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  1. Man such a disappointed. I screamed when I saw Letizia in the trailer because I thought she was Embla's current queen or something, but nope it's just Veronica's big sis. What's with this game and telling us a queen exists just to never show her to us? Fjorm's mom, Embla's current queen, Eir's real mom, Nott and Dagr's mom, even a little one second long tease of the existence of a mom for Laegjarn and Laevatein. The only one to actually escape this grim fate is Henriette and even she isn't playable in her base form. WTF? This game hates Milfs, smh. Anyway I can't believe we got a literal cow girl lmao! But she is pretty tasteful for a cow girl so I can't complain. And getting a free colorless beast is awesome. Does this mean we have a free 2 play friendly beast unit of each color now? For a second I thought the bat boy was a bat girl too but he looks pretty interesting. I can't wait to see him transform into a bat. And the Awakening banner was pretty nice. With Priam and Yen'fay they finished the spotpass units to use so they will have to give us a Validar GHB next time, right? With the remaining gen 2 kids I would think. They have a better chance of selling than the remaining shepards. R.I.P. Ricken, Vaike, Gregor and KELLAM! I fell sad for them.
  2. Actually that makes him better. It's a fake spoiler that will throw players for a loop when things don't go that way in the original game. More what if units like him would be nice. And it's not like there are a lot of candidates left for Fallen Banners (I mean, there are all the morphs and dealords but only a few of them are zombies of popular characters).
  3. I am still holding onto my theory that Loki will actually play everyone like a fiddle and turn into the real Final Boss of the final book. From a writing perspective it makes more sense to make someone we have actually known for a long time the Final Villain rather than just the Surtr of the book with probably even less screentime but he is supposed to be somewhat better just because he is the last one? Lame. I might be high on hopium tho, and if that doesn't happen, yeah she will probably betray Alfador but to help us, and we will easily forgive and forget. Honestly I wouldn't even mind the decision of making Laejarn in love with Fjorm. Thus far the only kind of romantic attraction in this story (other than Lif/Thrasir) has been towards the summoner, ended tragically (Henriette and Gustav, Nifl), or just plain awful and toxic (Freyja, Otr and Nott). So it would be a nice change of pace to have a wholesome crush between two characters that are alive without involving the self-insert. The only problem is that it would have to be well written, and it seems like it won't be, so it's better to just drop it.
  4. Implying that a tomboy look means you are not a good waifu, when the opposite is true. SMH. Are you sure about that? Personally after the Jill fiasco of a character hugely requested that's also a cute girl failing miserably as a carry and after even banners with multiple cute waifus (Charlotte, Nyx, Hapi, Constance) needing an OC with them I'm starting to think IS changed how they view the remaining female characters, and they might be right. Think about it. How many of the remaining female characters are well known and plot relevant enough to carry a banner? Maybe Lucia, Nyna and the 3H women, but that's it. And how many have a design that can be easily transformed in a big titty waifu with a chance to attract a certain demographic even when they are completely unknown like Igrene, Karla and Malice? Maybe Sonya's sisters, Maiko and Heather? But for the remaining ones? They aren't well known and they aren't "sexy" enough so what chances do they have to carry a banner? I say this as a fan of Marcia and a BIG fan of Tanith but they can't fulfill the "waifu" quota for the majority, so they might as well demore them and treat them as they would most male characters. I'm going to predict that IS will bank everythinh on 3H, fallen banners, OCs and alts for popular lords/characters in the future because the female characters left that can sell a banner are few, and the male ones are even fewer.
