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  1. You are right. Ice Dragon was also displeased with bonus units. But he didn't express direct criticism at IS for their choice. If they wrote "thanks a lot IS" at the end it would've sounded more rude in my head and I would have quoted them too. I guess the criticsm is also implied in his post, but in yours it was more overt. For the sake of fairness I will criticize both of you now. I don't think there is anything to be upset about with the bonus units this time. The majority of them come from the new banner, that's true but that is the case almost always, and to balance it out they put a unit we all received at the beginning of the game as a bonus unit too. If you sent him home for feathers it was your mistake but IS could not have been more fair than literally chosing one of the few units everyone had at some point regardless of when they started playing. Especially considering that I'm pretty sure there have been TT+ where all bonus units were Five Star locked or Seasonals. This is far better than that. About the first half of your post: Yes, I made the assumption that you were complaining about FE6 units in general, and not the fact Raigh and Lugh were chosen to round out the bonus units, which was your actual complaint. That was a mistake on my part. But to be fair I was under the impression that you didn't build any FE6 units, so even if they picked someone else instead of Raigh and Lugh you would have been in the same situation. But if you actually have a 5*+10 Roy or Cecilia or Lilina or Bartre or Klein or Idunn or Narcian or well you got what I mean hidden in your askr, than I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. But I still think this TT+ is practically immune to criticism for how good a job they did.
  2. Yes, of course it's IS's fault that they made a TT+ about Binding Blade, a game you don't like. How dare they? Honestly you should have expected this. It was bound to happen that all games will receive some TT+, even the games that have zero units you like. And when that happens you have to use the free units for lack of better options. There's nothing unfair about that. The game doesn't even force to build the bonus unit, it doesn't even force you to play the TT+. If you are frustrated now, think that when a future TT+ about Tellius with Marcia as the free unit comes around, it will be the people who hate or didn't play Tellius that will be in trouble and you will have all the units you need. You win some, you lose some. Nothing worth getting depressed or upset about.
  3. Well I was lucky enough to pull an Igrene instantly and a Chad came in the same circle, so I'm pretty much set for this TT+ Flier Guidance is an awesome Seal, gimme gimme!
  4. Finally! Some good f*cking food! I love everything about this banner. Not only it's more Binding, which gives me hope for my current most wanted unit who is from that game (go Dorothy, GO!), but it's also a banner without a Duo-Hero. Thank Naga, I don't want every new banner to have basically an alt. Plus, remember how rarely we used to get new axe units in the permanent pool and how rarely we used to get new inheritable axes? Well, now we have Gerik and Echidna back-to-back. And we also got our Red Bow! People with OCD can sleep at night at last. And Chad! The trend of an instant demote gets recomfirmed with every new banner. And the FREE UNIT IS AN ENEMY ONLY UNIT!!!! The legends were true! After 3000 years we can play with a new enemy boss. Thank you, IS! This almost makes up for not including Selena last time. Oh, and I guess people that get emotional about reunions can be happy to reunite Igrene with Hawkeye and Chad with his brothers and Lucius. Honestly I want to get everyone from this banner but I think I will just pull until I get someone. I don't have that many orbs and I need to save for Farfetched, Christmas and New Year back-to-back. Yes I still believe Farfetched is coming. Call me an optimist if you want. Comes December and we will see if I was wright or wrong.
  5. I mean... you would have been right in a pre-Three Houses world, in which either female lords were seen as naive (Celica, Eirika, femCorrin) or had less story relevance compared to the male lords (Micaiah, Elincia, Lyn, Lucina, Sharena) But I don't think you can accuse IS of sexism anymore after Edelgard, who isn't weak and naive, and doesn't suffer from less screentime compared to the male lords (she actually has more screentime provided you 100% the game). And she is also not sexualized at all, unless you go out of your way to sexualize her (something you can do with every single character in the game, so it doesn't count). I could add some other things, but I don't want to spoil 3 Houses for FEH players that have not played the game yet. To be fair Edelgard could be the exception to the rule, and starting with Fire Emblem 17 we could go back to the usual single male lord gets most of the screen-time, but I am optimistic. At worst the female lords will still be in the minority (see 3H with two male lords and one female lord instead of 2 females and 1 male) but I think you are more concerned about quality over quantity, and I am the same.
  6. Then they also need to put Louise on the banner. She isn't in as her original self either. Whatever happens in this year's Farfetched banners a lot of things we assumed were "rules" will be disproven and/or confirmed. It really isn't safe to expect anything to be certain with that premise.
  7. Tbf any bow user could be made a red bow with little excuse. I don't see why Shinon in particular is a good candidate. Rath could also be made red to make him different from his daughter (and then Sin can be blue, so we can have Sacaens of every color), Astrid could also be red, same for Dorothy, regular Noire, Bernadetta and the list goes on. Can you explain to me what makes you associate Shinon with a red bow? I'm just curious.
