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  1. I really hope not. This banner gave us the two most popular ladies left from BB and I want the next banner for the game to do the same thing. Only because it would mean it's Dorothy and Niime's turn and that's the best timeline. Sure, for it to happen they must keep their spots even in CYL 5 but I think they can manage. Their direct opposition might be more "beautiful" in the traditional sense, but they are way less unique and memorable. I will vote for Dorothy again for sure, so I hope atleast half the people who constantly point out how neat it would be to get Niime in the game put in some work too. Come on guys, we can do this. Considering how well Gonzales also does on CYL we could have really have "non-standard character design: the banner". Saul or Hugh can be the fourth unit if they want, I can't think of a fourth person with an unusual design.
  2. Oh, there's a bunch of good picks which makes it difficult to narrow it down. For males: I think Fallen Berkut looks unreal, New Year Alfonse is really well drawn, Chad is pretty cool, as is Legendary Seliph. Duo Hector and Legendary Hector both look absolutely perfect. Valter looks deranged which is appropriate. Oh, and Perceval. For females: Petrine is a recent addition to my most beloved artworks. Brave Camilla is another favorite of mine, dancer Ishtar is really good looking, same thing for spring Est, summer Lute and Bride Tanith (this might be my bias talking tho). Resplendent Sanaki is amazing, especially the special attack art. Mila also looks amazing, screw the haters. Halloween Myrrh is probably the single CUTEST art in the game, so she deserves a mention. Oh, and New Year Gunnthra. Is it cheating if I add that everything done by Soeda Ippei, Fujisaka Kimihiko, Enkyo Yuichiro, Cuboon, Senri Kita and HACCAN is great instead of picking a specific one?
  3. I think it's Binding Blade which means they can almost do no wrong since I love that cast with few exceptions (pls no boring chistmas cavs. Give us Markus or Noah if you really need to put a horse in there). But I'm personally hoping for Dorothy and Saul even if I know they are not likely. And Merlinus would be really funny. I wish for it to be Thracia and I will do the same until they get another banner because it's been a year and it's the game with the most people missing by far.
  4. You know what, I think you are right. Some of the girls you posted do indeed have better and more adult proportions (which doesn't equal having more skin exposed. Some of the big breasted ones you postes look like young girls with weirdly developed boobs) even if the big eyes definitely do not do any of them any favors. So I will concede that the artist could have definitely made her look a bit older if he wanted too. But not by much and probably people would have still complained. It's a non-issue anyway since we got what we got, and what we got is not for everyone. And that's fine. I will surely enjoy using this art.
  5. I can give you the 2nd and maybe the 3rd but the 4th and especially the 1st don't look any older than resplendent Lucina to me. Agree to disagree. You don't seem like the kinda guy who would have disliked a fairy Lucina if say, Tobi made one, or Yura, or someone else, so I already like you. I personally love this chibi artstyle and I would love to see more of it (imagine Hector in this style. Or Jagen. I would love it). Strong disagree. I know that there is such a thing as being better at something, or preferring to do something, but an artist ought to challenge themself. Therefore I declare that I want this artist to do the next Dorothea and the next Sigurd. Good point. I didn't think about it because I always play with no audio. In that case I hope they took a page from Caeda's book because it would indeed be strange to hear Lucina's regular voice coming from fairy Lucina. They should make her sound more like the bunny version at least.
  6. Me three. Love the art, and I love the artist in general. Honestly as a Lucina fan (loved her since the beginning, she is my main in Smash too) it gets tiring to hear that they are "screwing us over". Like, buddy, pal, speak for yourself. Maybe you are being screwed over because you don't have the right taste to appreciate what are clearly well made drawings, but to me and others this resplendent is great. And there's nothing wrong with having a taste that's different from mine, but there is something wrong with being unneccessarly negative because one alt isn't 100% for you. We already have enough boring, samey Lucinas to make a full team (regular, legendary, brave and "Marth" are barely different and I suspect more people would have cheered if we got Emblian Lucina and she looked exactly like them but black), what's wrong with also being able to make a team of silly Lucinas (resplendent, spring, Duo with Mia and brave as the serious one trapped in the silliness)? Of course it's also possible that you love the silliness, love spring Lucina and the randomness of "Marth" on the beach, wanted a Fairy alt even, but you just dislike this particular art-style which is understandable and it must suck for you. But imho it's better to take a gamble with the artstyle and risk a loss than to keep things "samey". Not to repeat myself from the ninja banner thread but I would love for resplendent Camilla to be done by this artist, or the Jagen's artist, or regular Dimitri's artist (his Ike is the best Ike because he looks so different and unique, fight me), or Ippei, or Akira, or HACCAN. Someone with an immediatly recognizible style doing a character they wouldn't normally do is really interesting to me, buy I guess not everyone sees it that way. Still, here's a suggestion for people who are having trouble accepting, or even looking at, the new resplendents. If they look too young to you, just heacanon that they are indeed young. Alm is himself back when he was training with Mycen before Lukas came knocking on his door. Marth and Caeda are from the Prologue of Shadow Dragon. This Lucina is actually the daughter of good timeline Chrom a few years after the end of the game and she is playing pretend with the family heirloom. It can be surprisingly helpful to help your brain justify what you are looking at if you give some reasonable explanation. But you see, this guy has two adventages: 1: he is male 2: he has a beard As far as proportion goes he is not that different from Lucina, even if the smaller eyes really help in making him look more mature. For a more fair comparison, post a woman from this artist who isn't supposed to be a grandma, with grey hair and then we can talk. I bet even the best example you can provide could be reasonably mistaken as underage at first glance. EDIT: In case it's unclear, I'm not talking to anyone here in particular. But in the fandom at large it's depressing how common the sentiment of "this doesn't pander to my specific tastes, it sucks" is.