  5. I will do the banners in the order I think we will get them: Binding Blade: Cath (colorless dagger infantry), Douglas (axe armor), Dorothy (blue bow infantry demote), Gonzales (axe infantry direct 3*), Jahn (red breath infantry GHB) Awakening: Miriel (red tome cavalry), Phila (lance flying), Vaike (axe infantry demote), Kellam (lance armor direct 3*), Validar (red tome infantry GHB). TMS: Touma & Cain (blue lance cavalry), Yashiro & Navaree (sword infantry), Maiko (colorless dagger infantry demote), Tiki (green breath flying), Barry (axe armor GHB). No direct 3* for this banner. Three Houses: Dorothea (red tome infantry), Sylvain (lance cavalry), Raphael (axe armor demote) Ignatz (red bow infantry direct 3*), Miklan (blue beast GHB). Thracia 776: Misha (lance flying), Linoan (green tome infantry), Perne (blue dagger infantry demote), August (blue tome infantry direct 3*), Raydrik (sword armor GHB). Fallen banner: Ayaha & Aversa (colorless tome flying), Risen King Chrom (sword armor), Draco/Eyvel (blue bow armor), zombie Scarlet (axe flying), Gunter (colorless breath cavalry GHB). No demote or direct 3* for this banner). Sacred Stones: Gilliam (Axe Armor), Vanessa (sword flying), Artur (blue tome infantry demote), Franz (sword cavalry direct 3*), Vigarde (lance armor GHB). Echoes: Est (sword flying), Deen (colorless dagger infantry), Mycen (lance cavalry demote), Kamui (sword infantry direct 3*), Jedah (red tome infantry GHB). CYL 6: Felix (1st place), Chrom (2nd place), Female Byleth (1st place), Bernadetta (2nd place), Galzus (sword infantry GHB). No demote or direct 3* for this banner. Genealogy: Tine (blue tome infantry), Scatach (sword infantry), Arthur (green tome cavalry demote), Lana (staff infantry direct 3*), Hilda (red tome infantry GHB). Fates: Scarlet (axe flying), Kiragi (blue bow flying), Asugi (green dagger infantry demote), Mitama (staff infantry), Kotaro (colorless dagger infantry GHB). No direct 3* for this banner. Radiant Dawn: Edward (sword infantry), Nolan (axe infantry), Fiona (lance cavalry demote), Leonardo (colorless infantry direct 3*), Jarod (lance infantry GHB). Three Houses 2: Manuela (staff infantry), Hanneman (blue tome infantry), Cyril (green bow flying), Alois (axe infantry direct 3*), Thales (red tome infantry GHB). Blazing Blade and Archanea will be skipped but they will be the two banners that start book 7.
  6. The leaks were true, what a shocker. Anyway salty AF that Tanith will not be given as a quest reward (unless I missed it. I hope I missed it) since it means it might take me months od red pulls to even see her. Volke as his Thief self and Marcia with her Est hairstyle are very odd choices considering their other designs are more liked. Maybe they are coming soon with a RD alt for them like Shinon? Pretty please? And Laegjarn is her usual awesome self other than the clear winner of the banner. Gonna pull/spark for her. And man definitely looking forward to the forging bonds event. Sanaki and Sigrun both missed out on it for various reasons. It's time for Tanith to set things right. Heather as the 5* star of the next RD banner let's go!!!
  7. @Mercakete Always a pleasure talking with you. But Eclipse is right, it's time to drop the topic.
  8. Eh, I'm not sure if that's the real problem with Shinon. I think is lack of growth in Radiant Dawn is the biggest problem compared to his casual racism. Definitely one of the places where RD's writers dropped the ball.
  9. I mean.. I guess it's possible that Soren didn't know it was a slur. A bit strange since he is the thinker of the group, knows the world way more than Ike (he actually leaves the mercenaries at the beginning of the game to go study for a little while or something) and as a Branded he has a built-in understanding of racism since he suffered from it directly. I really don't get why you think the fact Soren doesn't open up to anyone but Ike means he can't possibly be racist. He can be two things at once. It's not like rotten mentalities such as "I don't trust anyone other than my closest friends. People are all scumbags out to get me. ESPECIALLY Muslims" are uncommon in the real world. Someone can have trouble socializing for deep personal issues and ALSO hate a specific race for the same issues or correlated ones. And you have to remember that Soren isn't real. He is a character and all of his scenes were written with a goal in mind: to further the plot and the themes of the game, as well as flesh out his character. What is that scene in which we see the Laguz for the first time meant to teach the players? That racism towards the Laguz is a big problem. "Look, even Soren is racist towards them. Just like Shinon before when he called them beasts. Oh no, even the good guys are racists towards them". And then a scene shortly after "oh no, Lethe is racist towards humans, and she is also one of the good guys. It's a widespread problem." Racism is like THE theme of the Tellius duology, and the devs had a limited number of chapters to develop that theme. So if an action CAN be interpreted as racist, that was probably the writers' intent. Personally after seeing Soren's supports I connected the dots and went "OH, that explains why he was racist. Poor Soren", but you seem to have gotten the opposite impression, that his backstory explains why he wasn't racist. At the end of the day, that scene was the first major example of racism being shown to us, so it was kind of an important moment. What do you find more likely, that the devs wanted to introduce the theme by showing us a good guy being racist, or by showing us a good guy being racist on accident? To me the former not only seems more likely, but also makes the story more nuanced and interesting. One interpretation shows that a character has a flaw and needs to get over his prejudice (prejudice with a given explanation no less). The other shows that a character said the wrong thing on accident and made a clown of himself. TBH you are the first person I met that doesn't think Soren was racist, so if nothing else it's good to see my beliefs challenged. It gave me an excuse to re-examine the character and put down my reading of him into words. I hope, I'm not coming off as annoying or anything since my responses keep getting longer. I really hope this doesn't turn into a confrontation. If someone thinks it's turning into one I'm dropping the thread. There are better topics to turn into heated arguments than the possible malicious intent behind a fictional character's actions.
