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  1. Zombie Sumeragi - Infantry sword (the possessed Sumeragi that killed his own wife with Ganglari) Hegemon Husk - Colorless beast (self-explanatory) Risen King Chrom - Armored sword (based on the Cipher card) Witch Sonya - Blue mage flying (AU in which she ends up like her sisters. Foreshadowed by the HoF) Necrodragon Morva - GHB breath (based on his boss fight in Sacred Stones) That's who I think we will get, but I also think other characters like Dead Scarlet, an alt of Julius and feral dragon Ninian are likely.
  2. YES! That would be wild! I would love it if the twins drove their grandma insane by constantly pestering her with questions (Raigh) and affection (Lugh). Raigh: "Hey granny I heard you were literally created with magic. That sounds badass, you must help me learn to do that as well." Lugh: "Ms. Sonia, I know that this is very new to you. It's the same for me, since I never had a mom, much less a grandma, but I asked around to Mr. Pent, Ms. Igrene, Mr. Bantu, Mr. Greil, Ms. Dithorba, and many other parents, and I compiled a list of 100 activities that will help us forge a strong familial bond and make up for lost time. Of course mother and father will partecipate as well. Are you free right now?" Sonia: "SUMMONER! Summoner, I beg of you, send me back! I thought Nino was an annoying brat, but these two monsters are on another level. I will do anything, but please save me!" Now that I think about it, such a gag could also appear in the FEH manga if we get really lucky.
  3. Nice batch of characters. Personally I don't care about getting out of alt hell as much as others do. I would have gladly exchanged Louise and Pent with Wil and Isadora for example. Still it's cool to reunite Erk with his family and Serra, Farina with her sister and Sonia with her adoptive daughter. Too bad we are still missing Brendan Reed, to actually get the whole family. And I really hope Sonia is one of the GHB who also get to somehow appear in forging bonds like Ashnard. It would be a missed opportunity to not have her interact with Nino or Ursula.
  4. Didn't expect Dedue at all. I'm happy he's in, but now I'm worried about gauntlets and Balthus 😞 Pretty nice selection of characters overall. I'm really happy about Solon. Now we need Thales and Cornelia to get in the game. I will get to make a team with 4 Agarthians one day, dammit!
  5. The only two units I don't have are Seiros and Micaiah, so while it hurts to choose, at least I'm guaranteed to have someone to spark for. I guess I will end up supporting Micaiah because duo heroes are still the rarest units.
  6. She wasn't the one to ambush Annand tho. That was Pamela. The one who looks the same but with longer hair.
  7. I wasn't expecting that kind of personality for Dagr, but I like her. I guess we can expect at least one more OC other than the ones we have already seen with the mother of the two giants. That brings the grand total to 2 males, 5 females and 1 yellow Kiran. It could be better. It could be worse also. I really hope when we arrive in Asgard the Allfather has at least one male servant.
  8. Don't worry, I'll just use my special powers on her next year and she'll be added. That way I can complete the Silessian Knights team too, so it's a win-win for me eheh... Anyway in case it wasn't obvious enough, I'm pulling res and blue until I get all the pegasus ladies. This banner made so happy 🙂 Couldn't have asked for anything better. There are still characters I want from gen 1, but the selection here is just chef's kiss. I hope the gen 2 banner has subtitutes or something else that caters to me since this seems like it will be my lucky year.
  9. UWGUEGEWGWUGWUGVEG!!! WTF!? HOW!? How did this happen? I... I voted for Dithorba... am I magic or something? Am I magic only for pegasus knights, since it worked for Tanith too? I'm shook. Literally cannot believe that days ago I joked that the fout pegasus knights of Silesse would never get into Heroes. Maybe only Erin, in a year or so. And this happens... Pamela confirmed for next Genealogy banner?
  10. I think it's gonna be Echoes, but ngl I hope the weird BHB means it's TMS again or even better Cipher or Warriors.
  11. Wanted to pull colorless hoping for Faye, Tibarn or Micaiah. Got no colorless orbs, so I went with red since it had the highest chance of giving me a new unit, and I ended up with Bride!Oboro so I can't complain. I have always been pretty lucky with the RNG free units, never getting a duplicate.
  12. I'm voting duo Sigurd, Duo Peony, Harmonic Tiki, Plumeria, Seiros, and for the last two days I need to think about it a bit more.
  13. Aside from Sharena missing the Valentine banner looks lovely. I will invest some orbs there for sure. The rest was also nice, buffs for the old legendary were needed and look! They finally demote base Lyn and all the other year 1 5* star, aren't you all happy? Also, lol another Voting Gauntlet AHR. Can't wait to see who will be this year's Edelgard/Leg!Lyn.
