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  1. Interesting that they took a page out of Mirabilis' book and made her super cute rather than sexy like Peony. But I guess none of Eirika's alt focus on sex appeal, even her Santa costume was super cute. After this and Robin we are guaranteed to get the Nightmare Fairies attires too which makes me super happy. Needless to say I find the New Eirika stunning, 10/10. I believe all the people who are calling the art horrible simply can't bring themselves to like the Fairy look. It doesn't matter who the artist was, it could have been Homare, Wada, Senri Kita, Haccan, Kozaki, Ippei or Mayo and it would have met the same reaction. I guess Fairies are the kinf of thing you either love, or hate. Just like Death Metal skeletons.
  2. That was a nice Channel. Geese is finally in the game, awesome. Now give me Saul and Dorothy game! Veronica emblem would be complete now if only we could summon her base version SMH. Thq quality of life changes are always welcome and I will try for Bernie on the Hero Fast (I have all the others). Overall nice baits to distract me from CYL4 that is coming soon... sh*t.
  3. Really happy to finally have Hel as a summonable unit. I'm missing all characters on green and I also want them all, so I'll pull here. Need to be careful tho, CYL 4 is at our doorsteps.
  4. Well this is akward. I need to save but I also low-key want everyone. I think I will pull full circle until I get someone. Also I'm really happy to see almost everyone being new to game. I remain firm with my stance than any way to add new faces to the game is a good way.
  5. Oh wow this is not subtle at all. I wonder if Ingrid and Sylvain will be joined by only BL students or if they will mix it with someone else. And if they will use only characters not yet in the game or we will get Summer Mercedes for example.
  6. Would Ashera make sense as a green tome? It's the same color as Yune and she is the opposite of Yune. I think Blue or Red would fit her better. And Ashunera could be a colorless tome. One of the few candidates for a colorless tome actually. But Soan could indeed be green, no objections there.
  7. I really hope the new mythic is green since I will be pulling green regardless for Edelgard. And if it's Hel even better! I would really like to complete the book 3 quartet before book 4 ends.
  8. It's nice to finally have L!Seliph. His fans had to wait too long. That said he doesn't look to impressive and I have everyone on this banner except Azura and him so... SKIP!
  9. I'm gonna be honest, I never played Cipher. I just enjoyed the pretty art from behind the scenes and since we are waiting for the last expansion and then it's over this might be as good a time as any to give my two cents about what a good job they did and who I want to see join at the last minute. Cipher already gave cards to a lot of less famous characters I love like Zola, Petrine, even MERLINUS of all people, so I can't say I'm unhappy. And the few revealed cards we have for Booster 22 already gave love to a few other characters I wanted like Kronya and Miranda, so even if there is only a small chance with the few slots left I'm hoping beyond hope that even more characters can get a card at the last minute. And since I don't care about the actual gameplay I won't talk about getting more cards for existing characters in Cipher, even if some more nice cards for my favorites would certainly be good and alternative looks for characters that have more than one appearance (old man Karel, Renning even if we already have him as Bertram, Lehran) would be sweet. Without further ado, here's the last cards I hope to see before the game ends. First of all, HONORABLE MENTIONS: every character that is currently in Heroes. With how much Heroes gets compared to Cipher and how often it's stated that Cipher gives a better and more complete representation it feels weird to me that a few characters got love in Heroes but no love in Cipher. So it's about time we get cards for Bramimond, Mustafa, Duma, Rudolf and Kempf (merchant Anna would be cool too). Still they are honorable mentions because it's better to only have representation in Heroes than to get nothing like my actual choices. RED CARDS Medeus. Absolutely Medeus. It's unreal that the OG final boss got no love in Cipher. He got love in the first TCG and he gets love in Smash, so why not Cipher? Eremiya is also a top choice since I love the side plot of the assassins. Some playable characters I also would like to get in are Ymir, Roger, Radd, Frost and Lorenz And from Echoes, absolutely Nuibaba, Marla and Hestia. It's incredible that we got a generic witch but not the witches we actually care about. It makes me mad in a way. BLUE CARDS Not much since Awakening is already well represented. But since we are going to get blue cards anyway it would be nice to get the remaining generals of Walhart's army, Cervantes and Pheros. Excellus was inexplicably chosen instead of either of them so it could be a good occasion to rectify that mistake. WHITE/BLACK CARDS Please please please, give me the capturable bosses. It was such a cool feature and it would be a shame to not represent it. And it's not like we have many other cool things that could be done with the Fates portion of this set. Of course it's impossible to get all of them in but they could prioritize the three that appear in the main story (Haitaka, Kumagera and Daniela) or the ones who were supposed to be regular characters (Candace and Nichol). Anthony would be a good meme pick that would make me laugh. GREEN CARDS Since we got the surprise reveal of Kyza, we are exactly two cards away from completing the Laguz roster. So I can't help but hope for Giffca and Nealuchi. If we get that I'll be happy since Tellius would be pretty much perfectly represented. I suppose we could also have NPCs like the merchants and Amy or some bosses like Levail and Jarod but I don't want to be greedy. The laguz are what's important. PURPLE CARDS From FE6 I want the remaining playable characters. We are so close. Geese is a personal favorite of mine so if I have to pick one I choose him. Jahn would be cool too. Same thing for FE7 but from that game I want Dart and Isadora. Same thing again for FE8 but above all else Orson. Completing the Grado generals would be cool too but there are so many of them, Duessel, Glen, Caellach, Riev and maybe even Vigarde