or even Rhea. There is a scene in which Byleth is literally sleeping on Rhea's legs. If that isn't the most Camilla thing to happen in the entire game I don't know what is. People who enjoy characters that obsess over the avatar will switch to Tharja. Because who else would they pick? People who enjoy impratical fetishy outfits will vote... I don't know. Charlotte? F!Byleth? Sothis? Thrasir? People who love tall, imposing women who are strong as sh*t will switch to... I don't know. Catherine? Vaida? People who just love female wyvern riders I won't even try to guess, because that are a lot of options. Jill? Cherce? Altena? And people who love Camilla for her character, her backstory, just love Nohr in general and above all else her biggest fans... probably will vote for someone who is very close to Camilla. Because the next best thing to do when they can't vote for her is to vote for the people she loves. So her retainers, the Nohr Royals and Corrin, absolutely Corrin. So the people who are afraid that the incredible number of Camilla votes will go all to another character that might be even worse in their eyes than Camilla can relax. All those votes will probably spread evenly across a large amount of characters.
  2. Hawkeye lives in a desert, and we just discussed that Tharja should cover herself more because that's what people do in deserts. Hawkeye is being just as dumb as Tharja for not protecting himself from the sun. SMH such an unrealistic outfit, just for the sake of pandering to horny girls and gay boys who want to see naked chests.
  3. Preach it. To be honest I'm also completely fine with normalizing sex a bit more, but I would like if it was not treated as something silly, only to make the main character blush like a bad harem anime cliche. I can't believe the Fire Emblem series can have children sacrificed to an evil god, but it can't have people talking about sex, or rape if they are bad guys (minus Narcian, the only almost rapist I can think on the top of my head), in a serious way. Okay, no I'm gonna have to call bullsh*t here. Aversa isn't a case of unjustified fanservice. She is playing the evil seductress trope in the story. You can dislike the trope, but it's not like she is being sexual for no reason (and speaking of the few cases of sexual stuff in Fire Emblem. If I remember it right there is a conversation somewhere that suggests she might have seduced Gangrel to get her position or something). Tharja on the other hand, I agree. There is no reason for her to dress like that, since she prefers to be ignored and dressing like that will only get her more attention that she is comfortable with.
  4. This is just the kind of contrived magical explanation I expect from an FE game, so you are probably right.
  5. In book 6 we will have a character that straight up drops the sex word. You can't stop them.
  6. Which brings the question, do the heroes we send home retain memories of their time in Askr? I need a Game Theory about FEH right now.
  7. Speaking of another issue brought by Plumeria's inclusion. For how much we rant about how perverted and lewd this game is, in reality it always stops itself from going too far. The poses can get suggestive, but never to the point of actually resembling sexual acts, and the outfits (even the bath towels) always cover the important bits well. The dialogue, assuming you are really thick-headed or an actual child, isn't that sexual. Camilla just likes baths guys, what's wrong with taking baths? And what's wrong if she likes to show affection to her siblings? Lots of people do. The line about bunnies isn't explicit at all. It's not Loki's fault if you have a dirty mind and inmediatly think about reproduction. But Plumeria... she is straight up a succubus in-universe. There's no misunderstanding it, she's here to remind us that people get horny even in the Fire Emblem universe. How often does that happen? I remember Silvia flashing her breasts and Narcian wanting to "have fun" with Clarine, but I don't think we have ever got to this level of bluntness before. Should we start worrying?