  14. This. I really want to believe this game has years of smooth sailing ahead. That would certainly ease any worries I have about my poor unpopular faves. "It's not a matter of IF, just WHEN!" I could use this as a slogan for my Dorothy campaign next year 😛
  15. Happy for Eirika and Marth. Like with Camilla I just care that they won. People put too much importance on the PRF skill imho. Marianne was also a happy surprise. And Gatekeeper... lol. I really hope he isn't an infantry lance. He would be the same as his regular version, like Alm. Because of course we are also getting a regular version, there's no way a character with so many votes remains alt-only like Charlotte. Unless you are an OC and the developers decide that you don't get a base form ever for arbitrary reasons. Which is what I feel might happen to Gustav and Henriette despite their good placement. Alts-only forever. Oh, I also really hope that Marianne gets the Blutgang. Not only because that sword is awesome, but also because this way neither Marth nor Eirika can use a sword. Hurray for forced creativity! If the trend of one popular secondary character from 3H winning the women divsion every year keeps true and we don't get a remake this year... honestly she could have a realistic shot. Her main competition would be Hilda and Dorothea. Okay, now let's see how well the characters I voted for did: - Eirika (2nd place, over 30.000 votes): ehehehe, victory ~ victory ~ - Malice ( 285th place, 262 votes): pretty good. She is first in the New Mystery division and also 3rd overall for Archanea. The only thing that could screw her over is if they made some sort of themed banner around Nyna, regular Hardin and people close to them. Malice would be excluded. But I like her chances. - Phila (356th place, 161 votes): shout-out to the other 160 who voted for her. Not a bad placement at all considering she is such a minor character. She tied with Edain's daughter. - Dithorba (464th place, 41 votes): Yeah, don't know what I was expecting. She tied with Safy from Thracia and the only thing I can't think of is that I feel sorry for Safy fans and Thracia in general. - Dorothy (323rd place, 200 votes): .................................................... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I feel the urge to scream IRL!!! 11 votes... she is 11 votes away from making the top 5 for wanted Binding Blade units... I even have another Nintendo Account I didn't bother to dig up... if I just tried more... if I convinced more people to vote for her... I feel awful. I know this is still a respectable result, and she tied with a 3H Houses character in Catherine. She is still the 3rd most popular female character from her game... but they usually add the two most popular ones in a year and that's it... GG Cath and Niime fans I guess. I can't even be mad because I like the cast of FE6 with almost no exceptions, I won't start hating those two or anything, but I wanted Dorothy so much more... I'm sorry if it seems like I'm whining, I know that so many of you tried harder than me for characters who placed even worse, like Mercakete with Elena. And that all the Severa fans had to deal with the soul-crashing betrayal of being actually on top for most wanted and getting simply skipped. It's just the fact that she got so close that puts me in a bad mood. The one major bummer of the results, for my most wanted character. It's already a bummer to think she might not get in for another year, but it'a double bummer to think that she could be the sixth character IS would think to put in next time from Binding Blade, but banners only have 5 slots. Well, I got the depressing thoughts out of my system, now I just need to find the silver lining. She is the next natural choice for fans of FE6 who like non-standard designs and fans of FE6 who like brunettes (no Ellen, shut up! Go sit in a corner!) which means after Cath and Niime get in she will see a surge of votes next year! We have CYL6 in the bag gentlemen, I better start preparing for it. Also I guess we could get her this year as a seasonal. IS is known to be careless and make mistakes. Perhaps they could confuse her for a Tellius character /s
  16. And I gave my final vote. For those curious my ballot looks like this: 1: Dorothy 2: Dithorba 3: Phila 4: Eirika 5: Eirika 6: Eirika 7: Malice I had to give my final vote to another criminally overlooked character. The first female mercenary, Malice. Because she looks cool (nobody can convince me Nailah wasn't partially based on her) and she is also a pretty interesting piece of FE history, coming from the first spin-off game. If I can't get the substitute kids, can I at least get sweet Akaneia Saga representation?
  17. Going with Gerik since I don't have a horse in the race, or anything. That's true. She would have been very happy with Ike being the first character with two resplendents too. Whatever happened to her? Was she banned?
  18. Oh, nice! It was strange that we didn't have her in the game yet. Another final boss is added to the game, which is always nice to see. I'm fine with her Mythic version being her dragon form. She can always use her sword in her Rhea version (or she could use her fists, truly the mightiest weapons). Speaking of which, Rhea escapes seasonal only hell and also back-up unit only hell. Poor Elice is all alone there now. Can IS grow a heart and put her in the next Archanea banner please? Anyway pulling blue since I'm also missing Dimitri and I want to walk away with at least one of the two.
  19. 1st place: Lute (red tome cavalrly) I made her a mounted mage in Sacred Stones and only magic is worthy of her. 2nd place: Kronya (blue dagger infantry) Yes, you read right. I don't care what you think of me, I would use this once in a lifetime occasion to force IS to give what I always wanted for a DLC. A Kronya who survives and in CF joins you with a timeskip design. THE DREAM! 1st place: Leo (axe cavalry) I love him and for the love of Sothis just give the Bolverk to someone already. 2nd place: Reinhardt (colorless tome infantry) Color balanced Reinhardt would be sick. And I made him infantry for variety and tactics team strats.