himself. Definitely unlikely. Then there's the Champion's Blade manga who randomly managed to squeeze in another character a long time ago in the form of Celdia. So I guess it is possible it will get one more thing at the very end. Even so, I don't know if I actually hope for anyone since I haven't read the manga. YELLOW CARDS From FE4 the remaining substitutes and also a lot of options for important bosses. Among those I personally want Hilda because of the infamy she carries on her shoulders. From FE5, oh Naga, everyone? Thracia got the short end of the stick in Cipher. So much of its playable cast is missing, I don't even know who to choose. Maybe Dagdar and Galzus beacuse of their connection to Tanya and Mareeta respectively? And also the villains. I am all for villain rights and want to get all the final bosses represented. So I will hope for a Veld card until the bitter end. COLORLESS CARDS Heroes got ONE card in the last all-stars set, so it's naive to hope for much. Especially since they don't seem to care about completing it's roster and from a certain point of view it makes sense. Since Heroes will continue to add more original characters after Cipher dies, it's the one game with actually zero chance to get a complete roster. If it got a complete roster in a few months it would morph into an incomplete one. So why bother? Still there are some fan favorites who are requested like Hrid and Laegjarn. But personally even more than them I actually want Hel and Freyja. Maybe it's my OCD talking but it bothers me that Surtr got a card but not the other final bosses. So if by some miracle two Heroes characters get a card in the last set, it's Hel and Freyja I want. With Warriors they could pick the boring option and just give us Rowan and Lianna. Or they could pick the awesome option and give us Yelena. I would be all for that. BROWN CARDS This one is a bit of a bummer. If Three Houses came out sooner or the card game lasted a few more sets they would have given this game the Awakening/Fates treatment and we would have gotten basycally all the major NPCs and also some genrics like a giant golem, a giant bird, a giant wolf... Still it's possible they will have Three Houses Bias in the last set since it's the most recent game. So I will continue to hope for cards of the NPCs. In particular I want Ladislava, Randolph, Fleche, Judith, Nader, Thales, Solon, Monica, Cornelia, Aelfric, Sitri and the two remaining saints in their monster forms. I know we are also missing Gilbert, but I hate him so I wouldn't care if he got shafted. Imagine if we got a card of Annette's mom and not him. The ultimate F*** you towards that garbage father. It won't happen but I would like it. EXTRA A couple of things that don't really fit anywhere else. First of all it would be cool to get cards for the remaining NPCs of TMS. Especially Ayaha and Riku. Also TMS Anna. And lastly, a couple words for Cipher itself. Obviously there is no way Cipher's roster gets less than 100% representation, it would be a paradox. But one thing that would be nice is to focus on Poe, Alice, Valjean and Niamh. They were introduced later so they have less cards, which is a shame. Booster 21 seems to realize this as it focused on them. Or they could give a card to all 8 characters but I don't really want that. It would certainly be to the detriment of other characters which would lose their chance to get in Cipher. And that's all. I tried to be comprehensive and not forget any character I care about. I thank the amazing user HeskethTisca on Reddit who always keeps track of who is and who isn't in Cipher. Without their work writing this post would have been a pain.
  10. I don't think the game expects new accounts to play these modes.at all. It's obvious they are intended for long time players and I fail to see what's wrong with it. Heroes is the exception because I play from day one, but in basically every gacha-like game I tried I was either locked out of some game modes and limited events for months, or I could partecipate but could not get the higher tier rewards that are meant for the veteran players. What IS probably expects new players to do is concentrate on the game modes that are more accessible and accumulate orbs playing the story. Then they can summon on new banners, skill banners, any kind of banner and slowly they will get a variety of units. In a few months they will be ready to tackle even the hardest and more limited content and I don't see anything wrong with it. There are ways in which FEH screws over newbies (gifts outside of Brave Ike, L!Ike, Tome Eirika and a recent CYL winner being lost forever instead of being pemanently available in a Xenologue like L!Ike, the rate of Coins being given compared to the amount of needed Seals, various problems with climbing in Aether Raids, etcetera) but this isn't one of them.
  11. Random question: since sometimes I hear you say "I don't like X, but this time I liked what X did", what kind of interaction or event would the developers need to create about Mia to make you like her? Or rather, is such a thing even possible? Has it ever happened before that you changed your mind about about a FE character after disliking them for a long time?
  12. Really interesting that they are giving us a rare and weird skill like Sorcery Blade. I wonder if this means we will get Infantry Hexblade too. As for who I'll use, the answer is: EVERYONE from the new banner. I'm gonna pull as if my life depends on it. I love Sacred Stones to death and Lute just happens to be favourite cheacter from it. While this is true we have to remember Rhys also joined two armies and marched and fought over an entire continent. All of this in the span of three years. If that didn't kill him I bet he can handle some dumb beach fun with Mia.
  13. I can't decide between green and colorless. What I know for sure is to avoid blue since I have almost everyone there. And I care about filling my collection more than getting fodder. The rest of the channel was okay at best. The new mode doesn't intrigue me much, but I'll give them credit for being creative while at same time faithful to the source material. Chasing down thieves who stole goodies is a common occurence in FE. I guess I will have to use my spate Galeforces from Cordelias.
  14. @Jotari I want to switch my vote to Dorothy, can you add her to the poll?
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