  8. As far as I heard her japanese lines are a bit more explicit about her hate for humanity and what she has to deal with. I for one think that her character is really interesting because it's basically the trope of the "succubus that treats her jobs as a regular job" which is rather common in anime, with the "I hate my job" variant, which is far less common. The problem is that I can't see IS using her to her full potential in-universe and out-of-universe too. In-universe we have a trend of FEH introducing supernatural beings that rule over aspects of reality (Hel rules over death, Thorr rules over war, Loki rules over deception/illusions, Peony rules over happy dreams, Triandra over unhappy ones, and now Plumeria rules over wet dreams) and an easy to understand motivation for the villain to distrust humanity (honestly if I had to deal with Lachesis' dreams about her brother, Valter's dreams about S&M with Eirika, Oliver's dreams about birds and... Nina... I would assume the worst when meeting any human too), but a motivation that can be easily resolved to make her a good guy in the end. In her description it says that she wants to quit her job but she can't. The only reason I can think of is that the main villain of the book is forcing her. If we simply kill them, Plumeria becomes free and I guess someone else will have to take her place, or people will simply stop having lewd dreams. I doubt she would care either way. Or she could just die, and we summon her from another dimension before she died. But either way I don't trust IS to use her in any meaningful way during the story, because of the dozens of OCs that they wasted already. Veronica and Alfonse are the only two that were treated well, and the jury is still out about Loki since we got some interesting clues about her true nature sprinkled here and there that make my "plot predicting" senses tingle and theorize that she might end up being the true final boss of this game in her true form, or at the very least the "Starscream" of the story. But beside these three, all the other OCs scream wasted potential, and even if by some miracle this book is way better written than the others, she will probably get less screentime than Peony and Triandra. The best she can hope for is to become the Helbindi of this book and not the Thrasir of this book. Out-of-universe her character is meant to be a joke at our expense. "Haha, players be horny. They spend a lot of orbs to get their Summer Lyn, Hot Spring Ryoma and Spring Loki. You perverts, we know the reason why LOL!" - IS, probably. Now, comedy is subjective. I find the joke funny, someone who is a big prude, or a SERIOUS FIRE EMBLEM FAN who only plays to build a perfect team with characters such as Hardin or Tibarn and uses the seasonals as fodder probably wouldn't find it so funny, but rather frustrating. But the point is that I think IS plans to use Plumeria and her alts just for the sake of funny lines and situations, and not as a serious character. Because if they take her problems too seriously they might hurt their own business model. What if some players realize that it isn't swell that so many characters are forced to wear outfits that make them uncomfortable (see Summer Noire) and stop spending money to pull? We can't risk that. Let's make Bride Plumeria instead and give her lines about how she would never marry a human because we are all disgusting. Unless... maybe some humans are not complete perverts. What if summoner not pervert? What if summoner treats Plumeria good? OwO I'm just making this up, but watch as it actually happens in 2021. Plumeria isn't the kind of character that's doomed by design. You can take everything we just learned about her and build an excellent character arc out of it. But I doubt the developers want to do that, or are competent enough to do that, or both. But if the fanbase ends up really loving her she could become "fixed by fanon". Come on Fanfic writers, it's in your hands now.
  9. Fingers crossed for something like Azelle, Lex, Brigid and Aideen/Edain for the banner, Midir as the instant demote (but if we are not ready for a bow cavalier demote, even if colored, they can pick Dew) and some a**hole villain from GEN 1. Someone like Jamke's evil brother to remain with the early game theme of the banner. EDIT: I know Brigid isn't earlt game. I chose her because gender balance and a personal preference for her. But you can also put Erin there if you prefer.
  10. Oh, this is a really nice banner. Pretty much all the characters included are extremely plot relevant and glaring omissions until now, and the one that is not was extremely requested since the original CYL, so it makes sense to add her. Also, this finally gives me the lance wyvern in the regular summoning pool that I always wanted. I know they are functionally identical to lance pegasi, but wyverns are cooler. Now I don't care if they give Jill an axe. Altena is enough for me. But the most important thing is that Travant is the GHB! May the trend of regular units as GHBs die in a fire forever. I'm still waiting for Gangrel, Arete, Iago, Hans, Izuka, Petrine, Ashnard, Selena, Sonia, Nergal, Eremiya and all the Gaidens and Jugdral villains IS!
  11. Gotta go with Edelgard, my empress. But if Dimitri beats her I will join his team. I'm not one to hold grudges against characters that beat me in VGs, and all of the 3H lords were lovable and complex.
  12. Wow, so many people suggested a cooking banner and nobody suggested the true MASTER CHEF Peri? Smh But seriously, where are the alts for the rest of the retainers? Jakob, Felicia, Flora, Kagero and Niles are not enough IS -.- But while we are on the cooking topic I I would love a banner about horrible cooks. Annette to make the kitchen explode, Tanith to be ashamed of her failure, Hinoka and Setsuna to make everyone vomit, and Ilyana can be the TT+ unit and be cool with the atrocious dishes because it's still free food.
  13. Fire Emblem in general doesn't need fairies. Just like how it didn't need gods, cat-people, bird-people, dragon-people, revived skeletons, centaurs, giant spiders, demon kings, Duma possessed creepy witches, ghost parents that tell Seliph he is a really good boy, people with the ability to shapeshift, time travel, portals to other dimensions and a kingdom named Valla that floats in the sky because someone at IS played too much Sonic 3 & Knuckles. And yet all those things happened and it wasn't the end of the world. You are allowed to personally not care for fairy tale creatures, but "there was no need for this" is a really bad argument. At the end of the day there are few things that are "needed" to tell a story, but if every story was only about the needed bits they would be really short and uncreative.
  14. Lmao! I love that people started to theorize about Bruno's possible return and the fact that Gustav might be stuck in a dream instead of dead, and one day later it's revealed it was only Alfonse's dream. I loooove that kind of mindf*ckery. And we entered a dream within a dream! That's some Inception sh*t! I hope something like "oops, sorry chapters 6, 7 and 8 of this book where all a nightmare. That thing you didn't notice in chapter 5 was actually Triandra tricking you into falling asleep. Sorry, not sorry" happens. I really do. This book had my interest with the Fairy world, but now it has my attention.
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