  7. Well, look like we won, Team Velouria. I initially went with Bernie but I'm happy with the results just because now Velouria has a victory under her belt, matching Selkie.
  8. At least Oosawa had the decency to create an OC to be Eldigan's "bitchy" wife. I love Grahnye, I wish she could have an actual role in the unpcoming remake (because FE4 remake IS coming, right?) and maybe get added into Heroes. I wouldn't have tolerated to see her getting slandered.
  9. I will say something controversial: Clarine > Lachesis. But they are both pretty cute and funny in this comic.
  10. Okay, Ninja alts. First of all, really glad they didn't pick the obvious choice of the Fates ninja trio. In fact the only Hoshidan on the banner is Hana, who isn't a bad pick. She looks really cute and is free, so can't complain about her. Then we have Zihark as an alt-first new hero. I like that they are keeping the trend of introducing new heroes in seasonals. With how many seasonals banners we get it's a way to keep the stream of new faces flowing. Navarre is pretty awesome. We can never have enough lance infantry units and he was a popular character ignored for far too long. Plus he's yet another character who debuted as a GHB and gets a seasonal. He can join Narcian, Zephiel, F!Robin, Ursula, Berkut and Lyon (fallen alts are half-seasonals to me) in the club. Can Valter/Aversa/Arvis be next? I want one of them to be next. Laevatein is absurdly cool and unique, I love her! I don't know what the people who hate the artwork are talking about, she is perfect! Honestly, I really like the fact that they give every Laevatein to a completely different artist with a unique style. It's way better than being trapped with a single artist (like Mia, Nino, F!Corrin, Azura, Eirika and Ephraim). I don't know how it works exactly, but with so many artists available it's kind of a waste to always pick the same guy/gal to do a character. We already know how they draw said character, we want to see how someone else can draw them. Heroes who get a lot of artists like Laev are blessed IMHO. Other blessed characters with different artists every time are: Edelgard (even Flame Emperor is drawn by a different artist), Dimitri, Tharja (even counting Kiria and Rhajat it's always a different artist), Robin (okay there was a repeated artist but with seven versions across both genders it's forgivable) and Hector (same as Robin, with six versions including the resplendent it is more forgivable to repeat an artist one time). I can get reusing an artist only if their art-style evolved a lot over time (you could tell me that OG!Lachesis and Dancer!Lachesis were drawn by two different people and I would believe you. Same for Olivia) or if they are drawing a character that undergoes a change in appearance that is very drastic. I like that Baby Marth is drawn by the same artist as OG!Marth it makes for a nice contrast that let's you see more clearly how much he changed. I wouldn't mind old man Karel getting the same artist as young Karel. Same thing for Sothe. Than we get to the last unit: Ninja Lyn. On the one hand it's Yamada Kotaro AGAIN and I already explained I don't like that. On the other hand it's a completely new artist for Florina, so that's a win. Let's hope she gets a third artist when she finally gets her Resplendent. Speaking of Florina, I understand the disappointment of those who would have prefered her as the lead, but you should all make peace with the fact that EVERY lord will get a Duo and they WILL be the lead unit (unless you are Celica, but I wouldn't put it past IS to release a Celica/Mae duo unit in a year or so) so it's better to just accept it and move on. And with that said I'm happy they picked Florina, a way better choice than Rath or anyone else they could have picked, fight me. And hey, this is Lyn #7, same number as Camilla. Except she also has a Resplendent and Camilla doesn't. Can we move all the "jokes" about Camilla alts onto Lyn now? Logic dictates we do. EDIT: Can Lyn #8 (which is going to exist let's not kid ourselves) be drawn by Soeda Ippei? He can draw women pretty well, he has drawn an Eir for Cipher even. And it would make me stop complaining about the lack of variety in Lyn alts in an instant.