  8. They are two separate things. CYL Brave Winners is for forcing IS on which characters to give cool alts to, Farfetched is for forcing which characters they add in their base form. They both have a place and serve a different role. And even if someone not playable won a CYL, it would result in another character debutting as an alt first. Veronica is proof of that.
  9. This again? I don't remember if it was you or someone else, but last year someone questioned the reason why Farfetched came back in the form of Brave Redux. I'll tell you the reason. Because we can't trust IS to even do something so simple as adding the most popular units. Take this very banner. Selena got more votes than anyone else from the SS missing cast. And where is she on this banner? Nowhere. We have 5 slots and they all went to characters with less fans than her somehow. And when will the next SS banner drop? Do you see the problem here? Do you see why we need at least ONE banner a year in which we can FORCE IS to pick the characters we voted/wanted the most? Take Brave Redux. If that banner didn't exist, only Loki would have joined the roster quickly anyway. Kliff would have had to wait for the banner that is ending as we speak. A WHOLE ADDITIONAL YEAR for his numerous fans to suffer. Owain could have come in the children of Awakening banner this year, so it wasn't that bad for him, but Aversa? The one character I loved the most from that banner? Since Awakening only received children and beasts in 2019, and she is neither, it makes sense to assume she wouldn't be in the game. So yeah... FUCK THAT! We need Farfetched to be a thing because the developers can't be trusted at all. Need I remind you that we still don't have an Anna alt despite her doing incredibly well in CYL 2 and 3? Edit: I just noticed that the caps lock part could be interpreted at me getting angry with you. That's not at all what mean. I'm angry at the game for the no-Selena. And even than I'm not really angry, just irritated.
  10. How unlucky! Only 4 halloween characters were excluded. And I just happen to only have Nowi and Myrrh, who were excluded. What were the odds? Now I really don't know who to join. I suppose either Kagero or L'Arachel.
  11. Your example is not really the best. DLC, especially since it derives from the expansions PC games used to get, isn't something that changes the story of the game you bought. That would be a patch. It's more like a new story, a new small book made by the author. A sequel/prequel/side story. Would you call the small books George R. R. Martin wrote about events in the past of the Song of Ice and Fire non-canon? Just because they aren't part of the main books? It's one thing to call DLCs and additional stories "small stuff/not that important", but to call it not-canon is a bit much. By that logic it would be impossible to learn new information about any fictional world after the story ends. Which is especially strange since some DLCs are made with the PURPOSE of expanding the story. If the DLC for Echoes about the rise of the Deliverance is non-canon, then it's a scam. That DLC adds no additional items or in-game benefits. We are buying it just for the story. If that story isn't true, what are they selling us? A misleading AU? We either believe that it's canon, or we believe that they are liars, it's one or the other. And if your argument for it being non-canon is that not all players bought it.... ...well not all players of Path of Radiance bought Radiant Dawn, does that mean RD isn't canon? What you decide to personally spend money on isn't relevant for canonicity arguments.
  12. I wish, but I'm getting the impression they don't plan to add her. That they don't plan to add anymore villains from Echoes except versions of Berkut and Rinea. If they cared about Echoes' bad guys they would add them as GHBs instead of CONRAD randomly. It's cool to try and complete the playable roster, but not if it means leaving the villains behind. For many of them Heroes is the only shot at ever being playable and the GHBs used to be FOR THEM! Remember when we got Lloyd, Legion and Clarisse one after the other? More of that please! With the few characters (and banners) remaining for Valentia, even IF they started using GHBs properly again, some notable bad guys would remain behind. Rudolf, Jedah, Sonya's sisters, Ferdinand, Nuibaba and Slayde all deserve a spot before closing the gates forever. They all have their fans. Ok, maybe not Slayde. That's just me liking him. Edit: FERNAND! I meant Fernand, not Ferdinand von Aegir! I blame the memes.
  13. It's quite possible that Heather was the girl who tricked Gatrie. That's a good theory. But GatrieXHeather is just impossible. Because there is a reason why she tricks MEN and steals their money. She doesn't care for men. She likes women. And not in a silly way like Soleil. Her only interactions of note are with other girls, like how she called Elincia beautiful. On the japanese website, in a Q&A, the developers were asked why she was gay, if it was because of a trauma in the past or something. Their answer? She just is, there is no complex reason. Sometimes it really be like that. If the developers themselves answered a question about Heather attraction to women, acting as if said attraction exists and is undeniable, I think there's little room for doubt. There is a slim chance she could be bisexual (and I mean very slim. She only acts nice around guys when she wants something from them), but Fates and 3H gave us so many bisexuals that now I really want Heather to just be gay, so she can be more unique.
  14. She won't get in before Patty. But Vince said she will NEVET get in, which is a bold claim. I agree that the originals should be prioritized. The one substitute I really really like already is Jeanne, and we already have Nanna.
  15. Reading this hurt a little. Remember that some people want the substitute kids in Heroes. I may not care about Daisy specifically, but don't shoot down substitutes like that, please.
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