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  1. And yet they both have exactly 6 versions. They followed different paths, but towards the same conclusion. Also, there was a break between Camillas. Multiple breaks actually. First a break of almost a year between Spring Camilla and New Years Camilla. Then a break of 6 months between that and Summer Camilla. Finally, we are experiencing a break of 6 months right now while we wait for her Brave version. Honestly you are free to be less annoyed at Lyn because you like her more as a character or something, but the fact that Lyn's alt were better spaced sounds like a flimsy excuse to create a difference where there isn't one. They both appeal to whales, so they both got lots of alts. The situation is exactly the same. Plus, it's not like Lyn's alts were perfectly spaced either. Yes, we got Adrift Camilla, and then Hot Spring Camilla right away, but we also got Valentine Lyn and Legendary Lyn one after the other. I don't see much difference here.
  2. Yeah, Ursula has been awesome for me too. She deserves more recognition. And of course Sonia needs to come and bring with her Hilda, Validar and Zephiel's dad, dear old king Desmond. The horrible parents banner
  3. Beruka. Any kind of Beruka alt. But possibly something peaceful and relaxed like Picnic or Christmas. And Halloween Lute. Specifically Witch Lute. Give me Lute as a cute witch or give me Death! And Yukata Aversa. It can be for New Years or summer, I don't care. And Peri as a chef. And Headless Knight Eldigan for Halloween. And any child dressed as a bunny for Spring. No, not like Veronica. I want a literal rabbit costume. And Dorothy introduced as a seasonal. Anything to get her. And Legendary Sanaki inspired by that Cipher card of her as an adult. She looked cool AF and it would also make my slight crush for her less problematic. And Dancer Faye. And Groom Soleil with Bride Forrest. So many seasonal ideas, so little space. We clearly need to add more seasonal banners. No way... You are a LBN fan too? I loved that let's play! But why stop at performing Soren? We can make a whole banner out of memes. How about Modern Days Marcia dressed as a secretary? And modern days Rolf dressed as a Twitch streamer? And a traditional Chinese dress for Mia. And of course Sephiran dressed as Sephirot, with Shinon dressed as Batman.
  4. I don't understand why you and so many others find this strange. Ursula is a member of the Four Fangs, perhaps the most popular group of villains in all of FE (RIP 4 Riders of Daein. You will always be first in my heart) who are also all young and hot and they all got in Heroes because of that. They are also morally grey, which is a bonus. Ursula in particular probably leans more towards black since she doesn't seem to feel bad about her job, but on the other hand it's not like she is sadistic or kills for the fun of it, she is just an assassin. And she is manipulated by Sonia. We all do crazy things to impress the woman we love, don't judge. And then there's Battle Before Dawn. I don't think anyone who played Blazing Blade as their firs FE can forget how hard that chapter is. They will never forget the feeling of Ursula sniping their faves from 20 tiles away. And last but not least, part of Ursula's popularity came from Heroes itself. She is the Blue Tome Horse you get at the beginning and she is used in FtP guides since the start. And also, did I mention she is hot? Honestly this choice is hardly unexpected. The only reason we did not get Seasonal Ursula sooner is because Elibe seasonals aren't common like Fates seasonals. Oh and now that I think about it, this Summer Banner and the June one have been switched by mistake. It makes way more sense to release Ursula, the gay icon, during pride month, not after. Jeez Intern-kun, someone really needs to fire you. Anyway, what a banner. Clearly I'm gonna go for Ursula since I like her as a character and I'm not exactly swimming in Horse Daggers, so it's a new unit type for me. Wolt is nice. I'm happy they continue to add new characters, instead of only making alts. This is the only way to get the entire cast in FEH you people. Jave said it best: Plus it makes the guessing game more fun since everyone is on the table. But I won't pull for him, since he is the definition of Benchlord for me. I don't need other archers in a game with Dorothy and Klein. Lilina is ok. She deserved another alt. She is important and cute. Lyn is always welcomed in my Askr, especially when she brings such a nice Type combination. And didn't you guys say that the problem was that they didn't space her alts properly? Well this is spaced perfectly. It's been a year since the last Lyn. Now you have nothing to complain about, right? đŸ˜„ ?? Fiora is free. She wasn't my favorite GBA pegasus, not even close, but I'm happy for who wanted her since now they will get her for sure. For this banner I will pull Blue and Colorless. Hopefully my 90 orbs will be enough to get Ursula or Lyn. Happy pulls to everyone. And happy saving to those that hate Elibe.