  11. Pretty solid banner. Not gonna lie, the best thing about this is that it proved the pessimists wrong. "Oh, they probably won't give Seteth the spear of Assal", "oh they won't give us any faculty members until they finish the students" so many naysayers and disillusioned people. Glad to see Seteth and Shamir in particular made so many people happy. Also yet another enemy added with Nemesis, so all is good with the world.
  12. Heroes is kind of an exception. No other game has many more Mythics than the others, and it can kind of be explained with developers wanting to favor the game they are currently developing. Basycally developer bias but expected developer bias, kind of like Awakening-Fates bias for the first year. It wasn't a thing everyone liked but it was to be expected. If they started to show insane Tellius bias out of nowhere it would be received more poorly imo. They are not the most recent games and they didn't sell well at all. Imagine for a second that you are a GBA fan. But you don't like Tellius at all. And you see the trailer for the fifth Tellius Mythic while there are still just 1 mythic for Elibe and 1 mythic for Magvel. You would be salty and would become really toxic online arguing that Tellius gets too many slots. That the developers have Tellius bias, that the games weren't even good and so on. Basycally as long as you treat Heroes differently because it is kind of a different beast compared to the other mainline games, my points still stand. I'm only saying this because we already have more than one character with seven versions. If you count all Corrins together we have a character with NINE versions. I'm recognizing patterns and understanding that they simply won't stop giving alts to characters that already have a bunch. We have been asking for 4 years and they haven't stopped. So since I have made peace with the fact that things won't change I decided that it would be funny if instead of slowly raising the number of characters with seven versions with some new Takumi, Hector, Ike, Lyn, Edelgard, Lucina, they used the same resources to finally pull the trigger on Camilla number 8 or Tiki number 8. I'm basycally exchanging a meaningless alt for a meaningless alt that amuses me a lot. And even after this wall of text to explain my reasons you are not supposed to take me 100% seriously, it's not a big deal for me, I'm just kidding a little by telling IS to hurry up and give me my meme alt. In reality it doesn't matter to me if they hurry or not because I KNOW that my meme is coming next year at the latest. Once again we have NINE Corrins. What I'm asking for is as inevitable as Thanos, might as well make jokes about it and try to find some silver lining. Man I really hope you are wrong about this. Heroes has made some really weird stuff that blindsided us in the past. They surely can do that one last time.
  13. Masked Marth is technically an alt of Lucina and we got Summer Masked Marth. Plus Robin and Grima have way more differences compared to Lucina and M. Marth. So not only this isn't the first alt of an alt, but this is not the most egregious one either. Anyway I really love this banner. It's really awesome that we have Ena, Dheg and Xane in the game finally. They even found a clever way to implement Xane. I'm glad Dheg is not a mythic. Tellius has too many mythic candidates so it was unrealistic to wish for them all to get a spot. For that reason I want Dheg and Lehran to be regular units out of the technicality that they are not gods AND are still alive so they aren't lore-only characters that can't get in unless it's a Mythic. And even with Dheg and Lehran out of the way I still don't feel confident that we will get Soan, Ashera and Ashunera before the game ends. Three more slots for Tellius are A LOT especially considering that we are also guaranteed atleast two Legendaries with Micaiah and Elincia. And I can already feel the cries of Tellius pandering if they give us L!Elincia one month and the month after M!Ashunera. Since Tiki leads and Ninian support this makes the seventh Tiki alt in the game. Now she is tied with Camilla. This pleases me. I don't care if it's Camilla, Tiki, Lyn, Hector, Ike, Ephraim, Edelgard, Veronica or whoever else. I WANT A UNIT WITH EIGHT VERSIONS! I know it's only a matter of time but I REAAALLLLYYY want to have that dank memey voting gauntlet where all the partecipants have the same name AND are the same person. We can technically already have one with Corrin but.... meh, gender splits are a cheat, so I will add a third requirement. All partecipants must have the same gender. This might be an unpopular thing to say but I want this to happen more than I want my remaining favorites to get in Heroes at all. It's for the memes. Everything is justified if it's for the memes.
  14. Well in the end among the many wishes I made for the last set the only one that was realized was a Medeus card. Which is fine, if I did have to choose only one card to wish into existence it would have been that one. It still leaves a bad taste in my mouth that we were so close to completing the rosters for Tellius, FE7 and FE4 and it didn't happen but hey at least we got Gilbert. Even if I joked that I didn't want him because he is a PoS it would have been so weird to not have a complete roster for the most recent game when the other recent games (Awakening, Fates and Echoes) all got complete rosters of their PCs, even the unpopular ones. Still this last set was absolutely beautiful and they did make a lot of good choices to get more representation like givin all the Thracia not-Leif cards to new characters in Cipher. And if we really count Danved and Lehran as separate from Devdan and Sephiran they did a good job even for new Tellius reps. Goodbye Cipher, you weren't a good TCG, I'm told you were the best.
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