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  1. nergal's a f*ucking nerd dont even dare compare me to him
  2. ohgmgnby god bsayes imagine if hector were to watch me break under oswin, slinelty mocking me for the failur ethat i am gnghnhnhnrn and maybe if i'm licky he'll koin in hgnfhndh that comes after he breaks my legs by trampling me with his horse what do youu think i;m rying to open a portal to elibe for????????
  3. that's right u stinker u read the title of this thread correctly, not only do i want oswin but i want him to literally break my body into pieces i want him to take me under his wing and train me until i inevitably make a mistake at which moment he would bitch slap me, making me fall to the ground in front of him then, i want him to tell me how useless and stupid i am, kicking me in the stomach and helping me digest my chicken mcnuggies the pain is terrible but it will only get worse when he sits on top of me, his huge armored ass crushing several of my vertebrae he'll tell me to do 10 pushups but i won't be able to even make one so he'll just keep beating me and spitting on me until he decides he's had enough of me and pushes my mangled body off a cliff where it'll get eaten by serra or some other stray animal god i'm literally shaking as i'm typing this rn i want to meet oswin so badly i literally can't
  4. i'll try it out in a bit, thanks! update: ok now this is epic
  5. i don't want to sound mean but have you done any reading on what fe hacking is like or do you just expect people will jump on board and offer you their help when all you can offer are vague slogans and a recolour of ross with weird eyes and no nose
  6. i seriously can't figure out these links for some reason haha whoops
  7. hey gamers idk how to properly attach imgur links so for now you get these bad boys https://imgur.com/a/WjNadWy https://imgur.com/a/GsFFazY https://imgur.com/a/Y8FQ8mI https://imgur.com/a/cuBhQXY https://imgur.com/a/35eqiY6 https://imgur.com/a/xqpW6ym
  8. i like how the sprites sear burn themselves into my retina, very immersive kanye
  9. It seems kind of excessive how you have to be active on the forums to get posting permissions while also having a 10 minute timer, but oh well.
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