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  1. I think all generic boss themes are pretty epic but I think thracia 776's boss theme is the best in opinion.
  2. Well if he has a skill that negates the weapon triangle then he has blanched growths all around(mainly def and hp). He has a code of honor, he takes very seriously. Said code being always giving his opponents a fair chance. Perhaps because he feels it's unfair when he has an advantage and in his mind it's not a true victory. However he isn't naive and knows his opponent will take advantage of that. So he always enters ever battle looking for what weapon his foe uses and evaluates from there. The reason why is because one time he almost killed an unarmed foe, he felt it wasn't right and let pick his foe weapon pick up their weapon. Afterwords said foe admired his honor and told him to keep on to that. He has a casual and calm personality however is very strict and and even aggressive about battle and chivalry. Aside from that he is always down for practice and training. That's all I could think of.
  3. I actually think Edward is underrated, and if you ask me is wasted potential, of an interesting character.
  4. Laguz is the "nice" way to call sub-humans next word: pants
  5. That hat is probably glued to your head, and you can’t take it off.
  6. Fe 4: One grand story that takes place over generations, and it’s big maps reflect the scale of the game, and how it made each map/Army had its own theme, which made it feel more distinct. Fe5: One aspect I like about this is game, is how it made units feel more dynamic and different than just stats and growths. Some start with skills, some units have higher PPC than others, some even have leadership stars that stack(bring that back IS). It gave certain characters a niche, and its not totally game breaking. Also crusaders scrolls where fun to mess around with and making really any unit good, if your willing to put in the effort. Also great soundtrack Fe 6: It gave us our boy Roy and it was the hardest(for me) the hardest GBA Fe, for right and wrong reasons Fe 7: Introduced the whole world to Fe, and has great replay value. Also my favorite soundtrack for GBA Fe. Fe 8: I liked how well written the characters are. I love the soundtrack and it had some good maps but the game’s lack of difficulty, and how clumsy it feels to play the final few maps is probably the biggest complaint I have of for the game. Fe 10: I’ll say it here first Edward is my favorite guilty pleasure unit to use. It’s just so satisfying seeing him grow from zero to hero. Fe 11: I had a pretty time playing the game, and seeing the origins of Marth. Also 5 Points!
  7. If I had to take a wild guess I’d say Black Adam is his favorite DC villain.
  8. (Inner thought):“God! Why it is so cold?! I knew I shouldn’t have brought my lucky red jacket! What the hell was I on, to think it was a good idea to bring my sword instead of a torch?”
  9. "Alright time my me and my sweet jacket to fight some evil, oh and my sword I can't forget that"
  10. don't think about it too hard The best way to eat is...
  11. Because clearly the writter thought it would be funny(and was probably on deathsticks) Help I sat next to a girl I like for 50 turns and she still isn't my girlfriend. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Great! That's the most important thing, she gets. I hope for a bright future for your niece, and she grows up to be a fine young woman. Also this whole "Being an adult deprives you of being interesting". I feel there is a time and place for everything but if don't allow yourself to have fun, then are really happy?
  13. A word of advice(coming from a person with autism): The next time you see your niece tell her how much you love her, and that if she needs someone to talk to, your be there. It's important to remind her that it's not anything bad, it does't make her any less smart, it makes her more special, in a world where we need special people, out-of-the-box thinkers that can change our way of thinking. It can be gift, and it can just as easily be a curse if you let her think like that. I don't know the case about your niece, but if she is having social struggles, I can relate, and maybe I can give some advice, I don't want to see other kids with autism go thur what I went thur(bullying, teasing, and being lonely), I don't want her to make the same mistakes I did. I know this is a bit off topic, I just thought I give my imput(sorry if I'm being nosey).
  14. I guess your right that is a better way of putting it, but I feel their is a difference between being non-serious and just being a coward(them starting the problem, avoiding blame and not taking responsibility). THAT'S what my "Berserk Button" is. I don't think people should get away for what they do and not face the consequences. Well maybe, I just grew up differently than all the others "cool" boys at my school. You could say, I was more mature in general for my age, I could not bring myself down to there level, of "lack of seriousness" as you put it. I don't know what that says about me as person, that's just who I am.
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