  5. I can only speak for myself, but to me the mode is still fun because various characters get to interact and compete, in a minimalistic way. Even if it is a luck based competition you can headcanon it in fun ways, like Joshua opened a VG CasinĂ² and it is a dice competition even in universe. Or the fans can find a way to make sense of the strange victories. Like the "Barst won because it was an arm wrestling match" is an awesome idea. If you are a writer you can even take inspiration from it and fill the blanks yourself to justify the results. "Write a convincing battle between Shanna and Takumi and explain how exactly the mercenary outsmarted the powerful prince and secured her victory" is an interesting prompt to challenge. But bottom line the easiest explanation is that even if this mode is gambling, there are people who like gambling. Who would have thought?
  6. I see this banner as an absolute win. Just like with the Awakening kids I like everyone here, so I will just pull and pull until I get someone. Free Ylgr is adorable and she may ne my next Grail project unless someone even better appears before I can spend grails on her.
  7. Touche, but at least the SNES characters have a small chance of becoming more nuanced with a remake. Priam's game is too recent to be remade so he will remain what he is for a long time.
  8. I'm sorry, but you completely lost me at Priam. How can you consider a character who only exists for ONE (1) paralogue to be anything but the ABSOLUTE bottom of all the barrels. At least the other paralogue characters had more of a role in the world, heck most NPCs had more of a role than frickin' Priam. It's like picking a secret side character like Karla, except even Karla did some things in the Elibe lore and had connections with other characters. It would be hard to find a more nothing character than Priam.
  9. Now this is what I call a nice banner. Only new units, no alts. 5 new characters added at the same time. There is even kind of a balance of genders with two guys, if you care about that. PERFECTION! I will summon until I get at least one of them. Luckily there is one of each color so I can do full summons. Also it's heartwarming that Panne, Nowi, Sully, Maribelle and Sumia can reunite with their kids. I'm sure I'll see a lot of fanarts about that. And of course people will still complain about a banner that adds a lot of units and no alts. Which is what we always say we want more of. "Ugh, but why did they have to pick THESE units? Why not Laurent or Severa? Why Gen 2, couldn't they pick Gen 1?" Laurent and the others will get their chance another day. It's not like we won't see another Awakening ever again. Just be patient. Same thing for those who are complaining that it's Awakening. It's been almost a year since the last Awakening banner, calm down. They aren't shoving it in your mouth.
  10. Obviously you have no way of knowing for sure. But if you hit a streak of banners with literally nobody you care about, despite coming from games you played, you may think "curses, if only those banners had one more character they could have picked". That and the obvious statistic that if less and less characters remain to be added there is more of a chance for your favorites simply because there is nobody else to pick. Example, if they want to add more beast units but without making Tellius banner after Tellius banner they will have to choose Yarne because DUH! who else is left? A F!Morgan alt? It's a bit of an extreme way of thinking but let's make the example of Binding Blade. Let's say you love that game, you like the entire cast except 5 people. Thea, Lugh, Sue, Rutger and Idunn. You really don't care about them. Now you know for sure that in the next BB banner there will be only characters you love. If they decided to make it a 3 persons banner and leave out Sue you would have to worry "damn it, maybe they will give one of the 3 slots to Sue in the next banner, literally the only one they can choose to piss me off!" Essentialy even having 4 units you hate on a banner is better than having 3 of them, because they will run out of bad units to disappoint you with way faster. Of course if you only care about the gameplay, or if you already have all your favorites in the game, this means nothing to you. When I make such considerations I am assuming the majority still have many faves left to add from a variety of games, which might not be true.
  11. I think even if you prefer 3 unit banners because of the better chance at sniping your favorite character you would be a little angry if the 4th character they scrapped was the only one you would have sniped for. You can say "no biggie. Another occasion to save orbs" but if you fall on an incredible unlucky streak were every single time they exclude the one character you like from 3-persons new banners you will have nothing to do with your saved orbs. Getting the characters you love in the game should always be the priority, since as long as they are in the game you can always pull for them. You are not forced to pull on their debut banner. You can wait for your beloved 3 units banners like "Heroes with Flashing Blade" or "Mareeta and Eyvel BHB" or a voting gauntlet banner. 3 units banners can still exist in the FEH I dream of. They will just not be the debut banners.
  12. Every character getting an alt isn't bad. As I said, we know that so many seasonal banners are coming, so even if it was bad it would be meaningless to complain about something that will not change. What is bad is to waste the few spots we have for new characters with an alt. I have nothing against Bow Oscar if he comes for Halloween, or Christmas or something like a chef seasonal banner. He just needs to stay the heck away from regular banners. And now that I think about it, alt Oscar isn't even the only problem I have with your idea of a Green Brothers banner. I am firmly against 3 units new heroes banners. We only get ONE new heroes banner each month, it better have at least 4 characters. And I find it ironic that you are talking about a 3 heroes banner like it's a good thing. If I remember right the very first banner like that was Oscar-Nephenee-Elincia and I remember you complained about it, saying that it was wrong to give us one character less for no reason. How things have changed.
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