  20. "I love democracy" ~ Palpatine, while presenting the new rules of CYL to the public xD @Mercakete Not bad at all for a first draft. At least something good is coming out of this mess of an event. I agree. A bit of column A and a bit of column B.
  21. Holy crap, what is wrong with people?! I thought the Camilla hate in CYL 3 was horrible but at least there were no death threats (that I know of) and people didn't harass her VA or the Fates team or anyone. Man, I'm sorry for you all Gatekeeper fans that have to put up with this crap, and I'm sorry for McCarley. The "Fire Emblem fans" that complained to him personally on Twitter are not clowns, they are the entire circus! How did they come to the conclusion that what they did was in any way reasonable? Even if there was actually something wrong with GK's high placement (like botted votes) you should go complain to IS, not some innocent voice actor. Sheesh, it's scary what this popularity contest can do to people. It's a good thing I don't use twitter and can't see the worst of it. But even here in the most civil place I can think of in which FEH is discussed there are some bad takes that put a bad taste in my mouth. From bringing back how awful and undeserved Camilla's victory was (it happened. Nothing can change that. Move on. Plus it's against the rules to discuss it), to calling NPCs and Heroes OCs not-real characters, to bringing back the argument that some Awakening characters are defined by one or two character traits (please tell me more about Vyland's amazing personality, or what a deep character Tobin was even before the remake) and similar elitist discourse that I thought was behind us. At this point I'm half expecting people to start complaining about Itsuki because he isn't a "true Fire Emblem character" and also TMS sucks. Everyone is allowed to their opinion, but you also have to respect people who have the opposite opinion as you. Just because you can't see anything good about a character it doesn't mean that something isn't there, just that the character is not for you. And there's no such thing as a "fake character" or "unworthy character". Every single character votable in CYL has a personality and a role they play. Even the one-off bosses like Gromell (his personality is being cocky and dumb), Haitaka (his personality is being extremely loyal to his country and nationalistic) and Brigand Boss (his personality is being a low-life as*hole who kidnaps young girls to do horrible things to them. Completely unredeemable bad guy). And for the rare cases like Cain from Thracia and his one line of dialogue, or Altina and her zero lines of dialogue, getting in the game can be an opportunity to actually give them a personality. It worked wonders for Altina and other very minor characters like Ronan, Mustafa and Leila, so what's the loss? No vote is a wrong vote, and no character is a non-character, least of all the sweet Gatekeeper, so stop being mean to him! I've changed from being neutral to his victory to actually hoping he pulls it off (as long as he doesn't kick Marth out, that would make me sad). Uff, I actually got pretty worked up over this. Rant's over, sorry for the wall of text but this needed to be said. In fact, I think I will post this exact paragraph on my blog. Now back to more positive thoughts, I'm happy to see many people here saying they will keep voting Marth and Eirika. They could really make it if we don't give up, keep fighting the good fight! And to all the people who are voting other characters, keep doing you! Your fave isn't less deserving of a vote than any other character. So what you're saying is Tharja was robbed just like Marth and we should rally for her in CYL 6? Got it ♡ 😙
  22. The problem is if your objective is to stop Gatekeeper and you don't care about anything else, you are going to vote for whoever had the highest chance of defeating him. I can guarantee you that if Validar or Dedue, or Reinhardt, or M!Corrin, or M!Byleth, or anyone else (except Brigand Boss) was in third place, they would rally behind that character too. When the argument shifts from "let's make this specific character win" to "let's make this specific character lose" whatever argument about which characters are more deserving to win becomes irrelevant. And I'm saying this as someone who is neutral. I couldn't care less if second place goes to Chrom or Gatekeeper (as long as Marth remains first).
  23. Another thing to consider is that Henriette had a big role in the most recent Forging Bonds, the one for Thracia and she had way more than 3 lines of dialogue there. The fact it was so recent means she is fresh in everyone's mind (if you play the mode at least). Plus since she wasn't votable in previous CYL the fans she already had are likely to fell like this is her "one chance" and vote for her with more passion than if she was just always an option since she appeares before CYL 3. Finally there's the memes. "I want to S-support Henriette so I can become Alfonse and Sharena's new dad ahahahah!!" I feel like these three factors are mostly to blame for her high placement, together with the fact that no character ever received zero votes in CYL, people some time just vote for shit, or click the "vote for a random character" option to get wallpapers. Anyway I'm voting for Eirika from now on. She isn't my favorite character who has a shot, but let's face it Bernie ain't beating both Marianne and Byleth. Might as well make sure Eirika keeps her position, she deserves a win and so does Marth.
  24. Another day, another vote for a character recently added to the poll. I voted for Phila from Awakening. Perhaps a combination of the surprise additions having a novelty factor to them and the fact Awakening has few characters remaining could end up with her in the game this year. Even as just a random joke seasonal. I wouldn't be opposed to it.
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