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  1. This hack is about as great as Daccar's mustache so far. Gives Gen 2 Oifaye a run for his money. 10/10
  2. I'm not sure if you're still accepting players, but if you are I was hoping to join. Name: Keavy O'Riley Sex: F Race: Human (Reman) Age: 23 Blood Type: AB- Personality: Keavy is casual and boisterous. While she happily supports family, Keavy is passionate to a fault. Her youth and carpenter's roots can lead her to appear like an uneducated hothead. Appearance: Keavy is average in height, and her skin is tanned and freckled. While not very muscled, her body is fit and limber. She wears a lightweight white and green dress skirt. The back of her red hair is braided into a ponytail with white ribbons, while her front parts to the left side. Her black shoes are thin and flat, keeping her quick on her feet, History: Keavy's life like most in Reman had been fairly straight forward: Help father run the family carpentry business. This left Keavy without much time to get proper schooling or make friends with other children in Reman. Her brothers Rowan and Culkin where mostly who she had spent her time socializing with, playing and dancing to folk songs with their father's violin. When her elder brother Culkin had become 24, he left the family to become a mercenary who worked primarily escorting traders from Katchel. He initially sent a letter to home every month, but nothing has come back for over a year and a half now. Determined to find out what her brother's fate is, Keavy left behind Reman to pursue potential leads in Katchel. Upon being told her brother had gone missing with the trade vessel, she knew the only way she was ever finding her brother was to enter Gorletsia. Knowing the travels there could be dangerous, Keavy began playing the violin again to earn money needed to attend a mage school within Silnynon. Base stats/growths:Level 1 Class: Bard Hp: 18 (70%) Str: 0 (0%) Mag: 4 (60%) Skl: 6 (40%) Spd: 10 (65%) Lck: 2 (20%) Def: 4 (35%) Res: 1 (10%) Move: 5 Weapon: Light (D) Affinity: Wind Skills: Curiosity (+1 magic when next to vampire allies.) Fiddler (+3 speed to target ally. Allies can be refreshed, but they cannot move from their initial position.)
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