  10. Well we could get Maid and Butlers who used to be a Nohrian thing (now it's also a Three Houses thing) or they could do a festival in Nohr similar to the Plegian banner or the Festival in Hoshido dance banner. @Mercakete Okay, we may be getting into way more complicated stuff than inteded but IMHO there's a limit to how much something can be excused as "he is an edgelord/asshole towards everyone". And that limit is when you say something incredibly sexist or racist when you could have just insulted the other person in a normal way instead of such a specifically scummy way. When Soren insults Mordecai, he doesn't accuse him of being "selfish like all the others", "willing to betray them for his own gains" or something equally nihilistic as usual. He drops a slur and tries to attact him for no reason. Maybe I'm misremembering, but I don't think Soren tried to attack the beorc villagers after berating them for being selfish pricks. The difference is entirely there. If the way Soren acted in that situation isn't racism than what is racism? What differentiates racism from just being mean to someone? There's a reason Ike told Soren to cut that shit immediately and never speak that way again, but let's him say what he wants in other occasions. The other occasions were just Soren being himself, that one occasion was Soren being himself + being a huge racist.
  11. Ah, a fellow person of culture. I personally don't mind at all the absence of hoshidans in the Ninja banner. It's way more interesting to see them in classes exclusive to Nohr anyway. I like maid Kagero a lot for example. More of that IS. To be fair the entire point of Charlotte's character is that people fall in love with her for the fierce warrior she really is, not for her fake cutesy act. It's a pretty cut and dry lesson in being yourself because faking to be something else won't get you anything good like you foolishly think it will. At the end of her character arc she changes for the better, which puts her closer to someone like Jill, Lorenz and reformed villains like Aversa rather than assh*oles who never really change their ugly ways like Makalov and Anna.
  12. Don't worry, I should apoligize if the joke wasn't clear enough. It's often the fault of both the speaker and the listener when there's a misunderstanding. About Soren being racist. In PoR the first time Lethe and Mordecai show up to save the Greil mercenaries and guide them to safety in Gallia, Soren has the brilliant idea of antagonizing two powerful Laguz warrriors, daring them to attack him and also dropping the equivalent of the n-word unprovoked. Outside of Jill and the literal villains, no character acts anywhere near that level of racism in the two games. It serves as a clue to his backstory as an half-breed, so there's some justification, but it's still a pretty impressive showing from Soren. For comparison's sake, Petrine who has the same exact Freudian excuse as him never acts THAT racist and she is a villain. And yet Shinon became the character to meme over for being the CEO of Racism. The fanbase works in mysterious ways.
  13. ^^^^ Yo! Merca, my buddy, you alright? It was very clearly a joke. It would be like saying that if you like Narcian/Lifis you support sex offenders. Or if you like Sonia you must support abusing kids. Plus, even among the playable cast of Tellius there are worse racists (like SOREN who everyone just forgives for his sad backstoty). It just became a meme that Shinon is the posterboy for racism, I guess because he wasn't a major character with a lot going on and Jill was already the "reformed racist" trope so the role fell onto him. Nothing deep. Let me guess, you had to deal with some obnoxious Shinon-hater on some other site today? I feel you, that can get annoying real quick.
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