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  1. Hi there, experiencing an issue: Stage is Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall. 50% random, vanilla, seed "Geralt" Eirika is a Shaman with Nosferatu > she gets attacked by an enemy who is faster and will hit twice > she gets hit for some damage, not enough to die, counters with Nosferatu, it connects, she's healed back to full health > she gets hit again for same amount of damage > combat ends, she Dies! Battle continues regardless, no one minds Eirika is dead. Definitely not taking enough damage on 2nd hit to die, still has hp, but dies after combat. This has happened a few times now. Any ideas? Cheers ~ Edit: Tested this further, the issue is healing gained from Nosferatu is not being saved/retained, so if over the course of the battle damage taken exceeds total hp she dies after the combat regardless of healing, as if the healing never occurred. Edit 2: Tested with new game and Personal skills, seed "Geralt", Eirika is a Shaman with Nosferatu, healing seems to work. Issue maybe with "Vanilla" setting
  2. Just reporting a bug I ran into on the Ghost ship chapter and the one after, Ephraim route, where enemy units would move onto a tile occupied by my troops. I had animations turned on, the enemy would move onto same tile as one of my guys, battle animation would begin, then the game stalls there. It only happened to me while on a ship, and I got through by turning off animations, enemies would still walk onto same tile but battle would not occur, and I could attack the unit as normal with someone else, this freed my unit who got stood on. So maybe something to do with ship tiles. Anyway great mod cheers :O
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